Inside Marvel: Breaking down the first trailer for 'Black Panther'

FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey, Kwame Opam of The Verge and ABC News' Michael Rothman recap the key moments from the new trailer.
13:59 | 06/12/17

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Transcript for Inside Marvel: Breaking down the first trailer for 'Black Panther'
Hello and welcome to inside marble from ABC news digital I'm your host Walt taking. If they were written down black panther trail that just dropped in the NBA finals last week. I am joined by on open from the efforts of course Michael Rothman from ABC news as a pump house. Back or us and again this is. But perseverance of that those. And this is a really exciting films coming out next year and basic character and it shall. Who has been a staple the marvel universe since well into the sixties he's one of the oldest characters meet at an older than many of the folks would actually appeared in avengers films are. And finally beat us to take a look at his kingdom conduct. And the whole world that so let's kind of divert and I know I'm you've studied this character looked in recent arcs of him. I looked at the best writers Christopher Priest come onto coats. Who is black. Well. Like Heather is again one of the older marvel superheroes he's. Just over fifty years old and yet his crib by Stanley and Jack Kirby to represent African and black interest at the time. Kind of responding to a civil rights movement of the Arab and yet he's come down to us as an and big net enigmatic figure. And under appreciated figure but one of the more intelligence artists and bravest heroes them are Muslim for the. And right now again I believe the time ministry all weekend rate we've got two other actors that are kind of crucial to the story in Everett Ross who can play I think we've definitely responds yes and he's played by mark free. And that he's against claw who appears me it gave bill and the Pacific oh and exactly well. The I stole from you and I always always nonetheless we have this fantastic world but maybe in these it's really beautifully shot with Cutler's. Yet on. So it's incredible shot. My country and the implications that has been around the entire it's just that the west has through its arrogance never. Now tilts. Condit through the course of the books. So content is kind of this black nationalist after futuristic civilization that is exists for thousands of years we'll be Yond the colonias colonial lines of the west. And because of the great mound and the by bring him. That is actually the Matilda meets cut from their shield. They've created this high prevent society where they have both traditional culture but air ships and massive tall buildings and super powered people who have anything that's the. When he's a great man there's a meteor explosion and obviously hit and there's this huge amount by Branyan there. So it our receivers they was believed that kept America she was the last event that we saw an Angel on that he used a lot of fit to build vision. To his chagrin and there's still like a plethora look at this still that's so cool about this is that it's not just the society driven by Reese it's it's not. Like one of the oil states. A woman working its but an analyst at this is that would the most technologically advanced side. Yes absolutely I mean you see those tall buildings on what you're seeing is the essential condom which is otherwise known as burns enough from the time obstacle thrown. And it snowed out an impressive my friend equipment. And it's make a metropolis it's a massive cultural center where the people on the live and work and are connected to each other. V all the technology they built of these centuries. The do one instilled in and say there's a gray area and know lake. And C doesn't delve in the magic too much but we wanna go along with we talked about you touch taught. Conservatives say that the heart shaped herb that makes it that makes the line of black Panthers. Led almost super human basically India so that they're kind of teasing and a little of but I feel that they're not gonna go to Florida has mostly it's is doctors change deals with the cosmic and that kind of thing. And then they are just very advanced with medicine and and technology and things like that. Yet totally so. Great mound with a right premiums actually stored. Has needs and propped qualities in the soil so the heart shaped herb. Grows out of that and the black Panthers through history have eaten it to gain Syverson super senses super speed super strength. And it allows them to not only function is black panther but also being B become the greatest wars of the entire society. As we saw with with Chad and both are going Bucky. And acts of war and he had held. He went up against a super soldier witness of metal arm free well so there's obvious and without the suits it's it's it's a fascinating characters gain eight. I really want to that decades to. But the managed not to challenge as well as the the role of the black because like that there is like a title it's it's to her ever offered that's hereditary Varnado is the title. That did a protector on. And so this man what I love about this care is that it's. The story about leadership within our it's he has trying to be a good man he's trying to be good case. And those are two extremely hard things to balance and his duty to his people but he also conflicts that would his duty of being a secret here at the scene. And you that this kind of conflicts between public identity private identity so quarter a lot of comic books but in this. It's it's OC. Yes it's that the pick goes really he's so the difficulty of being black Panthers it's title. It comes down through centuries reviews the tribal leader spiritual leader of its entire society. But to tell also happens he has to be a hero he joins givens was eventually. And a whole host of other organizations and more humorous and balancing those two things are always going to be conflict because we'll konduz as isolationists. Society that doesn't want to have anything to do with the outside world so what to target in his return to a konduz gonna have to do you of those team. Very disparate things. So let's go into some of the adversaries at them. It's not a paid for stuff is all we were introduced to him in age adults that and we had national legislatures are often against it and it fantastic introduction to you immediately think they're Tony Stark a whatsoever and he does that guy. So and a positive behavior but from Michael B Jordan Thelma via what what's good. Here because what's great about this is that again he has not only threats from the outside it's obvious suspects from the inside the right yes some ballot challenges to his power. Absolutely so. Erica monger otherwise known as the and daka. He's a look on an exiled returns the country after child returns. And his story is actually in the comics intertwined with clause and that he was exiled as a result his father being tied up into the clause. Evil. So. With to talk a having been killed and he's in civil war. And as the engine docket Carol munger has this opportunity to return and kind of challenge to talk for the throne and you can see that we're like he has the kind of similar outfit. What the Bill Black pampering where's. He's very clearly. Still in combat you very clearly intelligent because he's earlier in the the in the trailer he's actually. Engaging kind of what does this then terrorist activity where he's like destroying things. And it is actually a fight at warrior falls are we see doctor Alice coronation where it that you care which actually fight and in the comics. Phil munger actually defeated the child and threw him from the falls so does the possibly the bullet rolled it into the story as well. Just love how this movie witness which the colors it's just. I think it's him it's reminiscent of right now sent via a yes. It just it is true also that I read I think Israel's as a research for this. Act kill longer try to eat the hearts of her before and actually put in a column because it's only the blood line the king. Of the black Panthers can actually just that are would be okay with it was really that's fascinating to work its way is this kind of worthiness that's been through with what you can and Arnett process than it does harm. It's like Doris hammer which is also called what law. You know there getting the equipment I don't Hayward sites oh. On that as well he's. Point out that ABC news is him but Walt Disney company which also owns Marvel Entertainment and this film so let's pulled in the interest of full disclosure go into it eleven that your. Sure. Their interest connector sister bucket yep. So she's tell us half sister from queen mother reminder who actually see in the trailer. And she is his kid sister she's feisty she's strong and in the comic he actually goes on to become black and herself. And becomes full blown queen who conduct which involves offices politics in. Intrigue as well but it's really great to see her she's a glut by he's right. And you can tell that she's wearing and there's some kind of power as well. And yeah I mean it's great theater I don't expect it take on the black and the role in this film. But it's going to be great to seeker growth and Parkinson follow films do we know much about the pieces character to not care he has yet IKEA do we know much about her hair urgently Dino bones so Mickey was actually created during Chris before. And she falls head over heels while with the talent and way to actually happened yet. You know ten votes and she me confident that a pick up but but she fought so hard in love with them that he. Actually trust assassinated. Black and his love interest at the time. Though. There is going to be probably some tension depending on was not enough wants to prepare but if we keep in that role cue of status and should be very horse that you did your chance to see some you talk to a lot of folks involved the cases kind of restored even recently. Recent writers and what an accident he's even mention that it appears that there's a ton of reference for what's going on in the books previously. This time and admiration for some of the work that come before. How is he pulling do you think from different shots of this character's history here I mean he's pulling from. Classic errors from the seventies in the ninety's and thousands and since of this recent run by Coates. Because this story is very much about a political power isn't in addition to being super. Which we've never seen yet once and support not certainly not in the marble and mean. You're dealing with like a film series that draws more from either of them Iron Man simply worthy of interest complaint yet. And we're talking before about what how this couple's electrical intrigue that was going on for one right but this takes it so hold that level we're doing the country. That has its own local strive. Vs what's going on the outside world and you see that we're taught that he's talking that you win. And balancing those two powers here to talk his voice in the voice over in the latter half trailer and he says full on. You're good man and it's hard for a good man became a source that it did against senator really see the need. Radio like responsibility to this degree or those seen as I can act play it's always been I just can't wait became where is that this. No kind of sucks being Cain ran right. So again with three things to got a note that is more toward thinking well that's got to pounce on late going to business meetings if he posts tell. Fascinating characters goes way back in the mid as the morally rumors and his stories are stories that power and the limits of power that the powers proper use. I conduct. Fascinating place it's the engine of a lot of the signs going on Martha universe could be held areas are coming up in some of these universalist that we can see coming up. And then number three you've got to fascinating characters coming in as adversaries as they've got Ulysses claw who has real big going to hit with internal. And of course he'll monger late night really fantastic actor Michael retort yeah so. Lots of things coming of the press. Recasts we're talking earlier and patsy fan has to human torches finally. The to have it be Jordan. And a girl monger PepsiCo's them became kept Americans. Mr. rich talent coming from that horrible he kept it with the minor leagues this epithets at the local. From what you heard or read. The thing that was missing in me obviously we saw. Not spoilers like two years now. But in a civil war obviously Bucky is very deeply Bruins movie is. He. Chow with. Generous enough to let him stay there put him on rice. After the events civil war because his mind was was definitely deteriorated in whatever. And I look to see I don't know this and it surprise appearance at the enemy and another post credit scene or indicted scenery doesn't let you be role in the morning you see anything about. I wouldn't expect Bucky to make a big appearance against them since so much of this has to do like the politics of an animation but I do you think but he's going to. Have a big role going incidents in any war since obviously is NAFTA stance contract it through much of those films. But also just like he's in laconic he needs the combat. And with the threat of being those looming. His presence of this company sort of the baskets. So that before wrap up what are you guys mostly devoted spell Michael. I audio might got a degree name Michael B Jordan he looks. As lethal and often as kill monger ads because. And for me. It's definitely the suit we see glimpses of the classic divorcee. In the beginning of it but at the very end where you see that purple glass on the car in the last bit of the trailer. That's and you see it's weaker sharper I think that's going to be officials at that cello where's where it. This is just might hear a thing I think the original Suisse console war was to talk to see loyalist AFLAC cancer. All right nice yes I just so excited in this film has its along comment it's it's one I think the deepest act. And there's not a lot of shallow this in in this world and yet these stories about these play. This text everything any stories about how oyster is how to be good and any good came at its appearance in time are. Like a level of new ones that we have not really seen. And again plus you have fantastic director. In. All right. We are coming at the end of this onward we find stuff I can find me numbers were common component Twitter at at Kwame upon Michael. ABC news that is built at the real were opened up it. I want to thank everyone for tuning in watching again but at the comes out next year. I've been wall to keep making very much for watching.

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{"id":47992939,"title":"Inside Marvel: Breaking down the first trailer for 'Black Panther'","duration":"13:59","description":"FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey, Kwame Opam of The Verge and ABC News' Michael Rothman recap the key moments from the new trailer.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-marvel-breaking-trailer-black-panther-47992939","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}