Inside The Oscars Nominees Luncheon with Frank A. Monta�±o

Interview with soundmixing editor nominee for the film, 'The Revenant'
5:30 | 02/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside The Oscars Nominees Luncheon with Frank A. Monta�±o
Matt parent and another Oscar nominee maybe your fragrance and did the sound mixing and I. Evidence that's it there's my Dudley Leon and his. Today and we haven't Baldwin's. And while they really backed company that perhaps there is also they. I might I'm like hey did you Google apps mail or eight when that hi Leon on site. I am leaning on yeah. I didn't act. I recognize. On and then now Mattingly has yet to meet. Up and talk about Good Will Hunting. Yeah. He is Monday trio. At this and that Monday. Yeah that happens all the time that we live here in southern California's you know. This is your Oscar nominees. This is my nomination pummeled for seven OK Brett. In the early ninety's at corner and I and had another one for wanted him. 2008. And last year my ex partner John Taylor and I got a double nomination louder bird man with a Alejandro. Who did threaten. And unbroken Angelina so it double nomination. We're less Tyson when they. Do you ever get old coming to these kinds of Iraq and that. And now it's you know nominees premier peer group. So your branches though it's he's. You know it's it's it's it's and he easing honored to. Recognized by him you're groupie appears. And in this film's been little different because then passed because it is of such a late release. Right and it's really gain momentum. As the people are really talking about it and I love the sound even people that aren't in the business news outlets center. There is so many. Comments seemingly and parents at united agri. Right which you know when we see the movie theater in its infancy stage where it was that kind of blue suit and a couple of guys were groups and has arms. Pulling them through them last night so visually. Officially became such a long way that it looks real threat and Odyssey sound wise we're up to the task of keeping us out. But there are a lot of pressure excuse. And you. We'll you know Alejandro brings an added. He announces that's that's the pleasure of working with the filmmaker Alejandro. Really yet thing here yeah yeah a lot of experimenting. And a lot of you know sell his story tell so we want to keep the focus. On. How you feel so when watching film you want to. You want the audience feel like watching something you want and then to participate in the park site and happy they're seeing. It was that we never won over power of the year so even though that there is bigger and louder. He always had Leland C and he is struggles daily lives of thousands more and the whole movies sonic picks for elite moves everywhere. But she would integrate. I'm doing you know camera work and so it's honestly we've followed nowhere near that image that we're 50% of definitely experience and we're moving sound. And canary to picture and when you sit down launches you Felix is part of it rather than watching an actor. Out in the revenue has been nominated for pretty much everywhere keeping an hour minute mark it back to back an extra special when it every like being back. Yeah lassie. That was he made a speech at the arts hosts. At the end of the film. But over the lasts. Part of this kind of sounds less. So and he made a great analogy it's like rock climbing free hands and you're in the middle raised nowhere else again you have to finish after. So that was kind of our. You are monstrous nature that no stones left unturned. No Varitek looked perfect fit with the boutique we. You know the sonic it is much more easily. Around just the really kind of puts me when you need some extra work my had to get it exactly right it yet which is interesting because a lot of people. There's dynamic regions Powell out loud and and the whole thing about nature is it didn't really care. About a bear attack that threats were hurts OK and that it's like it's every game this happens right in nature's that. Votes than nature we always lived in the struggle against the man vs nature. All the way through and then eventually I want to spoil the men men vs man. It it is actually a spectacular. But it should thank you you might be expected for accurate way. We'll celebrate yeah we're we're excited we're excited here today talking reviews and being partners thought it was an honor and never gets old. And we look forward to Oscar night we're gonna we're gonna out of the baptists. This year so that'll be fun first time. There's July. Joy here the we are you mind telling I'm not ask me in my mom looked at yeah I'm not lines and get out. He's going to be on its way and here in the incident on the content. On these many years since the last. Isn't this mystical part. I got to get him yesterday. Do you think you think a lot of happiness the you know he yet to crack acting today saying keep the lines I think anything.

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