Intelligence agencies withholding information from Trump?

President Trump is claiming leaks and fake news are the real scandal, not his administration's reported ties to Russia.
7:05 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for Intelligence agencies withholding information from Trump?
New report in the Wall Street Journal claims that US intelligence agencies actually withholding sensitive information from the new administration. Because they're afraid to meet meet a compromise. I don't know why we're Taliban. Was much want flak when he did not that we column every bank and Atlanta. Donald Trump fired Matt can be intelligence departments claiming that leaks are the real scandal. Not his report its acts erupts. I don't think about him today how have really not that bright he has. You know you you you you make an enemy of the very people who have all the goods on you know. Yeah the people who tell what you did live rushing and maybe that little sex scandal that might have a tape. That they can get paid the intelligence agencies the people who all know about your business ties with Russia. The people who know everything about to you pick a fight with them and you send a Valentine to pollutants. That's really not that price. Yeah. Protect them what I uninteresting as truck tweeted this morning. And I mentioned before my biggest fear is the idea of false information were fake news. Our president tweeted this morning that Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they last election and so badly 306. So they made up a story rush fake news. This scares me because I again let me clarify for Nader muses about the intention to mislead making up a story. To mislead false news is speaking myths truths. From our own president. Were getting something just rewarding good. That it was made up when there is proof and the intelligence agencies have proven that there was meddling from a foreign power. In our election that is not arguable whether would have changed the election is a debate by threat. That but that fact is a fact I think and happy intelligence agencies and the president not agreeing with each other and one feeling attacked by the other on the other feeling. It mutual attack I think that's a very scary place to be because essentially the intelligence agencies should be. Should be backing us up as a country keeping us safer keeping the president safer. And my my concern is if they're if you're keeping information from the president if in fact that's true we don't know if that's true. What is the motivation for backed out if there's a way to try and there of the press did anyone say that he does not gonna go to the intelligence briefings because he knows every welcome rain but it doesn't distrust if you intelligence agencies basically saying. Where at our own discretion. Unelected bureaucrats deciding that this information about national security is not gonna go to the commander in chief of the unfortunate task that's conservatism and get us to think he's he's ever stopping them like I think I've got when Arnold Arnold Arnold I am what I hope not. Usually. This is a legal must do ABC news is reporting that it has been told by multiple officials that intelligence information is not. Being withheld from president Tom Hanks are so it's about ads that were reported but the other thing I wanna. Someone mentioned as I think what may be happening is that there are keeping their sources. Confidential. And I mean and and that happens when I guys worry with FBI agents. And I always protected might sources journalism always protect their sources. You know a prosecutor's protect air there this confidential informants and I think that is probably what's happening but that is also. Somewhat unusual. And once it's just something is he was fine when call me was given out information I don't know what it was like Ryan Allen and Antoine he was all about how does that seem. I don't know it. Sometimes some pan. Yeah. I have I have you know. I had a problem he'd been reporting on WikiLeaks because I had a prop I have. The problem with the weeks and now I'm concerns about not have that contact isn't valid and important here I've I think this is this is very significant information. I'm concerned that if you have dean's. These people in the intelligence community leaking information at their own discretion about the presidency and it's reflecting a conflict between those two groups of people. That needs to be real hot but not story but at that that's plane and we'll let you must could be or is plausible they wanna get him out isn't that content is scary to me I think I think that's a really. The plant that's scary. I asked if his you don't like that I office collecting a kind of I think he's in. Exxon. It's just my thought that kind of a next time someone else is president you think their company in a nine have a whole bunch of unelected bureaucrats say you know what I don't soliciting that you went way and help us outlined for. There once again. The intelligence community. Knows what they're doing they know how to do this and I'm not sure wore that day are leaking. I do think. Part of what's happening is the transparency. That everyone was promised. Is not being delivered yet and this may be bear wakes up helping us be aware what's at. Actually going on out since no one from. Any. News outlet except. Right Barlow Bartlett debacles. And and Fox News station being there and some owners you know and so I think may be part of this is. Op opt sleeve for us to recognize that there are people were safe yet there are some issues here yeah we're not gonna sleep and I just Alison Bologna whistle blowers went to second this job what are not a lot of wins and he went relaxing their their job. Is to protect the United States. And in part if the president is not going to do that. Basically all that they they may feel I don't know I'm not in the Intel has come I didn't have. Yeah. We're live and we're I. The I have. I too many of I think what you're saying I'm just the concern is if the one of the leaks were classified information or intent but. That article in this story why are sold this out orient or weaken its story and if Montana they know you don't want to except my I don't want to except one you have to accept and that's what they did can't endorsed leaking classified information in a letter of what we thought I don't get too angry at the surveillance video I'd like. Because I know I think I'm its surveillance yeah yeah the history it was definitely good. Article that was written by a guy and I wish I had any right now. That he had yesterday that we read before the shelling heats at something very interesting he pretty much that gist was how he thought Clinton was an awful person. He did not like him he did not support him when he said there is a secondary problem here and I'm showing you the loan asset. That we really do need to be concerned that this is the time green. Because it trickles from the top down but. The leaks are a problem they they are out it doesn't yeah not excite you forget the leaks are problem but because no wind. Getting loophole. Eight months ago out which I. Not true well let me. Nobody dental school when I was doing so bad as winds and.

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{"id":45545652,"title":"Intelligence agencies withholding information from Trump?","duration":"7:05","description":"President Trump is claiming leaks and fake news are the real scandal, not his administration's reported ties to Russia.","url":"/Entertainment/video/intelligence-agencies-withholding-information-trump-45545652","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}