James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' comments spark backlash

Cameron's criticism of Wonder Woman as an "objectified icon" provokes discussion on ABC News' "He Said, She Said."
5:16 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' comments spark backlash
We're two months in one early came out with a huge six that's. It is on the cusp of hopefully changing the game for female superheroes were from the directors in the genre for. For everything and it remains to be seen because. Mitsui justly as we get to see what one went to to is locked coming up captain marvel. Kept marvel doesn't nineteen so a lot of fans one person that's not a fan apparently. Is James Cameron. Spoke out about it and he said that that was is the exact quote. He called Waterman paid an object to fight icon and it is male highland Hollywood doing the same whole thing. So. I I cut as it was coming here but my one drawback to it was that and I hate when people do this. He compared it to his character Sarah Connor T one T two great character but it almost feels kind of like. Look at me instead of being a neutral. Person think they can directly. To Ripley in aliens those Erica that was currently OK but I don't know. See and that's my tape and it what will wager by that he kind of I. 1 July loved headed in response to hand. And don't columns he winds I mean I thought ruined his own argument. The argument was well one Roman is just like women have always been she's beautiful she's she's back. He is female protagonists. Are. You know are difficult and they're not likable. And that's why his are better I don't like. First of all you're going gets tight because a woman should be able to be anything Arab female heroes need to be everything. And so a female hero can be beautiful and strong to look at I don't think he gave the Wonder Woman character. Of the amount of credit for as conflicted as she is and she's young and she's groaning. At all these things so I was so far often aren't. And so far kind of like I tried out protagonists here one with giving much like. It's like a little bit of sour grapes at incident after celebrating patty Jenkins the movie how great it was not ice allowed some. Conflict with the wonderment that had threatened. But I think what we're drilling it into it I thought it was still a great movie and all the things we've seen that it's on for women in the amount of money that's made. And when I mean it's been a great summer for female movie Annie. That girls' chat you know we've seen just blockbuster numbers of women led films you can't go wrong. I will be one woman and gone. Oca it. One thing that I I noticed I've Kai companies for forever did he really went to the same thing went forth to weigh ins came out. Hugh Grant to start the new Star Wars trilogy and issued a great defense to I think she she puts limits to cameras like I can't. Change how I look and just because I'm skinny and not like a different. Kind of person doesn't mean I can't be heroin which I took it was an excellent answer the critics. I I just feel like he GI us. Did not not not now let not this wasn't really needed I think. If you public and -- doing duper name making a comment and discussion. Rate that has standing no one wants to hear me talk about how out Taylor sweats changing that the game for domestic assault I think that he. Note wasn't Jimmy say that it's not my place I have not had the struggle of that no one was to hear you know if it. Republic's plans to perfect yet where we know what Iron Man it's like to do Rick. And he's too beautiful and robbed underneath too good look at him and his fiancee through the looking. He's not a good role model for men and so is it like Wonder Woman who kabob is beautiful and strong and you know loves her family is too perfect to beat a good role model and his fat female role models back does not make any sound. Slipping he's also out of touch with the fact that one honorable men and the tone of Wonder Woman came on the heels of Don justice and suicide squad. Which were very dark very panned by critics very divisive. So. It's currently it's it's it's a catch 22 situation you're gonna give people flak for making a positive movie. That's uplifting inspiring after people complain about a negative movies so where is he when that was like. Was he there when the heap praise on justice for having read a baton and that was killing people and what hate it's an alien I just it just felt like very on place. But also argument that they have the benefit of the doubt he was an interview people can inflate run their mouth. I do think he should just like apologize for it it it feels very John Mack really illegal policy. I've feelings about it for athletes and I think he should just say look look I I overstepped devices like that I would announce that overstepped like. John Mack and rest of the same thing with Serena Williams ankle months back and the next day they're like do you want to say anything is like now. And it's like. You don't have to. Walked back what you said but even simulate in addition to set it. Regardless of a different way. David good news is crystal talk about one room in the movie came out three months ago and it's blockbusters and no one can wait for air part yet. It's eight save of the DC extended universe path and we'll see what the come there.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Cameron's criticism of Wonder Woman as an \"objectified icon\" provokes discussion on ABC News' \"He Said, She Said.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49498363","title":"James Cameron's 'Wonder Woman' comments spark backlash","url":"/Entertainment/video/james-camerons-woman-comments-spark-backlash-49498363"}