Jan. 6, 2006: Howard Stern says the strength of his show is ‘honesty’

The radio host said that he is fascinated by "outrageous behavior."
2:28 | 01/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jan. 6, 2006: Howard Stern says the strength of his show is ‘honesty’
My show has been so shut down by the government by the religious right by outside forces I stand do we have by material. So do you think this kind of gave kind of progression. I think you personable the I understand the strength of my show I think better than anyone have what it really is dishonest. When a new woman walked into my studio I said that her what do you do. Why are you doing what kind of woman walks in and has been need to show our naked body. What's wall hung with you I'm fascinated by outrageous behavior that's been you'll greatest. Economic achievement business because the board seeing you become. The greater the expectations for viewing audience and you just keep delivering comfortable and and that's what you've you've actually progressed well I would correctly I don't think I ever was obscene honest to god I don't think we ever dealt with obscenity. The government you think observing people defense Kate does have seen. No I don't and I'll tell you what and by the way I like Casey think the case thinking I should that the case you say deeply Kate I say definite case. Let's throw the whole thing oh but anyway. No I don't I have no problem of body functions we all day for take we all do this. I don't get the bugaboo about it but what's fascinating is the guy who will defecated in his studio that he is the call trust. How it's done doesn't drink. Doctor you do drink assure 101 a K so you drink it with a little over a little bit over much you don't smoke. I do not smoke you go to bed by 8 PM EST yes I do engage in counseling and self realization therapies like you I go to psychiatrists say you to all of that yet. You encourage you'll business to do certain things. The perhaps you don't in a way some people might suggest that you leaving. Vicariously through your audience. In fact some people who said the audience sniffed through you but maybe it's the opposite maybe you'll living through them I think that's perfectly legitimate what you're saying. I love you best I love to view outrageous behavior. But outrageous behavior doesn't become. I'm not comfortable with it I'm more comfortable being the boy you are an observing it and trying to understand it I'm like an anthropologist on Margaret Mead in a sea of loops. The government says clean up your act and we say never. Go to home universe. We didn't we completely completely for the NBY. Angry.

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{"id":52292515,"title":"Jan. 6, 2006: Howard Stern says the strength of his show is ‘honesty’","duration":"2:28","description":"The radio host said that he is fascinated by \"outrageous behavior.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jan-2006-howard-stern-strength-show-honesty-52292515","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}