Jenifer Lewis on Thanksgiving with Whoopi Goldberg and Liza Minelli, 'Black-ish' and more

"Black-ish" star dishes on her favorite memory with Goldberg and her new memoir on "The View."
6:23 | 11/13/17

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Transcript for Jenifer Lewis on Thanksgiving with Whoopi Goldberg and Liza Minelli, 'Black-ish' and more
??? he'll always be my true love ??? "Sister act" turned 25 this year. That was -- Oh, my god. That was me and one of the great women on the planet. She taught me how to sing and she makes me laugh like nobody else does. These days she's brilliant on "Black-ish" and she's getting -- -- Her personal memoire out there. It is called "The mother of black Hollywood." Please welcome one of the great women in the world Jenifer Lewis. Thank you. Hi girls. You look great. Thank you. I feel good. The book is fantastic. Yeah. I'm on tour having the best time. Wow. Thank you everybodyd out there. Well, from that video we saw you have known whoopi for decades and decades. You worked on four movies together. Uh-huh. Do you have a favorite moment? Okay. Let's get this -- I think that means yes. Let's get this out of the way. It was Thanksgiving. Whoopi invited Jenifer Lewis and liza my Nelly to her house. She had this gorgeous room and her art work. Then I thought I would dude L at the piano. I ran upstairs. Burst into her room and she had a book in her hands. I said girl you got Jenifer Lewis and liza in your house and you got no piano. Are you insane? The next morning -- Tell it. On Thanksgiving morning a grand piano was delivered. I love it. Part of it was I didn't want them to feel like they had to be on. I felt I'll have one in the wings if somebody needs it. When she said she burst into the room, those are not the words she used. Moving on. I love it. Well, I read your memoire. It is fantastic. Thank you. You go deep. You talk about dealing with bipolar disorder, sex addiction. Some of it is very racy. You talk about your relationships with famous people. Absolutely. How was it sharing those details? This is the way it is. There ain't no shame in my game. Did I do it? Yeah, I did it. Would I do it again? No. Now, listen, I want you to know I was very ill in my 20s. I had bipolar disorder and didn't know it. My drug of choice was sex. There you have it. I have went and got help. I'm better. A lot of therapy. A lot of guys are using it -- a lot of guys are using right now sex addiction saying it's an addiction. Girl, look, it's one thing to have a sex addiction. It's another thing to be evil. People are sick. I just want to applaud everyone that's coming forward now. Listen y'all this is the way I go. We are as sick as our secret. There you go. I spent my life holding so much in. It's all in the book. Now, baby, I tell it all. Lay it on the flash. She's like her own dramatic reading. I'm telling you. Now you know I mentioned "Black-ish." We have a sneak peek this week. Wow. That was like poetry. It deal lves into your characters past. Come on grandma. I can handle the truth. Many years ago I blew up Earle's boat bad. I was charged with some aquatic crime got thrown into a maritime jail and shared a cell with a sick co who got off on ter rising dolphins. Can you imagine the angels of the sea? That was amazing. Something else that's amazing you have been rapping on Instagram to promote your book. You may have heard we're having a birthday party here. Could you rap something for whoopi. I'll do my best. The view asked me to rap for my whoop. Red lips for my book. Singing for whoop. I hit it high for my whoop. Now you work for my whoop. Rapapapum for my whoop. You know I had to come for my whoop. I did "Sister act" for my whoop and look black don't crack for my whoop. Now that's enough about whoop. That's enough about whoop. That's enough about my good whoop. Go buy my book. Our thanks to the fabulous Jenifer Lewis. "Black-ish" airs Tuesday nights on ABC. Her memoir "The mother of black Hollywood" is out tomorrow. Damn it y'all are going home with it.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"\"Black-ish\" star dishes on her favorite memory with Goldberg and her new memoir on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51118774","title":"Jenifer Lewis on Thanksgiving with Whoopi Goldberg and Liza Minelli, 'Black-ish' and more","url":"/Entertainment/video/jenifer-lewis-thanksgiving-whoopi-goldberg-liza-minelli-black-51118774"}