One-on-One With Jennette McCurdy

From child star to TV fan favorite.
10:42 | 02/13/15

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Transcript for One-on-One With Jennette McCurdy
She's gonna laugh at this but child star fashion trend setters singer writer producer our guest today go ahead it's all right. Today McCurdy in in the studio with us today Coker is well it is greeted them like if it's. I. That's the kind of introduction that you or I hardly Sam and I mean commodity bloc couple clay Wright. Easy thing. Again but what but I mean honestly that I mean. It's impressive to tube to carry all of those titles slump next. Hot. Take me back out of this even start. While on the start acting has been little one against powers like ten Mary and I can Bowker and that did not happen but the it might yet you never now another in his movies discount it didn't have to aging and may be presenting at a 100000 there was. But that but that would Atlantic coast that was that was a legitimate reason I want to start and then. And not doing anything likes five at all for and so I was with kind of bummed but it found other things and so how you get into the Nickelodeon because very tough nut to crack and there's a wide at its. A lot of people out there that would just. But to know what with the secret it is I think a lot of fun with the Prius that I worked with and I just auditioned allotment I got up against chuckled that we want one you remember me for a couple years for an apartment that Carly. I was fourteen I think that there's this idea that to you like on the Disney Channel or on Nickelodeon you should be like this like singing acting like popular it is like. But I think that an event but is that is circuit is a pressure like that but when you get of the units like c'mon I mean. I think that pressure is not like justify or warrant I think we just make up our own head okay because really that's there's nothing like people are really like that so I think you're you're better off for. Your own good and also for everybody around for just a little more like real actually just you know looking to tap dancing in west. With tech gadget if it put put on your list of skills yes. I mean yeah that's part of the success that you had with I Carly Andy and stemming cat. I think I think that I Carly itself was a really real show for kids like obviously were brought and obviously it's a comedy and where we're over the top and silly but at the same time I think that the characters are really real and I think everybody. On the show was who was trying to you know I've just been authentic. You've got your own series now is well it's what's next for Sarah. Aaliyah in this and is that the winters and this somewhat you know after Sammy house cancel the summit of of of a trailing off on this right. This yes of this is actually like my my a creativity is like therapy for me so this is like my therapy project. Where I'd had some really funny experiences during the making it Sammy cat just I think growing up in the business and being like a child star and being on Nickelodeon's like Connell wanna do. Do it and a fun kind of parity of of my life than this what can outlets what's next fassero this Webster's erupt. It is. I mean how closer than is it like to your to your real Amanda I don't think. It's really about it and you kind of of these experiences you suffer people are coming here and say hey remember when this happens when you think about equipment as an episode. I'm from from me when I write it's all based on personal experience some pretty much everything I mean I want to some of it is even word for word stuff that have to relay but otherwise yet but there's some instances in some characters and things that are exaggerated just for com for comedic purposes. A case on asked about glory on open up. That was definitely a character. That was heightened for comedic purposes and I think it was I think. What I was trying to do with the with the humor there was definitely. There are lot of blog stuff that made it like a dramatic sort of these people are fighting this is basically they blew it way out of proportion but for me it was just trying to tackle this is something that I experienced trying to make light at bitten. You know make a joke and I think hopefully they were a good portion of people that took it in. So do you think that the do you think that meant that the relationship we have with our and a grundy Hoosier costar. Undisturbed and do you think that that was misconstrued in the public domain. I do think it was misconstrued the public and I think that we. First of all but you know our and it is great we've had copies since this web series in everything we've talked in like she's awesome I wish her all the best and I hope that she and a sheet of the same for me. But I think that there's this certain idea when you play that's from the TV show the you have to be best friends you have to go everywhere together and if you don't then at some oh they paid each other and then. That starts this kind of dramatic like cat fight he. As saying and I just think online people take things way out of context and I think that that just it kind of perpetuates its own drama. Which is it's going to be difficulty your your fan base is so incredibly loyal by the number faced a policy have a number of Twitter party you have an an Ariane is well then yes I mean. Is it difficult but the kind of seed that that that that the fight to the disputes whether real or or fictionalized play out in kind of and you might not have control over what's being said. Yet I think sometimes in all of fans are that it's so excitable that's awesome to have that kind of a support but at the same time they want there. And their idol the person that they look up to to be. Oh they have ideas for how they want their career run and operated things like that I think sometimes it can be a little fighting between different fan bases just because this person got this opportunity. The person that I like didn't and that's just in it's it's kind of yes. It's great but they're so supportive but at the same time everybody is on tap modest. You know do you think service sounds like as a result than between absolutely yes there and I wouldn't say I think that there were that things were taken. That things were definitely misconstrued and thinking forever as bad as they were made to seen in the public. But I definitely think we. All feel the fire little but aren't because there's something to like the heat of the moment and the drama when when people are telling you this you see that he's like. And it looked like crazy against I don't know I think in and it makes people weird. Anybody get there but what is what. I mean everyone wants to know what happened to salmon everyone loved that show I'm I think the bats. I think it would pull our and a couple sort of show we were. Certain I think we RD mentally graduated from the Nickelodeon space and everything we both had different things we wanted to pursue from its. I really wanna be on the creative and thinks and right and you know direct peace plan projects. And worked on more adult and comedies. And I think our and it definitely wanted to focus on music so I think we can't have one foot in and one foot out. So we started the show and we were really excited and then initially the plan was only to do it twenty episodes and then we got different other funny we were excited thinking like OK it's time a couple of wine that's down. And then I think some around episode 36 we just all had a big conversation with the network and we're like that we we all think that it's kind of town in the bottom up already in the network was. Completely understanding and really great about kind of ending the show in a way that just days kind of dissolved you know nothing like it's over unrest dark. Right did you did you stuff selling now or do you do you miss it. I'm. I still do this and went out I'm really really happy if my life have been a little bit I just felt like I'd been doing the same thing for awhile and I because I pick us up at a certain experiments that I didn't. At an early liken it really needed to let grow and try to things and experience. Just experience new. New things in order for for me to feel kind of better about my life is going so for me personally I still feel the same. And yet don't expect anybody else but I am I'm pretty sure everybody is enjoying what's happening now will win. The new experiences that your working on right now is this new show called between death. Tell me about this this is it's on city which is is part of Netflix. Yes city is the channel in. In Canada and Netflix has the partners who bought the show for states. Political and other countries on fox. It's that it's a drop us I was super excited about it and a big difference yet few exchange I basically it got a call from Netflix that they wanted to meet with me about the show and so we'll tell me a little bit about it and they go. Well at this like. Apocalyptic side by Catholic hold it there like I get technical and in person for this thing that's obviously starting from ours I really outside by right and it's a show about a small town that gets put into quarantine after disease outbreak the only people left alive in the town are 22 and under so everybody. It's kind of running around frantic trying to figure out. How this happened and it's up to us planted to figure out whether the government has put us in quarantine and released this disease because it's some. Person they're trying to catch it's like like the mysteries scifi. Island some romance. So with a look at it. Is it scratching this this site by its that you had since yet in Atlanta if people were up to me at like in full prosthetic make up a flight. I'm not crazy but there and take it down. But but this definitely Hadley that kind of contents in on the that this overall through one of the show is definitely kind of site by tastes of it's stuff you still working on music as well not just for I like companies upon. But I don't do I had a record deal before it was not from me I didn't feel like myself. Silly and yeah what it is that companies he's talking like brother people are not often sell what I just by basically. Notes records in the truth comes into play. I'd like keyboard and then I'll just like my basic accords with petrol was apparently and that's exactly right become comedies on some kind of but the minute you. A particularly for months up. Up I used. Look not to be taken seriously sell. You are and you're laughing about this but exodus of the top you really are fashion trends that I mean people are. Listen that people follow very closely which are wearing where you what you got on their senior account for her fashion making an eleven red carpet. Premieres yes. Lots of different events actually started working with the news stylist. Before this week. That it was super excited about because it worked with the public a magazine she didn't choose to put me in is Ryan Gosling these stockings and Ryan Gosling space on. Do you know what it's slightly say that we could actually do we got heated story about the popularity about men's fashions Sox right now and we went to a store and it had these thoughts and Brian Johnson space they always that they'll call it Sox got GQ on all sides know it yet. Incidentally what it is making it even if you want to put you wonderful collection right there the way. But working with this line has been great issue really has found. This kind of eclectic side to use how I gravitate toward I think let's I. Courtney tendencies which mindful well. We will continue to look toward that thank you so much for stopping by and I really appreciate.

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