Jennifer Aniston Wedding On Hold

Nuptials postponed because of Brad?
4:48 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Aniston Wedding On Hold
Now for all the latest Hollywood gossip here to give us the scoop is naughty but nice rob dot com's rob shooter of the man behind the -- themselves -- the -- -- up there we're gonna get to -- in a moment. Because she's an eighties and headlines -- first thought Jennifer Aniston postponing the wedding. You know exciting story. They grimace -- a story that that she has postponed to hope wedding. Because she doesn't want her wedding to clash with Bratton on -- four right is what makes this story very difficult for me to actually small. Is that I don't know if she would know that day to -- -- didn't. Shouldn't yeah thing's -- an anti sentinels little Mac as they save the -- got under president has called -- -- say we. To publicize the debt -- might -- wrong the missile but I asked Iran and a lot of colds and they said that she hasn't postponed it. So only she hasn't Huntsman that because of Brad and Angelina. She wants to move on with a life and this is the earth and the will be getting married -- gal you know she finally found a matter for dreams. Is always going to be tied to bracket like the rest of -- -- -- that it's just too delicious to as a that -- however let the deal have a wedding without both ended in its -- but he's not gonna get a she's gonna get it. When did X leave but the bread and and a deliberate child maybe today maybe for the wedding as the president night and I do not Miley Cyrus wholly confident these pictures -- -- -- -- -- Do you -- Miley didn't you hello magazine when she really criticized ladies. Who showed a lot of skin and however yellow -- he -- she is on the cover of the magazine it's about. All -- magazine this is not an X rated magazine should put into perspective very very high and lost a lot of office think this is very cool she has very very. This -- control of these images -- you do this magazine. You'll couldn't be treated like -- multiple. I think a lot of people think these pictures very very very -- say and they certainly it's not exactly reader's digest and that's what you're -- -- -- getting. What what what. -- -- -- models do the it is said Don time Agassi and it's very high and very few people read it does not cause -- This is a magazine about photography. About and she -- I think mine is trying to get away from Disney -- on the image. And she certainly is -- out of context -- pictures are absolutely shock -- with in the confines of the magazine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the US side as part in the UN body -- argue that by adding that haven't -- so go to part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gotten this style. Guns no one hit wonder -- it's gone so -- news okay. They did it take you pretty high in the charts has already dropped down to the late twenty's -- looks like it's gonna drop even with I think this might be a one hit one I gotta say it is kind of tragedy. Yeah it's just ridiculous in a way that you would expect right he's basically is more creative and when he gets students I also think too. Different -- style -- he makes some very very controversial remarks I think Americans and a lot of people were shocked about some of the things he said I think he's Osama. And John's hit one I'm not sure he's gonna have a long long time period release the tea in Korea -- selling out stadiums -- 50000 people so he certainly doesn't need my personal. Always the -- beyoncé day that we know -- intimately. I know what's going -- her tour in the UK she's UK she accident to instantly. Try to get an audience members to sing along with 21 of a -- right but fortunately -- audience member. Was princess and keeping -- Necessary. Singling me yet. -- Beyoncé -- tickets to the royals that in the thinks -- -- and Kate's brother. Was the concept and I think people afterwards that we've got to meet and greet with beyoncé that did not happen says some of the British press as saying that she actually -- list. Kate Middleton brought -- if beyond that puts a microphone in your face you think you -- there is no question I could put a ring not a positive saying if you. It's not the -- Gwyneth Paltrow -- publisher's DREAM Act -- -- this was. The story of last week was that she was was known to -- given the -- the of the most beautiful person in the world -- a lot of press a lot of attention. People -- the asking him to settle the racked up the numbers and the -- them as a fantastic. She sold really well it is above average about 950000. Copies of secretly sold. So a lot of issues registration controversy does -- -- -- we'll be back. -- a lot moral compass of men and woman is good says CA dance party in the USA always good prosecutor rob have a good either resolved and heck practices.

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{"id":19094431,"title":"Jennifer Aniston Wedding On Hold","duration":"4:48","description":"Nuptials postponed because of Brad?","url":"/Entertainment/video/jennifer-aniston-brad-pitt-wedding-hold-19094431","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}