Jewel Shines Bright on Greatest Hits

Singer talks about her new release and singing silly songs to her son.
3:58 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Jewel Shines Bright on Greatest Hits
Okay. It seems like just yesterday that -- -- the music world by storm and her debut get. Who will save your soul. Believe it or not it is eighteen years and ten albums later and she is releasing a greatest hits album -- with some fan favorites collaborations even a new song. And we are lucky enough to have her join us here today to -- welcome thank you. I mean aside from the obvious foolish games who will -- -- -- do you go about picking. What is going to go into a greatest hits. As finance I waited quite a -- to do this and when label gave me all the songs that go on it just that Arnold benefit and I had to -- how to edit them and -- basically who -- popularity Elizabeth -- -- a mercenary about it and the site is from but the most popular songs performed on radio and then I just McConnell logical and -- and I was someone at an. You -- an event that in the public crowd sort of thing. Kelly Clarkson worked with you on foolish games which -- it was like my goal might go too emotional breakdown. -- that you almost when you hear this when you hear this song now. It's also if you wanna be broken up with you can actually listen to this could -- it certainly is that your emotional release heart of this work even come about. -- says someone I was eighteen and -- -- a real emotional release from me when I wrote it ends all these years later they want to -- cut and I wanted to great female vocalist on yeah Kelly was kind of still with me in. It really was need to get to hear her -- -- hear her take on an Islam. You've done -- you've done -- you've done country. Is there when -- -- that speaks to you more than the others. I really I guess -- -- hard and feel like and that I grew up listening tell those who need them styles of music until just very often take to me it was never you know on. Idea that in the medium might change my image journey thing it was just exploring music and having the freedom because my fans -- -- step to different styles that. Expressed -- writing. I think one of the most fascinating stories that I've ever read about you is your recollection of living in a van and obviously very humble start to so many artists. Have to go through. You're tremendous amount of success that you've had now for almost two decades could you possibly imagine that you'd be in the place that -- -- now. I never you know -- homeless because I was trying to make it from -- dream I just got fired from jobs that wouldn't Texas man Voss and I couldn't payment ran and got kicked out in this was this vicious cycle in. District singing in a coffee shop just trying him get by and then discovered in. To this day at pinch myself you know I can't believe I am lucky enough to get paid something I enjoy it in my life -- -- we've added dimension. -- not -- but important for us we obviously get to have the benefit -- -- music as well and poetry as well any additional works coming on the line. And I did have several -- worth of writing -- I just really bad about putting together -- isn't letting the book deal and have a deadline and then I'll get it out but I have a lot of love poems like ticket but it's -- creative process I mean -- -- its offices you can't rush that that is something has to happen very organically. -- -- all the time is sort of like electrical currents have played into it it's there so -- this the writings and. I've got to ask -- -- -- matching your big karaoke fan are you. Internet and video and what should go to recycling euros on what should go to carrier. Anything grab by singing silent and he covers on you know thing that -- And what is your favorites on the -- think you're signed case and a because that's got to be. For a child to be raised in your household and a truly must be a blessing me at silly songs for Hannan and there are some that have become his favorite finished completely random and record I didn't make a couple records for an island club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Isn't it was tremendous success continued frequently about the -- that albums out now so many great favorites of so many new collaborations and a new song and can't get enough but you'll thank you so -- for having.

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{"id":18422618,"title":"Jewel Shines Bright on Greatest Hits","duration":"3:58","description":"Singer talks about her new release and singing silly songs to her son.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jewel-shines-bright-greatest-hits-18422618","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}