Jill Scott on New Movie, ‘With This Ring’

Actress-singer talks about romance on and off the screen and her new romantic comedy.
11:59 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Jill Scott on New Movie, ‘With This Ring’
There are times when love is in the air and it makes you just crave. To be connected but as unfortunate we all know things don't always go as planned. It's clear he's almost finished. Lots of those who do you expect this about well I thought it be nice we handed handling an old. The kings game. Since then he's happy that maybe he's excited of the game goes away I mean who blew militant yeah sure. I'm his history project coming up next weekend his counselor thinks she's worked together. On it with him. Kids to school tomorrow we're got schedules. Apiece have and that's what you call not taking the bait he clearly missed that one but it is a scene. From the on the lifetime original movie with this ring and we are delighted to have one of the stock the film the one and only Grammy Award winning singer and actress Jill Scott in the studio with us today thank you for stopping by. How big. Big congratulations. We're gonna get some seven the some of the accolades in the awards that are going to be coming your way in just a minute but first exactly what I want to talk about this film. Beak is yes. The basis is. Everyone wants to be everyone wants to find that someone and that it's sort of that that the the plot behind this film tell me about it. Well it's three women who aren't married please. We have accomplished so much and then so much in my by. We just haven't found anyone to share the time is a partner. And we've made about. Between three of us that we are going to get married within a year's time if we can do. All that we've done we can do this to giving yourself. Three has 65 days 360. Tips it to find it to put a ring on it. And to see a video yes. We think that things have kept him in less than a year that's that's very true siblings saw the script that winter utility that I mean unbelievable you think a lot of women are gonna go to relate or amend the wheel to relate to this kind of an idea as well. I think that people believe that they can make things happen yet and I can't. Love was one of those things love is not necessarily something that happens because we want it to you. But this is a part of the film you see that and you don't always give it to line. Because all of. Three women that use as you pointed out her critically accomplished. Pretty much ends in Wii and where we're rooting for your character the the end because she has obviously pulling out. All the stops and the she goes through the whole spectrum of a tense when she goes from. Putting us in sexy to putting on some jealousy to putting on a plot like that. And. I. Think this is good luck with her sons. In season Tillerson but nothing is happening. And she's she's made this balance is that I marry within a year's time so it's either him or somebody else and she really wants to be hand. But he's oblivious. I mean we've we've we've all had these friends made we've unanimous ourselves we've made these kind of left packs right what I've never made love act. But I did give someone an ultimatum. Which was a really. Excellence. You can't insolent ultimatum about love breadth. Elect out. With that it was it time for it was a LA it was a time for it was a time frame it you know asked me to marry you but this time its own. So when you did that then and that we we're calling back to that memory when the script came across your desk yeah. I mean honestly we set around all of us from the director to the city teens to the demon and Brooklyn and we talked about life we talked about love you know and where we've made these big mistakes and we are we succeeded to out of our for our Mary. You know so. Did they make the right decision with who with whom they chosen. You know both of them and an emphatic yes but for every team and I you know. It we really have axes to stop and think there alana late night conversations once we finish this film and during shooting this now. You know brushing of the hair in battle line in real conversation. Did you leave that with the experience being who I guess what was your reaction when you were used to that because you're you're you're trying to portray someone that does have its ability that you say that we don't necessarily happening can't force level on someone else in the castle and force it upon our. Our own lives and our own schedules and summit. Did it lead you and depressed that leave you feel lane out in this what reality is. In a few moments of all of it had a moment where I was really sad and I had to think about. What the relationship I was in you know I thought about that in questioned if it I was headed in the right direction and that decided that I wasn't. Could grab it was we've sat listen in maybe a month in the week. And my life. Changed my romantic life changed during the filming during the filming. There was a lot to discuss. And I'm hoping that when women watch this film that they'll think about their choices. And who they're choosing and why. And what if they really looking for what you really want that life. In eight we can have. Everything we can have the cars in the houses in the vacations in the camp that wouldn't really want in a partner in it really made me reevaluate. And you know currently I'm single and and dating and it's. It's really important for me to stay on top of my mind. Instead of just jumping to Wear my heart wants it now I have to I have to staples case. What's with an of his father passed. Being a girl listening to the stories all the fairy tales about love it very excited that that it doesn't happen and that's saying that it doesn't. I'm saying bed. It's important for me to be fully accountable in this moment fully aware in this moment and to take things slowly. I'm quick out actually how I like you like me you'll makes of the magical act in you know us how I've been pretty much of the majority of my life but. This film really made me think you really bull hit make someone your husband or your partner. If they're not. I would about it also has to be little difficult because it's gotta be tough words some guys to date someone like you enough you intimidated smaller. That's all know you're. That. Mean that's that's you're you're having that's at the very candid honest in in straightforward. You know when you look at the damn thing. I spent my phone. If you're intimidating you're not my back. You know I want someone who has accomplished enough. Or knows enough for lived enough to be able to tell me what to do every woman wants to be told what to do sometimes. You know we can. Do everything. But you still want a partner and that can tell you to go some way sedan. And I thought it means. All right that's enough. Another time and things you little and the guys Novo yes. In you want that kind of person alive to assist you because. Women. People looking gets so consumer loans. In the world to what we're doing and how much we checked Handel. You know the phone calls and faxes us home acts but to have excellent to tell you and be able to tell us in the fantasy. Is is very attractive. And it takes that are strung men especially with especially when they look at your resonate is the is just some of your body of work here. The number one ladies' detective agency baggage claim Tyler Perry's why did I get married one and what in his new of course we we love your ability on stage. What you do you is singing acting is it's still an equal balance love or is there one that's turning to win out over the other. I think that is tying for I think it's time for the writer to really. Take her place. And the right of no is that okay what does that mean you do you think that adding it's time. I'm a writer. First without something to say there's no reason to sing for me. A lovely malady is just that but I have to have something to say whether it's a story or it's whenever I have to have something say. When and acting. Am working through the words have to it has to be something on that paper. That inspires. You know levels you know it's all about the word first. Seoul. I think that it's time. For me to to write and coming out with an album because. Half to have to have to because you it's all going insider and you have it and I loved to sing and I in Chile. Being in front of my audience and connecting with them in a real way. You know whether it's you know 151000 people learn 4000 people whatever the case maybe in Chile then any day to. But the writer is. Waking me up in the middle of the night more. Think we ever who wish. We. Lends itself that you're not in any kind of Russian that in any kind of working any kind of deadline to get this. Well I mean there's a deadline for over the business but. Fortunately I'm fifteen years in and the people that I work with they they understand. Then it I really respect what I do it's it's a gift not a give him. And I I don't force. And I just don't force have to be patient. Even when I was arrested about an album and I wanna Russian led a movie Allan rice but I hat I can do that have to be patient. It requires me to spend time with us handling it requires the art requires me to. Go somewhere and sit. Because you don't have that might you've written and detonating cap felt for I have to tell myself it's in crew and it's an incredible amount of discipline and I think that's probably one of the reasons why fans loved you so much and why. Essence is honor in U. In their black women in music event you shut your time is it it is those words it is those lyrics that music that's being recognized it's a huge honor congratulations. Eight it is I. Really put it all together when I was told. I thought I was on hearing someone has sent a little okay. You know I get to perform here who Connery but instead shot in the hunt it's performing for you can't take that need to just back. I think that Oprah met and now that is I mean. As its. Overwhelming. It's overwhelming. It's been fifteen years for me and I am certainly appreciative. This is fake I love zapatero without my car I love brain the with all my heart she knows that. In Lillian let how this is a new voice but I think it's it's a magical voice. And if these are the women that are performing. You know. For me if I. Exit exactly. Exact I've done well. That you groups that have been more than well that is the understatement. We look forward to seeing you in with this rain on lifetime Jill Scott thank you so much stuff about my plans.

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