See Jimi Hendrix's Guitar and More at Newseum's 'Louder Than Words' Exhibit

ABC News' Freda Kashi checks out musical and political memorabilia at the exhibit on rock, power and politics.
11:36 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for See Jimi Hendrix's Guitar and More at Newseum's 'Louder Than Words' Exhibit
I see it in its own can you're staying at the end game in greater wrong. We are very we're standing right Jennie and it's our Brentwood. Is right that's right and in his. On and Ronald history in American history she and closes the Woodstock music festival agencies. As he is moment of the counterculture. When hundreds of thousands of young people converging you'll eat our team express their feelings and all the silence is happening and this. This pop art you're good at rumors it's just opens the it thought. Politics. Palatable to our politics of the Iraq. And exactly exactly his. Alan how diseases are using their First Amendment hours of expression and free speech she knew she you know there and their contents. She is that people. Should be happening just attention Johnson and changed many minds about the incident on its side. He had. Cards gray hair and eaten me. Ian. It is you know you. You see unwritten X and currently little exploration. And this letter Virginia isolated. Until his father saying you know things sound like mountain passes it he's in the military did certain military honor first. Army airborne division. Since your million China messes up this time unless he shortly after this letter was written he it is. Honorably discharged from the army. His commanding officers. Each in the arms in Iraq and and I kind of takes litmus teases us. But he did have some contests left his son was trying to say about our country in Vietnam War and what was happening inside. Right and that's that's what was didn't absolutely. Speaking yeah yeah I had absolutely. And yeah it. We know from the Eisenhower administration indecision Barack Obama and and it's up about how this issue is that. His part time. Washington is unease and don't want you are easy to talk attendants let them watch them. Another hot I'm Josh relentlessly. Groundbreaking anti American artists play. His exit. But when aaron's hair on him. He almost hear the artists on fingers claim that time right if you keep it England check it is used to tune in to keep them maintained because. There that are permanent and keep on an up slightly. Yeah reserved. Yeah RR for Israel TV Israeli bombs on top minds there constantly making sure that these are kept them proper. Temperature. I would like yeah I think. Here light is the damages. Are actually making house we're very aware. I'm expecting he's precious artifacts and so I'm straight hot seat that is unless let's talk. We're always hearing that early on ten years until later career with the revolution album. Let's just yeah. With their first overtly political songs and woodlands revolution's. That is the revolution Ellis are all her. Yeah. And where it is likely that letter that was sent out we have another 200. Here is the one that he and John Lennon later and it ends. Hello John in 1960 is just an idea Conan and they are cited their way of protesting the war is. Inviting journalists and there hotel that. Where they had that is strategies and that's when you wrote in a song in this. It's harmless yeah. And you blonde and you hear these stories and an evening news nine. These are not yeah I'm. Harry shares myself and Wheeling news. Let me know that I'm. You have video playing the bad and the ugly. Think that's good. Are they are. You're minute and a half he went in Atlanta agent. What was yeah. Right that moment you know an important not only is he realized gains in just married and conduct time June there honeymoon period ends on protest fees. As well and political statement but RC. Maine and yeah. His car. And and why some. Again this kind is not immune disease and that's there. I was. As heartless. Exactly the anger and human feelings she slated and it is an era and a high stainless or students were killed. University who posts and its agent warrant. NIC and time happy lyrics that. Sense. Is that it's he against. Hi. Is he on the economy and weeks this accident has. I'm his innocence. And east. And exiled Saudi yeah. Yeah. Is really. We're yeah. Okay no decision just came to Hamden post calls just just. It's yeah. Earlier things here seasonally hit. Items are reproductions. My eyes looking. You go unless it. We'll see stressing out that hey Becky certainly if Hillary Clinton. Bidding process happening. And anyway so in the present statements that all income is going on recently got an up wrapping up folk country. Pop. Nine. Equipment and here is imminent. Just classes like this that wasn't in his seventies. You practice on the lives and yeah. Plus that are beginning comments on its side and yeah. Yeah. Love and commitment locking. They're an artist yeah. Yeah. There's something really cool we turn around yet. We miss Atlanta US ain't he on the jeans and T should Bruce Springsteen tour on the album how important USA. Famous on that politics has tried to fill up their and their causes politicians up Lana. Join forces with rock musicians because obviously dropping his penthouse its message on his own popular music captain Mike following. And let our films that ID card talks about how the Allman Brothers. So what it. Latest on his campaign against he said he was on the island for others that I like Brothers make life heights incident of this conduct that rock star's popularity. Right off on them at. But politicians and is interpreted one point S it's not about it sounds like such a popular. Upbeat in fact it's tough and in Vietnam veterans received when he hit him and opportunities for jobs. Not much. Tensions you. Closer next us coming in here treated so sometimes songs. And politics means my. And artists. Acknowledge. They had yeah. Exactly here is seen him yet looking into line mainly had anything. On him I was sure he looks like he's really rates didn't have this. New colleges. We did we do we have one Atlanta Bill Clinton's that's. Is it that accident. Atkins left and president. He famously faith that's not not this past month but it instantly sent us now I'll show you what he's. Next I. He was the accidental house. And it's time in people and rock and I am not about us. Or didn't bring me. They guitar that he was given up that's actually get exactly yeah. And it's just it became like so. Oakley and does that bedroom. Exactly talks about how he really relate Elvis Presley in this press rock superstars. On and so that reflects the Bill Clinton and aren't hat. And he's trying to kill Judy this generation as dominant generation time consumers adversity and presents them. Exactly and easing that she giving injections and it has me. Anything. And. Excitement in operation. We don't blame him. See in. I think yeah me and it finally happened at Barack Obama's hidden until. Apparently. Is them yeah help unannounced Martin. That's an old enemy friendly is an independent who made her cat meat is nothing Laura yeah. It was sent its representation on the continent is change from Obama and bush lot of social justice movements. Had been not been. The important thing in Nevada administration plans matter this and it's happening. Cover the rise. It was not an east violence against African Americans. How else they have a list averages jacket and see what are you talking about an inequality exists exit really knows the music rights movie's plot lines and this run. On equal rights of women to gender equality. From the white Vietnam's that warrants here who really hovering in Ireland Italy accidentally and how rock on yeah. She's somebody didn't miss much time yeah here yeah. Hillary Clinton. Yeah. Yeah yeah business media this yeah. Even though we're mentally ill and pulling back. Absolutely and I can't yeah. I think some cynical politics aren't that doesn't help you understand better person because. And this president that didn't think yeah and that's really you know I was less. What is the person and and in human beings Reza. You probably yeah. Exactly something finally. Yeah. Yeah. And we have great now and credit costs you any. I'm the next.

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{"duration":"11:36","description":"ABC News' Freda Kashi checks out musical and political memorabilia at the exhibit on rock, power and politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44759869","title":"See Jimi Hendrix's Guitar and More at Newseum's 'Louder Than Words' Exhibit","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimi-hendrixs-guitar-newseums-louder-words-exhibit-44759869"}