Jimmy Savile Report Details Alleged Sex Crimes

U.K. detectives have recorded 214 offenses allegedly committed by the late entertainer.
3:25 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jimmy Savile Report Details Alleged Sex Crimes
There have been -- offices it's taken fourteen weeks. Times more than 600 people have come full width 450. Giving evidence. About crimes committed by GB sample but this is a man they could never. Prosecutors. What was this all about us well the police say it was simply a -- of giving the victims a voice. -- a predatory sexual offender. His first recorded a soldier was in 1955. The last 2000 to nine today's police report gives is the clearest picture yet. -- samples crimes. It's clear that day testimony when taken together presents a compelling case about -- to treat sex offender. Across the whole of the -- Kai. It could be said he grooms a nation. He was hiding in plain science and yet none of us what are able to do anything about it. Forty years ago -- Brooke -- was a teenager and a resident of the -- croft children's home. She says she spoke up -- the time but nothing happened after Herring counts it was Jimmy sample. -- Pulls me down back woods and pushed it it -- whites on top of him and trustees tongue in tonight math and that must try to meet -- need to eat it too -- to ensure it. She's now one of 450. People who have in the last fourteen weeks. Approached the police found 7214. Crimes 34 rapes in studios thirteen hospitals. Hospice and schools across the country. The youngest victim was just -- And yet the world knew nothing until a few months ago when women from -- crops decided to speak counts. What they tribute was enough launch hundreds upon hundreds of come forward and their stories about the dark side -- -- sample. This isn't justice. But at least. They have been -- Of course there were suspicions over the years this -- the -- documentary tackled the topic head on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On how -- -- -- -- immigrants does everybody know whether. Don't know me. Complaints were made to the police in 2007. Today the Crown Prosecution Service issued an apology for not bringing a prosecution. A review that case says they had been too cautious. -- also another fourteen settle related inquiries. But what about justice. This -- been an investigation. Of a man who cannot be prosecuted. Do you think this brings me to an end to I think this helps. How excited they help Maine I'm -- Hampton this -- And just to -- -- which it finally beat the disease is not a contender in the story it's being. Believe -- Forty years on there will be -- conviction this is perhaps the closest who -- the truth about to be settled. Under the lost on the BBC -- issued a statement saying it's a pulled that any of these offenses took place on BBC premises. And restated their apology to the victims and added that of course there is the ongoing dame Janet Smith -- looking -- Think culture and practice of the BBC a how any of these things -- happened.

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{"id":18189831,"title":"Jimmy Savile Report Details Alleged Sex Crimes","duration":"3:25","description":"U.K. detectives have recorded 214 offenses allegedly committed by the late entertainer.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-savile-report-details-alleged-sex-crimes-18189831","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}