Joe Zee Talks Fashion

Elle's creative director has a new TV show called "Revealing: Extravagance."
5:13 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Joe Zee Talks Fashion
Elle Magazine creative director Joe's he has a lot on his plate lately all eyes are on fashion as desires are rolling out this spring collections. And he's got a new show about to air and yet he found time to stop in a chat with us about some of the trends -- -- on the catwalk and this new exciting venture that your aunt Josie thanks so much for stopping him today or -- we -- -- and -- of the big trends you just got back from London gas what are we seeing on the runways. You know I think you know London it's big women's Fashion Week that's when it was -- -- -- -- -- and there was a lot of beautiful colors of Marbury and Tom Ford was really about eighties power dressing. -- huge green -- I mean -- like big solar pat miniskirts. Over the top sexiness I mean it's all there is -- -- color and Burberry all I think about as the beige in the black in the red. Platt that's all I can keep thinking about not really -- traditional plot -- for surveilling them freely admit reinvented for both men and women in a way where there was a lot of server colors a lot of pastels. You know still not great transco but in a much more modern way so sure -- really fluorescent. Easter egg colors I like to -- -- hit those targets -- the effect if I get well. It's a rainbow a fashion that's on the runways. And I've also been seen. A bit of a throwback to the nineties. On the got to tell you ninety's is huge. Minimalism. You know idea that was in the ninety's that was -- big but logos are -- again like. That idea of dressing -- can you believe it or not laying is actually coming bow wow as we've been trying to be so modest lately are so what about for guys and the -- and oftentimes the can be a little bit of a disconnect between what the ladies are wearing and what the guys have gone. Bob. Strangely starting homers together. With piety are always people show we are -- -- you know what it is with guys I think men's fashion -- -- -- very sort of interest in place it's either very classic and -- -- becomes really sort of over the top. Kris he almost action victim in -- and I think you see it you know on all ends of the spectrum but you know I think really for guys right now color and I'm a big big person that have a heart have a -- sometimes -- you know my big color forays navy blues so. Seeing these bright colors and and pastel colors for men it takes some getting used to so it's not so this is not working for use then that's Tony when downhill is I -- to have enough light I want to be brave enough to Wear color I just have a hard time with that -- are you give us a no confidence if you have no if you have no faith that you can pull off color and meet frankly. Can you ever have too much -- and that's the big question I want that is -- Absolutely good arguments dig up or woman to commit serious soccer but never too much -- yeah it's here it's -- has that -- that that's get a seasonal limitation -- -- -- was -- -- laundry bags. This so what are the main difference -- -- -- see between fashion -- been servicing New York London Milan Paris there's always something a little bit different for guys oh my -- I think totally -- -- in New -- he -- have sort of really. Classic tailored sportswear like really things where every day in on the launch really much more about commercialism and I think London is experimental. And then you have ideas of -- really pushing the boundaries when you -- to Paris you know. -- is a city that -- skirts for men. You've got a new show idea -- would tell me about this is on Sundance Channel revealing extravagant yes so the great thing about finance channels there there -- so open about doing things that are provocative and interesting and and conversation starters and this is unlike anything that really exist in the world of fashion on television right now -- competitions so. It's not a reality in that way it's really a little bit more about about our human nature of social experiments -- Also being investigated in terms of a topic in the -- That were part destruction I love it -- take a look at one of the puts it we've got actually because just to get a little bit of a -- an idea just how different this -- What you're bringing to the table that isn't already out there. I -- McCartney live tonight NBC news Johnny Versace can too Alexander McQueen -- if you -- personnel bad. You're gonna be noticed and didn't feel like a million but there's a lot of professional team and great -- -- 900 dollars shoes. Gotta keep up with the joneses. Think you I was hundred -- -- You don't blink at bat. -- 40000 dollars handbags. Lord. So the interesting thing is that you argument actual practical advice that. -- I mean I think it's much more about talking about something you know I think. This particular special focuses on extravagance and excess and how much that exists in the world of fashion and you know in the pros and cons of -- you know when I think we do it through great incredible talking head interviews the designers and models and in academics but we do it through hidden -- social experiments we also do it through investigative -- are actually go to San Francisco. Go undercover to find out about the real -- Bowling Green of girls called the rainbow girls that are -- knocking -- high end stores. This just blew my mind what is this again I actually went undercover to look for stolen merchandise and -- on earth this group that gang of girls. That have been knocking off high -- stores in San Francisco that's really like real likely wearing. -- believe in you're going undercover me like big glasses like hat -- I don't know like get Smart. I mean it out there on the -- -- the shutter their security and forward Jozy thank you so much for stuff -- we really appreciate it shows caught revealing extravagance on the Sundance Channel. Continued success thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Elle's creative director has a new TV show called \"Revealing: Extravagance.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20319434","title":"Joe Zee Talks Fashion ","url":"/Entertainment/video/joe-zee-talks-fashion-20319434"}