Joel Osteen on 'The Power of I Am'

6x New York Time Best Selling Author, Pastor Joel Osteen, talks about his latest book 'The Power of I Am' with Byron Pitts.
11:04 | 11/09/15

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Transcript for Joel Osteen on 'The Power of I Am'
He's one of those people literally need an introduction but we'll get money anyway six times New York Times bestselling author. A senior pastor of the mortgages. Congregation in the United States. Longtime friend asked Angelos to deceive you so much it's always a pleasure anyway thank so taught us about first let's have a couple things on talk like new book. Talk about not a Pope has come to New York soon. And and just you know current affairs but first let's talk about your new book the power of ion powered. The in the sub tell as the two worst it will change your life today believe whatever follows the hand will eventually finds you. So a lot of people go rent either saying or thinking you know. I am I'm lucky I'm slow I'm unattractive believe you're inviting the wrong things into your life. When you turn it around and say I'm the last I am strong in your mind and talented I am focused on forgiven. Get the right in eons ago about yourself in. You know life will go a lot better I believed to buy a lot of people are against themselves and their own thoughts and don't realize. Have to go positive but a lot of people didn't I think this is an important principle. And sometimes people think if if I think about I am and being selfish about. Now what I think when Emma names and there's kind and generous you know I am patient you know term us that they can make you better but. I think it's I just don't think we realize how many times where. Limiting ourselves it almost defeating ourselves with her own words just even simple things you know my entire and I am lonely things like that. You know going back to the scriptures has let the weeks say I'm strong so you don't release Eunice was two weeks they had field which also had you know I'm depressed and I am discouraged or whatever. But you turn it around and even if it's in your in your mind I mean content rather than them always striving I'm always unhappy I'm always comparing. And they get the right Ryan's going I think your life will go. Some days automation it's easier than others how do you do it almost tough days it takes discipline. As you know we all wake up some morning some counseling going to war race in these kids that you just. I think in those times you have to relief fund something to be Kuwait for four I'll believe it you know how we start today. Many times determines what kind and we're going to happen it's important the started today. You know to get up and said Norma thanking them alive or at least I think it I have health or have a job incident complain about it that. It it's not always easy because people do sometimes you going through cancer and relationship issues that. It's a lot better than getting depressed that bitter and angry people coming to start your what what's your root us on Monday that I like to think maybe the first half hour. Just. Just what does it praying and meditating on a read. About chapters inscription read couple songs and things but like it when they started about how hurry it's going to be a busy or hectic I think it's important. Author of this company fifteen and they list of up real early that. Think it's important to get out and. And to be Kuwait that's what Andy. Talk about a night of hope. Walk us through what that. To two and a half hour again that we bring to different cities. Inspiration I share a lot of my story. Honda started. Tweets. About relationships. Kids are involved. My mom shares how she overcame cancer. With that it was a mess yes he's an amazing that eighteen years old it usually wrong and you. Assisted town that we try to not typically look at a church service that we may have grown up in it's more something for people that may be were used to going to terms with. To produce two and a half hours. Inspiration out. It's a different survive. Depending on the city you're in like I would imagine the spirit and say Dallas Texas is different than you organ because it is it's from the audience point of view I feel different. Feedback from me you know someone more quiet conservative we go to a lot. You know sometimes the midwest is just require the very poignant but they're not gonna you're not and here you may turn applause or laughter or something but. Parents surprisingly you know new York and conductor and we did Yankee Stadium gets some group emotional people is really good sense I love the fact that there. And you know they let you know how they feel talked about your radio show I didn't realize they use is your one year anniversary tell me about that it's really. Amazing so serious axiom we've they give us the whole channel 128 and that runs 24 hours of my thirty minute messages. In once a week Victoria doesn't. Call in talk show people calling him I do the same thing on. 12 week into. It's been amazing I've never done radio. I didn't really wanted a camera will be one preacher after now that's never been my goal is to get out beyond where. Church typically get those and all the other radio was just you know you're 120 but when serious fixing came in sin you can have whom channel. Well that was very intriguing to we put it on hand. Never between the response we've had this response from all over the nation have to people listen up announcer I listen to am serious. We've got into that if about six years. And certainly went when I met you your profile was Ari significant and growing I think the argument can be made it's even much larger now. So in that spirit comes this question why haven't you change. Well I'm believe garnished because. I hope I haven't changed in this because it's the core of who lives and more guided Obama. Principals and hopefully by my character and then. Then you know something else that comes along but. It is time that she tried a mean you're you're you're you're you're spread over a year you're. Year your TV ministry seven million people we see in a hundred countries now you don't radio. It is definitely changed and have had to adjust my schedule here and there but. As far as you know who I am not helpful committee different you know was fifteen years ago when I was behind the scenes in. I don't know I think it's just. How we've remind myself I think it's part of it start your day off is searching your own heart has taken on the right path and I recognize that their success. Influence that comes from god and give him the credit you know he contingents to increase she. In in this book the power client meet you talk a lot about how people should should should speak positive language and to their lives of that their spirit to get that. If it was should manage. Difficult moments but you know as well as anyone that sometimes managing success can be as difficult as managing failure so how do you manage success. That humility part. I think it's a big part of it that's you know to make sure that your. Recognize where the source of your success comes at least that's that's that's what what's what I believe I think the other time is too. Management injured town manager scheduling mucus want to just easy to be easy for the people closest to you so to make those adjustments and you know what's what's. What's been the hardest. Hard for me because my personality is always say yes somebody asked me to do something I wanna do it when you should not Brandon. Not had to have had to learn to say not allowed to but I can't do it because my schedule and just because. You know got commitments and I kind of keep myself healthy and so. I've been really good we were talking earlier about Castillo to liked working out delight to have some recreational time. That's what keeps you help me help you when your balance physically spiritually and emotionally. Yeah I'm still scarf may be here on the basketball court any talk trash at the productive members like rerun it went into the a couple of a couple of headline question wants is ahead here things in the news what would be your advice if you need to. Top contenders Democrat and Republicans and Republican side Hillary Clinton there are questions now about her honesty. Worked out from there there questions about his care here and and his personnel who is it. You know. I don't know pop feel qualified to say something and any device wise but I would tell him this than I'm praying for yeah I know god will give you wisdom and guidance and can often be given any advice why you know be sure you can see can acknowledge god you put him first it says you can give you wisdom you guide your efforts and so. No entity that's a tough job and I just I would just. Like to be their friend and some additional warning something telling them what to do Britain and get some money point four you know hopefully our whole congregation is what. The massacre in Oregon has as as a as a pastor man of faith you spend a lot of your time comforting people coughing individuals how would you comfort. Each community town that that was devastated the way they were worth massacre I. That's that's that's the hardest but you know for aren't you just comfort and with this attack one believed their loved ones in hand and and it can't give two grace for this unit and I think a lot of times you can explain things they're not hearing finger to you weep with those that we can. With those that we can rejoice with those that that you was put. I would dispute there's somebody said this guy asked me to the strength make it to do with my main point is there anyway we can help just to some simple words and fewer questions what's next for you this one day at a time like that serious came to us last year no and interest did. As you are and then the media it's what an incredible way to reach people these guys and don't believe it's an accident that he we have all the social media insist that. You know not today in my dad when you have to report TV stations and so that's intriguing to me because again when you get into somebody's living room of their social media on their phone their defenses are down. They don't know you know in front of a lot of people they may say well I'm not religious or that's not for me but. Found that lot of people flew into that channel. Turn its own for 92 think this coming Nicholson for me listen so. Just all of those different avenues I don't know what might open up I'm always open I'm looking for new avenues through the media. Imagine you're dead in the last question and a call when we first met that my sense of you very much your father son. I think at one point even Wear your dad's shoes but now you've become your own policy change for you. But it was always my heave still lives but you know at some point probably when we stepped into the Compaq's inner that was 2000. But dead at 99. I felt like that was a time or more than ever. You know book that other facility was he guilty raise the money that was he has at some point you do have to step into your home when you still honored himself. I feel like now I don't. You know at first I felt like I had to be Latin and and I commend today need to preach like him need to lead like him but. I realize I'm not the same personality is my dad had different strengths and so. I just have stepped in my only when you when you be who you will created to be that your sweet spot. And that's where I feel like him now and you get critics from both sides and so I I just as long. To me. You become who you were created debated you can lay your head down at night and be at peace it's you could god I'm I'm I'm honored you with my life. And be in my best hopefully he'll from the right or should get paid when supposed to be.

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{"duration":"11:04","description":"6x New York Time Best Selling Author, Pastor Joel Osteen, talks about his latest book 'The Power of I Am' with Byron Pitts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35081068","title":"Joel Osteen on 'The Power of I Am'","url":"/Entertainment/video/joel-osteen-power-35081068"}