Joey King Says Channing Tatum Will Be 'Such a Great Dad'

Young actress reveals Tatum's fatherly advice to avoid "dark side" of being a child star.
6:06 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Joey King Says Channing Tatum Will Be 'Such a Great Dad'
I could you. -- -- -- Parent can now. Whom heroics. Hi Tim -- thank -- now you were. That these resolutions -- -- -- pain care. This is -- zone. My -- isn't there a special need. -- it's nice to me. Theater this. -- -- -- Well if you can take your eyes off of Channing -- for even just a few seconds you can't help but notice the spunky actress who plays his daughter her name is Joey king at the age of just thirteen she's got quite the resume to start and it doesn't films and TV shows and this summer -- -- -- -- and White House down. Please welcome Joey king Kelli thanks a favorite they keep happening to you Monday and dealing get healthy and well and of course we will have been recent really interesting things really nice did you have fun doing it. I had these past nine games such a fun environment everyone's some -- -- me this thing is. Craig few months but it's like you guys had fun and of course we right now is -- -- -- working with tanning and -- -- I'm cheating is -- -- such a place like I am so happy for him again. For -- beanie ever at me he's. Gimmicks such a great dad to an -- -- three month. He's just a great guy we really him off them have just incumbents and Cheney and we just have -- asked him if you got that a great report I thought that we keep posted over the weekend -- dancing. That was part she -- the chance -- at heart we're gonna yet that part one is to -- It's our handshake -- on YouTube but. We just we made parts -- we're -- finished at its 52 seconds long -- act so what is it it's a secret handshaking that have if you started on senator. It's not it's a not so secret handshake and and a lot of -- -- about it. But we are going to add more onto me and hopefully. I like that I like we're still working on just little tweaks so. The video -- of the videotape and -- the but he -- I'm renting the video all you mean the one we just want to the idiot that he'd been tweeting. The one he treated and that that was taking -- bullying. Just its last nineteen in the night before last night that it was -- it was taken at the bowling Alley. Like yesterday in DC -- say yes OK so tell us little bit about your character you like playing our. I love -- -- and she's in the rain across his very -- and and very -- -- determined and I ain't. -- paper is not really loved getting set take on the challenge of playing and we can't into the political -- news is really cool that learn a lot like doing. Being -- you've got -- Interview with your father -- I think you've got interviewing you asked him the political questions I saw -- -- -- -- it was Channing Tatum asking political. Quest and yes that -- he might political perspective electorally town that was great I have to -- like -- had it. And then right there is tough on Cuba had to again -- in you know -- did remember. That -- -- first female prime minister in the world was in Sri Lanka and her -- this year novel bond overnight Q well play. -- Well let -- here though toward the end of the movie for -- were you scared. Libby isn't scary was really fun getting to work with -- gotten all the guys hasn't really nice guys but they -- great job claimants means but. I'm. I was you know. My character and -- very frightened but you know she did a really good job of staying strong warning to get through -- finding her dad and just being. And getting through with some patriotism as well you know at the end. -- -- -- Pretty phenomenal career and what's an adult world and acting out. He's seen these other child stars who kind of fallen off and lost their way when you do that kind of stay grounded -- -- on the right path and helps you. I and a great family I am great people surrounding me they all keep -- grounding -- Also getting to -- with people like Channing -- -- you know I don't ever want me at like. Over to the -- citing have a great price in -- it was really ninety yelling get ice from him -- in -- family at least -- -- -- being. I know is I'm surrounded with good people so I -- I don't plan on -- -- going to the dark side. Ray -- and you -- -- and Taylor swift's video and -- -- you. Now not yet I am going. Next year I'm not going team high school and home schooled son and going with -- program. I think. And says how their kids you're raising react to you because you also work to be treated differently -- that -- Since way sometimes feeling my friends -- like Alan every year but -- -- -- you I'm like yes let me tip of the some kids you know -- just like. Really like some -- -- in sound like they're real person but -- street is I am. Real day I when Anaheim's I -- -- -- I -- you like embarrassing things like everyone else this is. That's great awakening isn't on the weekends -- that -- you press them boys and interestingly animated. -- And -- and we. I don't know I have been the -- yet I am obsessed with this. And expanding access just -- -- home you'd like to be pale like it is my goal to 68 pale like to get -- -- -- now. Like I like the Simons that's -- But I'm scared of -- I just think pale -- I wanna go to beach this summer violent loads of sunblock. Let the sunlight that detectives out let's listen light my -- is like tanning is like my secret talks. So Joey thank you so much. And joining us and it was great to meet you we can't wait to see you in the film is called White House down and out in theaters everywhere -- and -- -- eight.

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{"id":19476297,"title":"Joey King Says Channing Tatum Will Be 'Such a Great Dad'","duration":"6:06","description":"Young actress reveals Tatum's fatherly advice to avoid \"dark side\" of being a child star.","url":"/Entertainment/video/joey-king-channing-tatum-great-dad-19476297","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}