Jovan Adepo discusses Emmy nomination

Adepo is nominated for best supporting actor in a limited series or movie for his role in “Watchmen.”
3:01 | 09/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jovan Adepo discusses Emmy nomination
And even though there are many awards to be handed out tonight one TV series can already claim bragging rights as the most nominated show of the year. And that is HBO's watchman has that honor with 26 nominations an incredible response. To the superhero drama based on a 1986. DC comics series to joining us now from the show's talented cast. Its first time Emmy nominee Joseph Von adept well. How are you feeling tonight congratulations. By the way in this this most unusual moments. This must be very exciting how's it going. It's incredibly exciting and I'm just honored to be here and give us as Lawrence friends and Stanley it's really corn does. Enjoying all experienced share. And I digging your background it is yet classy word ends you Rick Scott yeah. Feel to be apart of the show went the most Emmy nominations this year 26 is really remarkable what do you think people love about the show so much. I think that this is so let. Personally the casting crew a lot of bravado or can do I think we're gonna be arrow program that's going to be raw and kind of in your face lives with information what they're trying to showcasing eight he always ends. WOK so. Let's just talk about if you win potentially how are you going to celebrate Canada's after parties this year do you have. Plans. For ways you're gonna celebrate the night. You know I think you just secret deal to celebrated with my family Apple's parents here which is definitely a blessing and our representatives and some close friends and we're doing our best of socially distance but I think if I was. Able to get the when I think you'll just greats and spend that moment in auction. Tug quickly tell us about the year you've had it's been such an unusual time for everybody talked about spending. This evening with your family so many other people are separated from their families right now across the country what does it been like fur Yule. Two experienced 20/20 and then now to be in this moment that that really it is career building. I think the biggest things just come out yet to be it was there appreciate these small moments that Wilbraham in the biggest challenge for everybody. On the planet real and I think we're going to be. So this really think I'm only one that's going after something that's that's a bit of a challenge. So just taking one day at a time so you really can do and just like us before China find small moments of celebration NBA will enjoy these analysts with people you love I guess most important. Well congratulations. To you have you double check your Wi-Fi in everything to make sure you're ready if you win tonight. Such an absolute best we've done all the children shooting we possibly could I can. And why is it. Close you should grab your parents who Poland then we want to see them. Looks like yeah. Yeah. I like about this side effect that I sure I know your parents are very pat you think he's so much for being with that tonight.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Adepo is nominated for best supporting actor in a limited series or movie for his role in “Watchmen.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73138261","title":"Jovan Adepo discusses Emmy nomination","url":"/Entertainment/video/jovan-adepo-discusses-emmy-nomination-73138261"}