The Judd Apatow Effect: His Impact on the Comedy World

King of Comedy Judd Apatow talks to Peter Travers about his new book 'Sick in the Head' and about working with comediannes Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham.
13:28 | 09/02/15

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Transcript for The Judd Apatow Effect: His Impact on the Comedy World
So. Off the record. You're merry go grab some dinner. Actually Aaron I think you're so green and I'm are greater. And you were right or your subject and for now we need to just keep for us. And I think we really like each other challenged it in. Not sang. I'm confused and I not communicating this and it I don't I hear you understand disagree do you like me. Yes yes here really cute. We should be a couple. Well no I have plans. Or your plan. Fed is that true. Costs hi everybody I'm Peter Travers. And welcomed popcorn will be tell you what is happening at the movies and there's another Judd Apatow on the and it is called train wreck it starts in the humor and Bill Hader. And it is directed by Judd who. When he isn't juggling a 110 project writes a book called sick in the head about the interviews he did with a great comics of our time. And New York Times well. Because Judd just does everything. This is a guy who can't be stopped so it's great that you stop here. Bear with me certain in The New Yorker called Q it. This unexpected fairy godfather. Of female. Comedians. When did that happen. When to suddenly they just if there was one time after knock them where you would just this guy that was horrible when it's sexist credit. Just the worst and now. You at the theory behind. More women who want to be funny and. I called fix is big by two really loud people aloud how. What about street. Really. Well it's ever looked at any of it in those terms I just that. Looking for funny people to work Witten and looking for interesting stories of the people making a lot of mistakes. And started the first job I had those big jobless I wrote Roseanne Barr's. Stand up act with a prayer. Back in 1990. And until Sunni its it was a back and forth between men and women but at the little. He's you to. You know look at it like these where little women a lot lately about the movies about couples actually mean you know. Well in your movies are you mean you all are like the equivalent of any European director. Who takes his family and says. No there's your wife Leslie Mann there your two dollars. And everybody in your families in human beings except for yet. You keep testing like Paul Rudd have some idea of actually winning ticket would be that you just step in its annual I wasn't all they do it I'll come I it is I don't believe it boldly. And so after that I have a little soul patch that live to the top of the. I get it but to pay and then suddenly the star what you others argue with that and that he was that what about this ever had that frustration. Why didn't that lately last year happened the again. Which I've enjoyed a time then them be torn little bit so. Acting very bad when I act I I have to point mean bad actor you know I'd literally point people look. Till we act. With. I just don't believe I wanna see what could be impacted are you talking. Wicked. BP photo all of I can't stop the finger. You can't stop even though you can to being wrecked actress all the time to never do. Exactly a comfort level that it's the really do it do so despite your denial of now shepherding these very talented women through their pride to girls being the first major. You in the Enid. How does that happen that you say. We're gonna get together I'm going to do this with you I'm gonna help shepherd what you doing for HBO with girls. What I saw a tiny. And I really do a great look at I didn't know that she wrote it directed produced that I didn't note with her sister playing her sister are mumbling about and it's. We're greatly when who made it. In the credits came up it was always lean is named for everything everything. If she now. If I thought. Who's the special person. And the in opens and hey if he ever needs of this group who work. And available. And he called back immediately go back and her inject IRS and how about girls and it's really been one of the great experiences of my life is real. Genius and I get the scripts that she writes I think advocates and read them and I'm hopeful that how to how to this woman. And now seen Hugh yeah very similar situation she directed a little movie called on tiny furniture not quite what that. That's got to go get which is amazing and I understand that I heard on the Howard Stern Show and it is telling stories. Talking about and we talked relationships. And these long stories were so ingesting and so funny. That I she's. Here this is a writer and I don't know if she had ever thought felt that way but I pushed her to write a screenplay and then she wound up writing. This is her script this isn't Jeddah to send written by Jeddah. It's written by name should do you like what's shocking about what she does or what is the thing that you think makes her stand down. Well I just thought it was her heart. That's that I was attracted to it I do like shocking humor I do like people that are you did or that are very Ed G. And and super. Boring Newton's people who will be vulnerable. But you know I thought that her heart really shone through that he that you are we how did you kill as. You can you could feel the person beneath it struggling. Struggling with how to be happy with how to get out of their own way and she's very willing to write about. Her issues and that's when Cummings great in it's like a great song with an intelligent truth about how troubled they are beaten you connect with. This book which I just keep. Jumping in tails and licking and if he's in a way a story your story. Here is heart this kid from sign ups and Long Island in my wife's family came from NASA and no we can. You know what it is that you live for a yes it you're this kid you're just perhaps. Who decides. Junior high school you can have a radio show and you can interview your favorite com. This has set F. Well I have a friend Josh Rosenthal and he would interview bands so this is like 1983 he goes he Ari and interview them. Far high school radio station. Left to sit with comics and ask them how they do it just to get to know them I loved comedians so much. So for. Steve Allen and then I interviewed. Jerry sign silently and and jailing toolbar and then why wouldn't they can't hear I think why would you that you. Yeah I mean I would be the you know tell them that it was deserved real radio station I wouldn't say with high school season I'd show up and you go greatest child. Let he I'd and you don't let tossed out nobody thought that people who really nice but you have to remember before the Internet. Wanted to talk to Gary Shandling I mean if you just the young comic the if his publicist said oh I got an interview with the radio station in New York. You. And how they get inundated with requests. To talk. But back then with pocket any of these guys and so it was and as hard as. Did you learn from these senators sign found is it among the very first right now you're talking. Well I learned about observation. He had an example. Of the that he was writing which later became famous that for him. He said I'm writing a bit about a guy who is on the TV should that's incredible but how Booker took a look at who caught a bullet between his teeth. And he said so I'm thinking of myself I don't know is that I can remember his name and contrary he's vegan. What I have to do to get you to repent of Britain I think he's just talk about how we came at it from every angle. And and it was to some real lesson in how to write jokes and another people's that you know it takes about seven years even your personality. And while thankful to take seven years as a kid. That's a big deal that solution on the communications you make you feel good I have seven years yes I have ended soon so you don't rush as much in your more thoughtful. And every person said something. That was important Gary can. We've sparkle. New personal comity and speaking your truth in your work and and the book really is what I wish existed. When I was fifteen but. I'd look at these names that are here if I say like Louie CK yes what do you immediately think of what. What is it about releasing okay that is in this world that information that you not that makes him unique and special. Well he is somebody that. Made a conscious choice to do TV show. That was low budget we has total freedom to do anything he wants to do. And it's very experimental. And I think that that's something that inspires a lot of people to even try to. Push their creative boundaries and a high leveling as on this show I am constantly stunned by how funding. And then had them millions of funny at all but that touches you in some way down. And so that everything and everything time he had this amazing standing comedy career and is writing a lot of material and and businesses know it's funny as anybody and so I always want to know you know how you doing it how you balancing it what is your philosophy. About your your show would review trying to do and this and that inspires me. Chris Rock is here. So you're talking to him you watch people you see them at the beginning there a couple of interviews where you go back to somebody and later how is Chris Rock. As you know him. Change from the Chris rocky first saw. I've met Chris Cochran is very we're around the same age and where and I used to. That would Adam Sandler. And all that and expect it you know we go see Chris rock and we would hang out of the clubs that he was a guy with them using jokes. I mean his act was committed but there are few jokes in it that really the best jokes of alt. And then slowly the whole act became. The best act of all time and now he's this you know seasoned pro that everybody looks up to and when you go to clubs an election like comedians. You instantly realized. Chris Rock as but it. You know and he is you know both the father figure in a way. But also give everybody acts. And still the greatest. I always find in your work and and we find it. To BS I a hallmark of what you do other people have criticized from basic question always want things to turn out well. And yet but what appears but he is like so living things are well. And it's that movies things character OK with the hope but there's like so many endings it's like. Happy. Kinda happy with hope that there with. Said with a little hope that the world like or like a David Lynch but we're just ends like. But like the ending we're so we get shot in the head in the last second. Hard to do if I got severe injuries are just a choice you're either an happy or lives. I mean either the people escape. Get killed by the prison guard who haven't killed any. Like the lead right from its start forty year old virgin which you do with Steve Carell and as what you might call a happy ending with hope will I don't know where that character and cap and you know art we you know I don't know it really worked out to do. Any happy ending can be filed the next dive. They by a terrible. Accident. But what that happen. Are wildly than now and that's how we will and that song yes because you know we always do. And you've done many songs meaningless. But now the Scituate turn. Was there any any saw anything that's in your head I don't want to just do it because you think. Oh it would be cool to do it I just think what he's going on and think this would always comes to mind is. Oh. Or in the moon. A fugitive rounding. And the de. Curb noted that rock. God be my Britons are dovish view. It Britain and too weak and Doug good that was a pro eat your heart yeah yeah there was another guy. Who would have done the art. If it all just wasn't that. But thank you singing thank the comedy thinking this thank you but he thing yet.

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{"duration":"13:28","description":"King of Comedy Judd Apatow talks to Peter Travers about his new book 'Sick in the Head' and about working with comediannes Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33486924","title":"The Judd Apatow Effect: His Impact on the Comedy World","url":"/Entertainment/video/judd-apatow-effect-impact-comedy-world-33486924"}