‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ cast discusses sequel

Behind-the-scenes interview with the cast of ‘Jumanji’! Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart talk friendship, the return of the whole crew including Jack Black and Karen Gillan, plus Awkwafina!
28:37 | 12/14/19

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Transcript for ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ cast discusses sequel
I had this thing. I at all and actor. Kevin is that the most unexpected. While no I me I've not. Why what you she and oh yes do you think that the bar was set so low. I. Think you. Blown. Second. Oh. I would like it. What a credit to. Great right. Not you. Now. I think he was terminal but it. I made it very mean it should do that did know. Like. Julie Meyer. Religious guiding. You know and helping us stay in a place to where it was never to fall we will always. In a great bonds in the mean a lot of great meaning any day of course between the game myself with go again but I think within our. Core group here as well they were able to help us elevate the performances because yet so much so call. And that's what you want that's that's a beautiful thing about having a great cast of great chemistry it's it's everyone's helping each other time elevated. It's something for the compliment but it does happen without if you that. Look I've seen the movie Texas. That's all the movie Kevin was. Recovering from his accident. Was already in the place. Like already feeling a lot of loving mom were my brother when I watch in the moment. Glover starts talking. Immediately. Like oh. Chemicals on C completely questions and I just went out justice attacked any human nature. He appreciate it means more to it where. Com. Well. How often it. No man. You know coming off an. Recovery and they just back just. Let's you know and advocates view and to share those. Within the movies. That they isn't they. Saw was seen it can leave. Version of what you don't get. We're in the world of green screen blue screen in imagination everything there but that is where reacting you know one others so we could see his masterpiece. Was from the vision of this amazing that wrecked it let everything in it you go. Teachers usage. Among an accident practices that we should show us we should because everybody. But high level of competence one another in the and is. That's do you think you. So how. Yes. More violent. Fayette. Here. Up. I am the if I look you have fat Greek and Heidi and so much passion behind your work needs to act lagged the pageant. Here the building but I asked about this chemistry with me. Or Iraq between AJ and Kevin. What does it come front and it like sibling rivalry is respect that comes out as humor is what you're. It comes from college of society comes from life. The it's really comfortable I love them. I know he loves me we are like Brothers and we admire respect each other and also. It also comes from trust and these guys can attest silence you know we obviously have this thing and it's chemistry and at times very combustible. But there's also tremendous amount of trust like he knows there's so I will never see any anything I say. There's always it to the upper hand to go to someplace and same thing with him to union. Union that yes. That well and funny is all know what. Exact and me coming back when you do with equal sometimes there's a lot but on you see it delivered just as well if you did the last time. That what did you do I mean you got to play a couple of parts of the movie. And I got its that you during the trailing stole the show all of looking at started rolling well during an trailer. And your voice. It's. Only. Multiple it is among my best trailer work. Yeah. Wanted to make a dramatic. Of it's now that it had made it's our and you know irony cypriots and yet I would traffic patients because and buffalo and we're getting it is and level that we did first. And it's it was that read this. Even better than the first one. These two guys I was imagining them having the new characters. And it was like an emotion reality to it that. I'm surprised me. And I was stoked per minute challenges you know we all got to I don't want to get too much away about. We shelf load up the cards. There's a lot of things happening you don't expect. And I was really thrilled with would result. In a. She sent the wrong. And we're talking about what we had to do so without giving too much away but embodying the Kennard says. You set the ball so. His performance in the first wind and really. Rounding what could've name. What could have been a tragedy that could have been an old world. Yeah yeah. Quote that in part one is wrong that movie is. The same don't so because of his football means it elevated everything else inherently it. He is all like to do what we did so you know I think taking all. Digit gain in what he did what he said its own war. Thank you and and speaking of taking hats off out of respect because shivery lives with me and not with Kevin I just want to point out Prague Vienna. And and Karen did tremendous performances. Your very what. Not with me. If anything now because that means that I think it offers sol you can expect. In only three. You're both stars leading lake shore when I found that you always at its own island is known you. Without them so he's going to comply and because announced I mean that's fine I remember I called you both months ago. You guys. Off the ship OK out of action with a healthy throughout. The academic. Obviously your back as the original and packed but again fighting began doing these stunts and Everett all of you guys. Really mourns its time. Is that how much work what is it. Don. I can body up. Yeah yeah. Click and I can't Mike Huckabee making looks averaged an Eagan stunt double. Added. And that maybe like one take. Very humble now obviously her character is the killer of men and also specializes in dance might. Right which is like. There's no other whales in Hollywood doing that it's crazy uncle that. I. One did remember. Banking book with a left right here. Instead say it's that. Net now. Well yeah. Didn't. I don't. My gay isn't me. Yeah. Well I can't let. Dinner. And. Oh meanwhile the job is that they crushes in the avengers prices on. Here which you. Have an accident. The job. I put it on a superhero. Places you do it in that. Insulating that you mind's. Eye out what do you think the stunt. At. Different locations yeah that I had. Done. A lot any stunts really before this the good. Welcome into it and any has a huge fan of the first your money and as I love these guys when I came on I was looking at them as as a group as a kind of fan Allen. You know it's it's they're great handling it there's barely there. She did such news. And that it's no wonders march some certainly didn't too shy and explode the way it has so we're all very well. You have to ask about it and you have a musical backgrounds and had a musical background did you guys get into anyway beat boxing dialing ever. I don't think. The that they in the. You talk about music than with anything I would think Jack ended and it's like civic events here and from like 1971. Like Jack. You know single along and I expect that you know aspect looking acknowledge and. Yemen has all of the heavy metal shirts snow yeah. Yeah tell the other it's actually. About it. And I don't know about what's right I. Literally about it song and a running back and and that's not how I. All of the album. I have. No idea it. Yeah its soldiers back. I don't. Aren't an apple mean we use. I guess in the front performance of the accident. You now. And. A I'm. I have I was trying to get a song into the first gym on him it didn't make it into the sound check but I think that you. I'm. I. Jeanne. It's the giant balloons I had. Solemn word careers it is the I. That's going. To. Sub. Old. I don't act on. By the way. Last night Harris. Acts like galactic travel mind you. It was not like I don't think that would. Way to go here. That at. Equal. Computer at whatever is happening. Days. Sir are going to be well to the it. Definitely. Not not where not. Only. I had no idea what that yeah. That he did that audiences as I've got no I don't what I would say it just came out at you. The credits and probably hearing. And it. An Easter eggs are they're going to be for big Jean Monty -- little signs of tribute to the original movie night. And that's just like in the first one there's a few little Easter. Bears oh but differences now. Is the game is evolved in the game is broken if you will also. When the game at the ball that would cut it correct that creative code. It allowed us to explore multiple too much so. Multiple multiple Jumanji universe. Reverse it at your budget at its limitless. I'll be if you could get them now with gently you know you know the app. Away Bentley if you could be amongst each other. All. Hand how and why. I'm old debt well open and federal latch on an Olympic runner and a if you want listen. A little bit I don't. We. It. I. Agree. That what you are not yet but he adds it's yeah heaven. I don't eat. Michael Jordan and his. Must. ILE. In the fifteenth an. Old. Well now. I yeah. Yeah. I think camp Murray and different. Ship and the cover writer. Graham. That was a full circle moment for you because at one wedding your career at seven dollars in your pocket after being cut. From Calgary. I was playing up in this you have belt for Calgary and I got cut from bad to vehemently when I was sent home with seven bucks my pocket so we were up there that. In them Alpert about snow capped mountains. It was a special moment for me because I looked around oh years ago I was sent home. No money and values later I am truly living in trade with these human beings who my love and adore working with and we're working on something. And that's and and we've talked about this that it if you're in this. You're in this business and you'd be lucky enough to have a movie like this that is a franchise and hopefully it's become globally successful like Jumanji. At such a cool things so I'm really counting my blessings that morning. We're sure it's like there's nothing greater than working with the view. You. And you. And. And C has the period on the way here. Tyson because a camera. For patronage job really. We're yeah fired. Biggest improvement in six both of them like. Yeah. Or Vietnam. It was harder. 6000. I mummified your. I got. At one dollar. There. Art. Time you had it out of the box. Along with era right here rather hear. Do you go into these. And think OK. I'm going in with this purpose and want to get out of it even though your laughing even though you. You're being extremely. Comedic. Do you go in there with its light higher reflection on life. Serious note yeah they start. It's thinking. You're setting yourself. Four. Yes failure lesbians. If he expected itself in the day. I am living injury don't know I'm making movies. And I making movies were great people. So when you do that he needed for the best and they'll do it was done. If people show up to the theater's great that will be things out of them made success rate but I'm happy with the job did. From the start to the township Jeff. You can't control those numbers you can try your best but came Mitchell so in this case. Notably did John was posted them legal Eagles above and be holding its nineteenth. It again but I don't have any pressure on myself and that that's just how I think and able to be good me. And enemies at and I don't. Not so crazy in a business where people do in a business where a lot of things can fictional world so action take away some of those things that. Infantry I'm also. More and more from different stuff just what does that mean it's just some. I'm on a different. I'm I'm about. Might sell the betterment of myself until. I beat the Pittsburgh in the service of the people Kane's seat it didn't take them. And B and C the gift that you are that only you can get pretty much I mean like that actually wrote them. And a break. Now I'm on fears I don't I don't child development so crazy cameramen to respect for the thank you can't control them but can't control you don't. Allowed to overwhelm the actor Matt very fortunately it. Jumanji. In the action adventure against an event that doesn't happen. To check all those boxes to get a movie at everybody all over can go see as a group. That's an Harlem it is. These days if it's not marble or you know shuts up to you fast and furious was able to do amazing things you gotta be certain things again. We were able to do. With a move that wasn't expected to do. That's a way I'm more clouds because. That's a wonderful place to be an eloquent you know I mean you talk a lot about your grandmother in the investment she meeting new and obviously that is of it where you activate when you come into a project like this. With such inspiring. Cast members because these aren't just actors Anthony live you know that you are working with Yzerman who have. Conquered the battle of the mind in so many ways do you do you glean that kind of thing from them to as much as you are working together do you watch how they conduct. Themselves in life I do I do via I think and you know after admitting in very blessed to work with people that can inspire me in it to teach maybe about a person that are active. You know just to seeing these guys on sat there there. And I think that that's why say they are so successful. Tyson's. And caring any reflections again for use this in terms that this being the next movie I know Robin Williams was remembered. In the first Jumanji a couple years ago. Do you think about those. I hear grandiose. Tributes. Have part time hyper aware that that law enforcement so I actually think. Like Barry. And I think. It balance and you invent him at 80 eyes tightly packed. And Jackman is ask you one more question when it comes to heat up. When it got him being. I don't like ready or it. Or it. I can't I'm not hearing at. When it comes to be someone who really is it. You can't even. I doubt you. You can't be duplicated there's not another act black. And it and you've made a signatures style of comedy. I mean you know Robin did have his own style and it Danny DeVito has its own do you do you rank yourself. At this time your career among those man I can think I've arrived there I've let my stamp on the industry's. Yeah. In that six in a boat ads of course Matt. That I. Thought I gotta there that every character right. Recognized. I'm blessed to be here with this however when a compliment process that beautiful. Think it's you know to be mentioned in Sam Bradley with with those legends. That's that I needed her my ego for the next but the rest of the year by the way that's apparently disaster that's the thing that can. It was thing at the top of this believes that the or worse because that in the first Jumanji Jack playing Bethany. That could easily go sideways. And iPad app. By the way in this one Jack playing fridge again can easily go sideways but just so subtle nuance and Alex delicate and elegance. That's like you have your own signature companies. Uncle's name me through it. Deserved. My identity that she put it wouldn't think of the greatest comedians of all and standup comedians you. Eddie. Long risks. And it's who. Robin Williams Allen yes. But Hollinger. Dallack. Line and you know and that's. That's when you think you're commuting routes that's part of it is actually. We're. Yeah. David Chappelle. And yet he wondered well I think again you doesn't like helping political. I'm not. I think. That. Is that camera. Out your favorite feeds from the amity speed around now David. This many many good things and I don't know whether or not I don't know. If the actions. He. We got tight with the open. I like them girls on the draw bridges. Featuring man treats I don't that was gonna go that really did kind of let me innings there and I terrify us an awesome okay favorite scene. They've seen would Applebee's. Scenes it's Wayne. Kevin and I. Emotional. That would happen after this and that is like anchored we've all. All of us. Regardless of whatever point we are not lives withered teenager or were elderly was on all gone through. Something like. Angle. Goal. Seen on the king him. Things that he. And the world or. They. What I loved. Isn't the moment that certainly here before the year's you don't want to. Men like just a buildup before we get there I love it when when you get this. Yeah he's seed you know the music plays ending showdown yet. A not a I was in with any camel and countless and camels that's an interesting thing to. To ride you know. If you know that it is very near sell out you like so lined up and down and they Spain and they bad Andy and counting denied. Would not used as a camel know what I really person in general. 850. You're like an animal whisper. Movement. What they got in the movie wonderful animals. He acts it. It's on. So it's immediate weird he was Satan because he knew him camel questions now there's something on. And I had no idea how it goes. So he was eighth in the Campbell went to go down in mama. Otis that open. What are we kidding panel that Israel it is cold but. So Ron how and in the back even now. When I went yeah this is it. I am glad I write I've Sweden. And that. Done parts of the movie involve the elderly. And the balance between getting older and what that means and a Stanley that deals with an elderly family members the house and the emotions that go along with it. In those scenes that you didn't involve dance by it didn't involve camels. There's a family message here right. What would you say that message is heard somebody watching because it really wasn't touching few. Moment. Let's get them. I think. At least for me I think the messages. You know with families and loved ones that would come of all talked about this as we're going into the chute is an even really close friends sometimes. You there's arguments that you have and then you don't want to talk to that family member. Or we can we entered into a month to month turns in the years all of sudden years have gone by you actually have it. You haven't reconciled with this person you love and then all of a sudden and you never know which around the corner. And the importance of just reconciling and you know kind of letting small things just be that those small things and you know also with. Elderly elect as we all have and our family I think you know there was something really precious about and not to give way of spoiler at all but. DeVito says this quote in the movie that I think resonates not only with a audiences who have seen it but also it's like to anchor anchor anchor of our movies and he says. Life is the gifts. And sometimes we forget that. And so true you know positive what is. I'm glad I need them and clear that the question. The can do anything about elderly how to be. Had the patience because doing disease and that disease is. Still up so I don't it is about. God what 67. It's. It. But those. Now that's private stuff that I'm not a roll it now so now. And it and use them. And made it. Caller again. My.

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{"duration":"28:37","description":"Behind-the-scenes interview with the cast of ‘Jumanji’! Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart talk friendship, the return of the whole crew including Jack Black and Karen Gillan, plus Awkwafina!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67730909","title":"‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ cast discusses sequel","url":"/Entertainment/video/jumanji-level-cast-discusses-sequel-67730909"}