Jury selection set to begin in Taylor Swift groping trial as fans arrive

ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports outside the courthouse in Denver.
6:13 | 08/07/17

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Transcript for Jury selection set to begin in Taylor Swift groping trial as fans arrive
A gang its planes and L here in Denver we are outside. The federal courthouse here in Denver for the start of the Taylor Swift. Trial now what's going on here justice set up a little bit of background back into when he thirteen Taylor Swift was giving a concert here in Denver you're doing a meet and greet with fans. She alleged that a Denver DJ at the time David Mueller came in and essentially grabbed her backside in a very inappropriate manner. He then accuses her he sued her because he said that as we've tried to get him fired he was fired by his radio station. So he sued Taylor Swift team she has now countersued. Accusing him of assault and battery. That trial will get started this week today is jury selection. Later this afternoon. Eight men and women will be chosen to hear this trial and decide. Decide who is right Mueller is suing for potentially millions in damages potentially three million dollars in damages. Swift on the other hand this is just suing for a dollar and says she is doing this to. Tried to bring attention to the issue of women. Being abused so. One of the things that we're doing we wanted to check in with my my. Is a Taylor Swift super fan who was here how early this morning where you standing here in front of the courthouse. I can't add about 530 I got hair. I woke up act around. Three faded to try to get ready to come. Why and you still the only person here it's it's it's still very early here and you're still the only person on why oh why it was so important come down here. I'm actually here today I'm sending a Mexicana and so I'm here because I'm going to be in a hospital and being emitted at 9 in the morning. But I want to come and give Taylor Swift eight led aired just expressing how much she means today. He's so I'm hearing now second had to find somebody to. In to give it to her. You want to get this letter to tell us what what tell us what does she mean to you why you're here. And seniors and the absolute wealth in the I've been as swift Steve eleven. Went island ninety actually wrote my dad does that DJ in Albuquerque this you know thanking him for adding thing on eighty. And so this letter that today is things you know that are being there with me throughout the hospitalizations over the years and just. You know consistently. Being different to me and having the way I felt like I did he's. It's I think you for that and it's also at risk and prayers that sexual assault because that's. We'll tell us about that does that is sort of what's at issue here yes I think it's. I think it's facts prevalent and personal issues often a lot of shame around it and I think her being such a high profile celebrity is just. Really brave to come speak about and isles that to just get at least two a lot of survivor is him main feel like they. So this former DJ was fired David Miller. Claims that this didn't happen that was nothing inappropriate. You don't believe the story. I do not believe hysteria. I absolutely believe tasteless and she said that she has never had been Marsha of anything in her life that it was intentional. And I am positive. A jury will come to think it's. So you've seen her in concert I have. And show me here in Stew Graham account because this is just that's a sign of how big a Taylor Swift fan my as Tony what are we looking in here. I paint paint fingernails and this straight hair is. And manicure dedicated to blank space. Which says Terry lifts crystal skies and them of the game want to play and yes and that today lists so you know. Dungy after the announcement and new romantic nanos it does. And for it whenever she comes out with her next album I plan on doing answered every single spun out. Her fans are incredibly important to her yes she is Ali's been very very kind to everyone including. If you can we come back for knew the child. I'm not gonna be able to build blatt. I live I wish chickens show my support for her in any way I don't know pilot actually go and just because manipulate this that the person months into her. But if I can stand as parents have my support I have it did here for hours. What's it feel like being me first and only fans standing outside of this courthouse about these TV cameras all these police. You're sort of senate of the universe. It. Is that there's enough pulse climate people in the nine though it is like today. But. I'm really happy. They were to be here and use them. My have been in twenty years old from Albuquerque. Came all the way up four the start of this trial jury selection again gets underway this afternoon. Opening statements expected tomorrow Taylor Swift her mother. As well as members of her entourage including her bodyguard who allegedly witnessed this event. Are expected to take the stand. Lots of fans will be showing up here. Certainly tomorrow and throughout the expected nine days that this trial will unfold. There are only a few seats relatively about 32 seats in this courtroom for. Spectators so. Getting a ticket inside courtrooms going to be probably harder than getting a ticket to one of her concerts. Probably at I think they haven't over into the seventy that's if you have an overflow rooms seeking cannon. Get in Erin and watch it on a monitor but the court here has already warned fans to leave the Taylor Swift. T shirts to buttons I don't know about fingernails that leave all of that at home. Because that they room just reminding everybody that this is a serious trial but it's not a concert so. But that will unfold here of the wake and you can. Stay tuned to all things ABC news will bring to you on GMA on dot com on radio and we'll keep you keep you. Looped in on the latest here from the Taylor Swift trial here in Denver thanks for Clinton analysts talking there.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports outside the courthouse in Denver.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49074965","title":"Jury selection set to begin in Taylor Swift groping trial as fans arrive","url":"/Entertainment/video/jury-selection-set-begin-taylor-swift-groping-trial-49074965"}