Kash Doll discusses the release of her debut album ‘Stacked’

The artist talks music, hip hop and new album.
24:03 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Kash Doll discusses the release of her debut album ‘Stacked’
It easily and AP the eighty I'm. Fact I have another. Eighty pounds and prosecute me it is the eve it's love that our. Heat wrap you see these they don't they have because that's all. And not be true I. I grabbed camera. Yeah welcome in. Yeah. Happy to be years yeah yeah thank you for stopping by. Now. At eight. So remaining super busy. White today. Acted drinks and off the united I don't know I don't drink poppy but today I don't want yes honest the now did I'll be negated all that because in recent but the problem. It's it's. You're absolutely. Levels that it SOK. Yeah oh bull are. Or respect is coming alive and I'm so exciting can't discuss I really worked so hard on this project for sold line is a long time coming like I've really been. Grinding since 2014. When asked even start put up my first all. And everything is pianist like I've been on Lebanon goalless was a long time common this is offers. Yes and mean. That is not eat at week's affair broke. How. Higher gas Saturday it is. Now payments out yeah. But about the steps it asked not on a lot of people have been filed new. Baggage that they would you eighty out. Duncan a police. Station and people just have a point. And running with and you know. Having fun with it. About just heard Jerry needy get here because. It about you and I know they come from. Eight and year old as our counting the and you taking out front. And dynamic and it. Basically help you be who you are too big and. Islam and business woman I am a second mom mom time T. Green. Big sister you know have a lack granddaughter you know I have to golden Czech open ground August common. Make sure to she's good you know also. Have a lot of girls up play. In all of this is urged to you know I am. I'm never in drama and wise I'm soulful is. Why you Nazi and I am I'm here today you know because is like. How these things. Is his goal is. For children but this is my first house that. It's like I have so much going on that I have to keep you know sands. Call you on problematic per day. Yeah a problem and it. The good thing baby you know I think. Why they need people say that is because you know you had. It's automatically going to be these compensation to try to put to the it will this this in his last. The budget outline and SC I'm bill and clout. Jason I don't publicity stunt scientific relationships I hockey bid gee omni what you see is what you get. And I just thought I know how to be hospitalized in a gimmick or in the aching Fossett who could not appear to try to Gator reaction. Less anyways Seles played with the partners I want long deputy. I wants Bree OGU organic energy and if inning I foresee. That would alert I thought it was not check back with hey yeah. Yes until I get different you know I get that for you because at the result is them once we marinated. I I. Being being able to get that need to get to the Dayton's get audited. Some have not talked back from Detroit but I think that it's expected. At the Detroit. Big Sean Elliott what an aunt and AM I mean talk about that because I like that active. Feel real good to be able to work with somebody who know get. Acknowledge that's amazing like he's like really the sweetest person ever like he really he gave he gave me their saw. You know I think with the hooks are ready with a B and I just put the person on it and you know moves like the rest is history because you know he knew what I needed. I mean at them because it is on together before. And non you know leads as a beach white person that. Every artist in Detroit like me you know look at that by saying you know like while he really made it out of here. And he made it out of Erie now in he which relates to how we washed and grown we washed and get I'll. So for me to be able to be with him right. His goal just like the home angle of his house and commercials kicked off a BT give me you know on Amin is like saying. I can't a long way and it just makes me feel like you know this official. I accomplished. Yes. You know that anger we we'd love that we that I have of the rays aren't dramatic he that you know any kind of Eaton and just partly. An actual song for you because you evacuate. Outlook and always ready talent everywhere. They went in evident here Friday apparently. Don't know I can't really felt that was its. Pivotal long it's it's that. Kind of reinforces what we are ready to did you go at that time it's time but you know. I knew I mean obviously Drake saw UI matter the as a sixteen. Yeah. Also went on our came onstage at the army and Wallace that and a contract now. Yeah I was crazy out there electric so much began my pal is amazing 'cause. He August 2 Patrick you can put out. You know people I Amy and oldest and me for salaam and I was never able to reach our full potential because I was stuck in. Legal issues where act couldn't put out nothing you know also you seem eat. But you don't hear me. And it made it can't assault frustrated I was so frustrated Sophia from the com and that moment of me live in that. Like the worse experience in my life you eat up lift me you're not saying he put me out there on the stays of front of all those people in Michael Reno. And Allah for ever Allah always left him like I love him. Yeah I mean did you navigate with all of that out obviously it's a different time and you're out of all that mess I assume you know win contracts or whatever but. What what would you look at eighth through to that point because like I like they were super frustrated around that time and in how were you able to get from that situation. All around you know what got. God hinges believing in and keep them safe you know like I really just believing that you know of course marks the they help me get out of the Washington Post my animals live animals somebody here as one of dole so once. Had all those things lined a bit with Tom acting everything we're and amount order and I got out of it I'm just happy never came. What comes and he Julie it's. Had to. It. Just the fact that he relished in this moment and be okay. And hasn't it you know what let me they have no ill Finland's Obama and the war on. I'm actually happening I'm happy it happened groaned its own little world and I'm ready you know and on the business on everything about it so. As meantime the them. It's that come yes yeah go back now. How on. I. Teach at an obvious each. Wayne and me to be filled with like Ali yeah like lion is now that's used ago. Ago when it comes on him. How is. Important to him sweetly at any I'm ice now. And Alice gone and I got them back all of you don't day in the and he was eyewitness someone. Not my problem residents. The lambs are his daughter is marker homegrown umbrage NA. And now Tom Reese thought I was like OK so your dad say that we can do a song sent on this says he sent its own diocese and the actor we've slider. And I couldn't believe it. Yeah I was with I was as happy day he dated you know I didn't I care about might not be in studio and an art is almost he did. Again it shows like. You been able to Carter's great relationship yet I'll. Your. Girls little kind of local you know I'm art is that kind of at all these people. Came it's like. Eddie you know not. Like to call signs all these people you'll. Release. I'd hate to be about isn't an on the way people really notice and they kind of yeah organic at every. Hello I'm John Hall come my. Everything's organic everything about. Where I met today as we're getting metal with statement it was. On the plan is to do is sit now. Everything does happen how happy you know Ian and I and I lived by that that's how lap. As outlined deep down are light enough for cement an odd appearance at bank Clough chased this common dude is still not enough. It fame infamy now won't be chaos in buffalo would ever got past me it's me and that's what I want you know so. She you know. You know are not where as many has found that no apparent Don she wouldn't be seen only when all live and the Nassau and I always goes marshals and I let my fans come up and perform the wife part of this song. Because. Like go. New energy in the daily when that song come on these crazies like the BB shaking in no matter where I'm it whenever that's. It's like if they. So I let them give an awful sole act pick somebody that I thought. It. Opposite Marlon come on the banks and also this town we heard and it's Louisiana has. And that's my secret deal anyway my own eyes he used to always right and mark market is not among is going down. It was our time a so monthly iron out before the house likes is ready to please we want at least. So she. Aimed at all all assume nobody answered as the days. Now what it was time she can lie. Me. As he meant that significant that he had. Could signal that seemed as the national miss the night. Good you know the word and hey no seat belt she does he do she acted yet. I'm. Like oh. Much. You know I mean you sell high. Yeah I spoke in an aunt you know we've seen her aware or grow yes I know it's not nice to see you guys I'm again at that moment on stage. About eight and VC. On the banging. An aunt and recently you know talking about little in the one elegy to. At TE. I think you collaborate with. That's on me the ball. Oh publicity. We might lyrically he's a rapper EU is. Iraq they rack I loved the way that he. Collaborating with him any time its attempt I imagine working with different artists was hit by that. Below art that you work. He know exactly what he want he Ari had a record. He Harry headed he knew what he wanted the growth say that was his record you know he's apology he would he want me in. He reached out could he fill it like it's you know immigrant. Either great compliment he. He said not like that the tone in the mets' he he won he won as someone who can holiday mom with a guy. He. He felt I was the girl which outlines. And I Bassett as early this is still years that this isn't to artists have seen that yet and I'm still stuck my situation. And into the studio and I late in the form I'd let would you want limited I would not want my nominates his observers and I wanna be writers program and now it was wonderful and ended and now. Is Al and everybody loved that song. Because this is a hard song it's such it's like. Arts now. S. And yet as Agnelli discredit it came out of the kmart's years later while. Now pushing. Meticulous about NATO at a Kourtney and ego. I do he did Hollywood elite oh yeah it's interesting because you know I am. Though very problematic back. There's always drama holly be so with. Two years ago. Have there been any conversation because you think about kind of connection that you have. Is sitting down to anonymously to make English teen yeah eat that. Any. Any year anything that you theme. Between the Ike. Are like. Any old time. You know because I'm really I don't really want. Too much alike should be in the middle of something like that kind of just keep PG you fill me like I loved her best friend. Lumps and I'll never knew when he's being to jeopardize our friendship. You know like 'cause I did this off two years about you know when he came out now but I wouldn't I wouldn't be here it's he'll push to see no you can't put that song gout you know because. I have respect for him so he restarts have me put meat on a song you know I'm stand and I added there was this Myanmar career you know so. I just keep the G you know he's the final push to talk about during icing talk about hurricane damaged it's so we don't cubicle. You know. I'm everybody I'm cool off but everybody thinks he can picnic at. Odds get for pushing us and out shortly ops and I'll have a relationship talks and my. Liking. Guys that's who began. Yet. And I. Everything you had him and from without them paying homage to them both what you meant can't. Kill about how impressed. Are is real. Real currencies Nia let him talk about Atmel and everything you. Think. I'm. I. Okay sell Becky in 2014. Right. On how this is offers came you know someone was like you can that's why we asked are you become console at there she said Arnold. She'd like he's been. Paradigm man cousins from I looked at two acknowledges she's known this month. And is one line. You know I want. I think in little can have seed and even. Mighty big you know I don't think you thought it mop lull. And I write and I had to grow as for allow. On the net and united in the old you things and so all seeing her but cannot pay homage a few times like I always say her name my name is on the same top spot in the wrapped always. Kim is definitely in that hosts about how she's the best dressed be rapper ever some meat. I'll say that and always pay her homage idea to hold two each element that she the idea that for 1 am I look at school are. And she never. He never embraced me I was able to do you know because I'm like I'm all of you know everybody else that we were married and why should remind me. So easily asking Rihanna. Afta party. Maxine. Adult exciting and a smile and tell liver if she's not an issue is that you know against. So don't Cecil flag beautifully talents should he bar and he wants the support she. Remember you wait in really actually want irony humor. This and the like you have to make it right and I slightly lease arsenal's clueless because youth shall build with an outlet you know lag. Analysts which could figure triple counseling and people. As I'm like you know I was guys I'll always Dallas man you know I know what I know knowledge never even dating but I think he was sociedad. I. I'll EU expansion I really respect that she bites but she wanted and it really exists. Don't like Dallas nobody so I felt like an order from me to be publicly. You don't like that we you. You just have to make it right publicly like you did it knows I do know what I respect that it's on us I want. And apologize I'm a grown woman on the bosses like you know you weren't you you you fix it in lower and sit up to act like you right. There's not a U blocking a blessing in on the scene thought when owner fixed it added the same thing when Johnny blaze to blaze she was red and White House in out jealous of people. And all of them is that it may be mad because you just man that I would listen what are some Africa. When she came tries to apologize and I was like no you have the apologists like how he's not the bash me. And she did and it's all I respect that I'm amazed and it's not me I'm acts someone else to do it. For me in the end they did is a lot do with our dismayed or rice or how to clean slate nobody in. No yield foods towards me thing. How do you get his moniker. Problematic because you always are now that type of transparency was not everybody out. Easily and I bet I. If you embrace you because. Light in which she knows. You are a man with. Her and told Fuller a team not plain out and hand no camera. So has the we know the problem coming up we talk a little bit about some of the song can expect to think it's coming down and love parent. She and you had links for assault and how I expect the and I and yes I'll talk about and about what else we can often it. Out music. People we can expect. You pay at the crazy. My faith in the Burris exploit. Critics I guess. I mean let's who expect. This is is like home is later. Expect. Is layers of me I want it was seasonal me all of this you know who is this girl that we've been seen on this time. And I got here you know company buys and it was usually about. On the range I don't make one type of now panel. Any. Found us have different molds. Everybody knows cash in such a move active and pollutes. Are Brett. I really am MC. Slay said look you CEK. You know someone listening and expect that you know from from soy. In. Have. The real story Tobin you know I have. Is a class that album her first album class this time that everything Mary. I feel like. No matter what type of profession Ewing Wilshire race which you believe Maine is at least a few to be facts. As one ankles now to these guys who you know he you can just listens who rat. Even deciding to turn to silently. He would leave the greedy. The solemn. I. Can. Attract me a somewhat as cardinal lanes and just basically talking about I don't want dealings. Yeah on outstanding on these boards at this thing. When I did this on capitol with a hook me in. Wrong. This her but she Sobel in essence it's which banks could be. She so sweet. And her voice. We missed then again. We need from soulful to you know don't. She's a pretty talker groups and an on off I need her here she's quite fit it's perfect he makes it and I kind of issue it. And so arcane with the arts as you know Spain again you know I'm always EU can't unions opening. I give my acting in assists and Murphy is a perfect time monopoly of the people. As an. Look I know we gullible I do oh. Say goodbye. Talk a little bit about why I think your Eagles people that I could see bridging the gap. With. You know we talked about the idea of being a problem at. Hopefully. ID can CU and continue to collaborate with some of these amazing of course because. I think this will mean he you know hanging. Out east with and that meets anything talk about other and seen on and a lot of great women need music. Have you had any conversations. Would look for to work. I'm yes I have had conversations with them and I must amass a penalty. And no but is a lot of women Allen let loose with him. Loan. My buddy chuck green who could be Villa. Maria. Oh yeah we have him on track as well there. Yeah I think area on my favorites. Is for women's use now in the left. Him in making them. If you oh. Alone. Greatly. Those people that I really that Ford's new work. And he. That looked like. You know. October floor and yes amazing cat she Kelly right now. I'm not you know not be VP pick up. Al it still are. Digital space anywhere you can. I'm yes he's ROY. A el. Sheikh and opt.

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