Keegan-Michael Key attempts Guinness world record for most balloons popped by sitting

Key discussed his engagement story and takes a crack at a Guinness world record.
3:00 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Keegan-Michael Key attempts Guinness world record for most balloons popped by sitting
the inner city, so don't even think about messing with me. Y'all eel me? Okay. Let's take role here. Jay quellen? Where's Jay quellen at? No Jay quellen here? Yeah. Do you mean Jacqueline? Okay, so that's how it's going to be. Keegan-michael key became a star as half of the brilliant emmy-winning sketch comedy duo key and Peele, and now he's making his Broadway debut with -- I love that. I'm just going to say it. It's one of my favorite skits ever. Ever. He's making his Broadway debut with Amy Schumer in Steve martin's new comedy "Meteor shower." Please welcome keegan-michael key. That sketch is one of the funniest ever. Hi. Well, we have to start off with some -- you're still laughing at that sketch. Still laughing. One of my favorites because it's exactly -- It's what would happen. Okay, I'm cool. Okay, so we have to switch to something a little harsh but we were talking about sexual assault earlier. Yes, yes. And I understand that you actually have a life hack for men in the workplace if they want to avoid sexual harassment. I do. Here's the deal. Gentlemen, if you are in a situation with a female co-worker it's very simple and this is all you have to do. Just pretend, no matter what the environment is, that you're talking to Dwyane the rock Johnson, okay? That's all you have to do. That's all you got to do. If you're at a lunch meeting, you're talking to Dwyane the rock Johnson. If you're compelled to man Splain, pretend she's Dwyane the rock Johnson. Take any female counterpart or co-worker and pretend they are Dwyane the rock Johnson. I know this is so hard, guys. Just treat a woman like she's a human. It's not hard. It's real hard, guys. Or like a really big superhero. I just think that's it. I don't understand. It's ego. It's all ego. We got egos. We got problems. Men got problems. Not as many as women. It's like an acting substitution. Yes. That's exactly, acting substitution, yeah. Keegan, also, I loved you -- and I was saying this to you earlier -- in "Friends from college". Yes. It's on Netflix but is will you while you weren't working got engaged. I had some extra time on my hands. Do go watch "Friends from college" if you have a chance. I wanted some of those episodes three times. You called it a ninja proposal. Yes. First of all I would like to say thank you to Jeffrey the waiter. I'm sitting here, we went to a restaurant and having a meal and I thought my fiance, the gig is up, she knows, she has to know because I planned the date night. I never plan the date night. That should have been it right there. We were there and I was like, okay, I don't want to take her out to the park, he has the heels on. The waiter's like, may I make a suggestion? Between the meat course and the cheese course I'll bring something out. He brings this saucer with this little dome on it and pretends like it's -- here, madam, I'm going to take this off here. There's another little dome underneath. He said, that would be you, you're required to take this one off. Jeffrey was on it. She went to the bathroom when Jeffrey was explaining this to me and I'm like, here's the ring. She takes the thing off and there's a little saucer filled with hem layen sea salt. My gosh, Jeffrey. I was impressed. I was like, Jeffrey, will you marry me? It was really, really slick. It was real sly. Really good. And then Alisa just started crying. She was like -- get on the knee and do this. Get on your knee. It was great. It was great. Jeffrey was very helpful, yeah. I love that story. Yeah, it was wonderful. Let's talk about the play you're in "Meteor shower". Yes, yes. Amy Schumer is in it. Yes. Whoopi said Steve martin created it and he's very apparent there. He comes around. Yes. He was around all the time. Right as we were finishing previews almost every show you would come backstage and Steve martin is just -- you're like, the curtains come down and he would be there -- That's great. And he's even said -- Loves it. He loves the fact that he's watching actors make the words come to life. And because he was there, we had cart Blanche to change the lines, move things around. It was really -- just a lovely experience. To see him like a child opening a gift every night, it was really great. That's cute. Really great. I've got to ask you about the new lion king movie. Oh gosh, yes. Very exciting. Donald glover is simba. Beyonce is nala and you're going to play one of the high en nas. I know someone else who has played a hyena. Two hyenas at the table. You're playing ka marry. Did you take notes to get ready? I did. There's a certain amount of sinisterness you want to give to the hyenas. My favorite part of that movie and why I wand to do this, you can see that one looks a little like cheech. Like they looked at whoopi and -- I was like, that's so cool that you're watching a living charactaricaturecaricature. When Eric Andre and I had a ton of cameras on us because this is one of those cgi like "The jungle book." They're capturing different angles of our faces so when we watch it they're going to look like hyenas but they'll have a little touch of us, like our cheekbones. We'll see. Telling me that they've kept the comedy. Oh yeah. In in this particular section of the film, it's very comedic. But me, I'm doing a straight Lawrence Olivier. What we've all been waiting for. We had so much fun when Jason Ritter and Bob Saget attempted to break world records on our show recently. You are attempting one yourself, most balloons popped with your bum in one minute. I've been working on this. We don't want to lose any time on this so you guys gear up. We've got props. Here we go. Your ears and your eyes. Here we go. Put this bad boys on. Put that on. All right. Put that on. We're walking down. All right, here we go. Let's go, let's go. You got this. You got this. Here we go. Here we go. Assume your position, sir. Assume the position, here we go. We've got guinness adjudicator Hannah Ortman. Making it official. Tell us what we need to know. Keegan, today you are attempting the guinness world records title for most balloons burst by sitting in one minute. You may not use your hands. You have two helpers, Sara and sunny. You must start standing up. As the attorney here, I may accidentally grope your butt, but I have your consent to do that. Sunny, I am giving you verbal consent to grope away, whatever we need to do to break the record. Okay. I'm ready. Are you ready? The record to beat is 95. Are you ready? I am ready. Three, two, one, go!

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Key discussed his engagement story and takes a crack at a Guinness world record.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51593326","title":"Keegan-Michael Key attempts Guinness world record for most balloons popped by sitting","url":"/Entertainment/video/keegan-michael-key-attempts-guinness-world-record-balloons-51593326"}