Kelly Clarkson Discusses Growing Family, Independence, Sex and More

The soulful singer stopped by "The View" to talk about her new album and children's book.
8:25 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Kelly Clarkson Discusses Growing Family, Independence, Sex and More
Eight how bump a children's book. And the most important protection at all adding a fourth child her family Rennie Alexander please welcome that Kelly Clarkson. Okay. I had great Slade. Out or rather than black cat sign in it was like a love that shirt. Yeah I include I don't look at it it's you that's my thing now in the last three years like has been good to you yeah you have been married to an amazing unit you had. You have four kids total you've I don't feel well. But you're like you said you you didn't think he'd me become a mom or yellow life. Which means. I cannot side put into my mom is still like it should culture and like yeah I know I was very much a Gypsy I just loved traveling I love my job was kind of perfect mean for me and that's and then. I just. I don't know I'm very like. I had a very high a bar like for about candidates want to back a good life and I'm like of abstinence you're an active. Let you know the brain cells and Larry agri live land now. But he does and he's amazing and so and he has kids are amazing and they made me want to have kids and now he has yeah. And. To end it really be as bad months there backstage right now and I wouldn't have been able to see them all day if I didn't bring your kids to work day could I'm working until like late tonight you know that dad mom you know major has branded cards use AM. Yeah this kind of a marriage I everything that's how. So easily about brandy should be a black. A quote that you said you know a lot of what was in the hands of residents not my other half his whole person honorable person. Yeah so elaborate on yet done what I mean I was in his interview that he didn't skis he has in his interview and the lady was like OC found your other half an outlet and who know. Looking Olmert then I came out that way and I just I don't know I left like I sat at a very strong individual my daughter's just like me it's very much karma. But it out I'm just my whole being and he's hole and we make a great team you know and that's aren't being we want to be great as a result it was just say you're better yeah. Let this now it is it's weird that they would they're either cut us single friends to him. You know. And like they're fine they're not missing anything. And you also have some and I loved the relationship that you happen it has been used the banks don't how are you have an oxygen mask mentality and ordering something that you said. You think well at least eighty air hub. A favorite theory did not see. Mark Cuban called Alley and rusty. Hobbies include I Elvis more than ours would not be your relationship in which we have to schedule sacks we are never going to need a couple who puts the kids and work first to her in our relationship okay. My household we hacked him calling menacing tide so how hot. Spontaneity youth sports it's a start let's go back to ministry. Exit and I'm not sure he's Mary. Bob I minister seeing him and he and says tonight you yell I'm taking now here I probably get the spontaneity back I am honestly that's. I mean that that's just keep presents the it comes bags and a whole lot oxygen mask being unlike say in saved herself first then help the children. Biggest worry me bad parent if we're not. It's actually plea is it or not like having a good life you know we're going to be bad that's gonna bleed and other things and you've got to have a great life ansari painted an image yeah. C a season. Isn't so semi. Yeah are probably people don't realize like effect that buried he parred let's I have friends like I don't need another pertinent now like yeah. And I got into me you know. And you know well not at all. Not you made an. Huge announcement that. You have a new label Atlantic went yes. Ford you. Amazing wonderful stuff are you. And I'm and as I honestly I mean I think people been expecting this record for me. Since idol has all I think went like Aretha Franklin Allan Sobel classics like. And I wanted to do a contemporary version of that and what fourteen years later I get him but. But its second minute but where we're finally making a record I've been wanting to me that was like. Junior high though and I sound so that's. What you're white has. Like blocking my. In my life basically I wanna be you I'm tired of yet. To celebrate you know yeah. I say well you can have elected a Clinton celebrate your upcoming record you use sang. Songs by by every Franklin gathered. And you possible social media for nasty and it anyone had any doubt that you could Seoul saying that you could be amazing and now they know while he committed. Yes come. Are they didn't. A yeah. Designed by. Music is the thing. That connects everybody soul music is song black kids in Japan is sung by that music is everybody's dummy. So. Your voice is brilliant and this is why we knew you that's how we achieve exactly that I'm there's terror. Yeah and a wholly record it says I it's just a minute it's somebody that might back on because you're according to be Gettysburg couple songs that are coming out on this record and and it's just so funny because it's just his range is all my stuff if not more but it effortless. It's not hard to seeing because it's self. It's telling me and you yeah I'd just in near and it just so wonderful and and I'd answer that for now. That fact that he didn't label you've got a new children's book we wanna talk about that here is holding it up Sarah held river rose and then how life at yes anissina if your daughter so how did this whole idea for a kids' book about well is actually just for her out we're traveling everywhere in her passport was like. Loaded with stance that she's never gonna rumor anywhere you know and I was like office be it you know adored mom and liked it I was like what conflict when anchored in search. I'm. Sure I get and I. Now the inning I breaking story specifically for her. And they were just when she started reading she could read them and see her pictures now that she was there by and then everybody would like you shouldn't get children's that in it was like ash. I hated to your mother I think it was she's a teacher and I prize educators above all job. I could ever many islands actually like I got a very heated debate and had dinner in time because there are like. Old teachers get three months of and I like you know let them know they don't they go to workshops they got cut there you everything. To prepare for next here. And take care of 27 a your kids ran around like crazy to not only spoke to a lot of their own pocket to another I'd rather early and help kids that needed help reading like she's just. I'm you're gonna get Kelly a heel and we're not Harvard he got a sixty members of our audience are going home with her new look.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"The soulful singer stopped by \"The View\" to talk about her new album and children's book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42591981","title":"Kelly Clarkson Discusses Growing Family, Independence, Sex and More","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelly-clarkson-discusses-growing-family-independence-sex-42591981"}