Kevin Durant's injury in the spotlight

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes weighs in on Kevin Durant's injuries as the Golden State Warriors face a must-win game 6.
2:48 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Kevin Durant's injury in the spotlight
A right guys and game five of the NBA finals was no doubt. Bittersweet for the Golden State Warriors they made a much needed comeback but not without a major sacrifice Kevin Durant coming in the play on a calf injury and ending up with and a key Lee's injury that could keep him off the court for an entire season. So listen to his mother wanted their ran emotional this morning on GMA. I'm because my son as an adult male and an end NBA it's his employer I chose not to respond but. After they questioned him about it into the if it isn't faking an injury. Use an injury for his bid if they. I felt that was really harsh because that compromise or talked about his care said it is integrity and noticed little muscle in the youth. Our rates I want to bring in doctor mark he's a former NFL football player and now a sports medicine doctor an orthopedic surgeon. We're happy that you're with us because Kevin Durant he flew to New York gunned yesterday for an MRI and we're just curious do you think his. A first injury. Created this more serious injury now with them a potential torn at que les. You know I think hindsight is 2020s so obviously there was some weakness of that Achilles tendon. That being said just a Calhoun. Muscle strain if anything should have been protective of that Achilles because it would have decreased to strengthens. Now he was he was obviously cleared to play and he did would that and then they your recommendation but. Eight multiple prize so obviously the doctor. Felt like it was me or have a calf muscle strain in isolation. Therefore if he. I had Pratt is that he tested it and he was okay that he was state beat them play. I was looking at what they were looking I would have agreed with them in hindsight. Obviously not a great idea given that he's he's all had ruptured Achilles done. And in and if you can just give us an idea of what this means in terms of time off and recovery if it is in fact a torn Achilles heel. And and well when professional at least Hercules only 66%. Return to play REM O those safety expert. Sad turn to the same level now Kobe Bryant Dominique Wilkins they both came back and we're really good players after an Achilles ruptured by the there returned to play is like ten to twelve months so it could be that he misses next season as well. All right doctor mark we appreciate you joining us and we we sure hope that he's RA.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes weighs in on Kevin Durant's injuries as the Golden State Warriors face a must-win game 6.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63663185","title":"Kevin Durant's injury in the spotlight","url":"/Entertainment/video/kevin-durants-injury-spotlight-63663185"}