Kevin Pollak Talks About Sleeping His Way to the Middle

Actor discusses how riding the middle wave of fame has served him well.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Kevin Pollak Talks About Sleeping His Way to the Middle
Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers is popcorn what would tell you what's happening in movies and pop culture and everything and our guest today. Kevin -- -- office. And back. I see him. As pop culture. So can pop welcome to thank you very much -- this you've done a book look at that you know. In addition to the acting into the producing and to do we and a colony and content chat show -- -- -- oh there you have had time to sit down and composed. How I slipped my way to the middle secrets and stories from stage screen and the -- already. Nicely -- so much it's too much but what was that moment I want to know that moment in your life. Where you said. Do it wasn't my idea I was -- literary agent who thought might and the fact which consists a lot of these stories -- acting -- yet. And said this is a book you should write a book and I said you should stop talking. The horrible. I don't have time to -- -- they said sure to do and then day ago. It happened it just happened just like actually exit wanted to let. You know -- -- paint -- -- the -- I'd like to know. A journalist much like -- movement. Interviewed me on -- We did 152 hours -- where he grilled me and I told my stories. He recorded those sessions and yes and then send them to me. I edited transcript of my own told stories and that's the shock you when you were looking at the -- -- interstate use it to efforts that. I don't know I said that's. True. I should share that that necessarily. Yeah. It's sutures and you had like little -- apartment to feel that ran in the senate grumpier old -- and you -- -- and they hadn't met before that moment I couldn't believe it. And he said -- to major in love each year. Yeah an average -- and she said while there he's -- I'm not kidding everybody else aero. When that happens. So did you always rushed home after these incidents of raping and right you -- diary has your. You won't believe what happened -- a lot of guys thankfully that's wonderful journalist Alan gold fear monger himself was able to. Force these stories out of me. By you know really doing his homework and during these sessions did a great job -- So that's how it had to be great job you're doing what it you know you guys do what -- -- these things we don't want necessary to because -- -- yeah it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- after a few people don't suffer fools so if you were a bad person were you calling you you'll take. In the next book -- -- just there. You know -- that's exactly right in. I -- that sometimes being -- critic you know people get angry. You just have to do is tell the story of when -- usual suspects -- -- -- And down. That was -- first place anyone had seen it so. No one really knew anything about it there wasn't any marketable superstars in the -- certainly. And Roger Ebert. Was in line in front of me. Little buffet table there -- an after party. Earlier in the day he had given it -- thumbs down. Impossible -- suspect. And that's he was reaching for yet another rule and the buffet table. -- let -- -- or watching of the movie. -- -- US district and he said well I guess I was at -- -- motors coming here it's really didn't you don't really think it. Should actually see agency. I thought that was -- members here for the first time wearing just go like. How -- that this is this is something else that line so I tell stories in the book for example the behind the scenes making unit on the lot of people don't know -- know that there like the poster of the five suspects at the police line up. That scene in the film that iconic scene it was a series about today. What were laughing and goofing off we couldn't get through this otherwise serious. Written scene without laughing. And now the director Bryan -- you know launch came do we the suspects and said. You guys to kill me I got enough but I can't use them a frame of this got to stop around when I was like telling five girls to not laugh at the -- You know we went back the second half of the day and completely screwed Adam. And then he in editing that's what say double safety -- -- some depth to look I think I mean. You talk about it I mean is it true that -- -- them -- just party was formed he did vastly set it takes in a -- which is the talent -- you have the patience and you know I think -- what I -- maybe two well I can act and very impressed abilities can know what you -- should have been awe struck -- -- drove by 56 and sent her the first four. That's what -- use there to do that. I remember years ago -- just eat it if I tribute to Martin's yes and -- year old was -- yes. Wildly confuse in camp for months. -- analyze what that's. Right it was very much like you really need this yes but that might it was -- them Obama. Yeah but could you tell a little bit of that story that's in the book I know I want people up. This is now how that might -- -- -- that you know you need to get this really do it's available everywhere not just. Little I -- the -- to by the ways to get help to help him threatening him. Hole in you go go again there is nothing it's just another really up. Please don't try. I -- I just -- -- here. Need to do anything. But yeah. That story -- going to this enemy -- Miller wrote yes just a little for casino well guy I was shooting the usual. So and in the movie casino very clean cut character that mr. integrity so I brought an eight by ten of myself -- an -- look like and that out of be. An icebreaker when he opened the door to hold up the photo and -- this is what I normally look like and then drop it down and I would have that look I have the usual suspects. And so I knock on the door and he opens it up. And he looks like Howard -- Anatomy and handsome our students I -- the last six weeks now here. With a beard and hair and everything except for the fingernails in the shoes worn in Kleenex boxes but. You know I I immediately ahead put upon -- back through in the bushes. There's a lot -- just doesn't work marks I don't normally look like if you want to advance at the -- So he takes me and that we sit down and it's dark except for -- -- shaft of light coming from all one of them. You know drapes is not completely -- so we sit -- the heart and he says so I don't -- me. You need anything novel cancer. I -- the great thank you. Attending summer. That would -- -- -- if that. Nothing else -- what did you panic when did you witness what about halfway through -- -- if I don't say -- my whole objective was did not say the wrong thing. My as my agent explained I had the job. It was an office. But there's a ritual got to have a sit down -- bombers sit down with Marty. Neither of which that I call Bob Marty mr. Dinara mr. scores. Of the sit down with Bob was that -- insane so thinking. My objective is not to speak to not -- this this job that I figure they'll win market again it is by say the wrong -- so. I'm not -- well he's not saying. So that would -- -- -- nothing for about ten minutes and finally said he short engadget thing I said. I should go. You couldn't that's for -- -- surprised them and -- and partly it is awfully yeah something because it needs a acting like him whose surprise right.

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{"id":17741778,"title":"Kevin Pollak Talks About Sleeping His Way to the Middle","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor discusses how riding the middle wave of fame has served him well.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kevin-pollak-talks-sleeping-middle-17741778","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}