Kim Sledge of Sister Sledge discuss her upcoming biopic 'Life Song'

Sister Sledge discuss career, struggles and forthcoming film project
18:03 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for Kim Sledge of Sister Sledge discuss her upcoming biopic 'Life Song'
ABC radio and I'm very excited because at an icon a man. Me at the ones only in its front that. I am doing great in this and so have the year. And noted the way you look. They yeah. Out gay man yeah. Well you know we have to talk. Just hear your legend dairy a barely be good music and then there is. I'm you've contributed they'll lights aren't beef bowl ads they. Everything all the east on rigid and won an all out looking back do you ever to sail. Some like in here are the surreal sometimes. It is surreal it's been surreal since been working on this film. Going into the archives and in coming forward and am I mean from Dave why then all the way through from our history family history up until now because presently or I mean. It's so it's like it. Every step of the way has been fascinating to me to look at it and say well. We did then we did we did and having meant certain people. On the road and that can think of you know I would just say this I am very talkative as it is always come to him and now you stop me if you need it. But just the different people we met along the. Yeah. And you know as you just jumped right in you know you have this a bio it cumin up unbeaten in eight upon your memoir also name like song was used to be published publicly that the member. Oh my goodness outlets say that should be. For the yourself for the years definitely affect everyone excited to see that and you know when you one vision. This book did you also envision that you wanted to have the biopic right alongside with it without always good idea no. Not that initially. It just in half and he thinks and a hat. You know it's not a coincidence. So when we approached about that to so what. What Oprah ready you know there's a word that says always be ready with that prepared for the ready yea don't prepare for the rich kid act. When I was approached about a movie. And I story the story was already done. You morality you you didn't have this beautiful. Noory that you're telling an and I want to get into that story because I won it really delve into what it will explore because you know sometimes would memoirs its. It's kind of like you know it's asking you how you came from an early beginnings to where you are today but Blix lower yields a possible momentous occasions look good times as wells and struggles. Because and it's life it's call light song. And it's about like we wanted to be much more than just a story of entertainment and finding you walk entry lock up feeling good. We want people to even walk in and be transformed. And that happens when you go through historical. And you conceded triumphs. In life and you can go and get the room together. The heart aches as well as a good time. So there'll be great moments in this story because it are green room. I I have to talk about some of those great moments with few hands and rumble in the jungle Omega is anything more common he. You're one of the younger acts of a global amazing people can you bring it back them let me tell you guys are like saucers everywhere we win it because. Everywhere we look there was another star. I'm James Brown was amazing to work with. Connolly. My gas tended to be me I've ever being in the elevator Whitman prominently and he was like. Thirty feet tall and I it. I just everyone that we middlemen we met so many pros and her eyes it was a real training ground as well. So that's a rich moment now lies that. It's featured definitely in the film as well as in the book lately that an act and that Immelman. I feel like we're all. And now. Lean. And green. Anchoring new home again shall can you talk about that moment that light is keen. The Walt. This. We know he adds it's true legend now that's she's an icon Icahn and I've always called him but she's the queen missile. Just to be in on the same stage first of she'd to us in the even in the very beginning we would sting so many personal. Just to see her perform. To be around. The presence of someone like that at the same can't agree with James around as well. We've got he's crates. Are we have grown so much and learned so much from England grown. Drew only got just watching the standing in the quarter watching and seeing how they dealt with the audiences. Ever for professionalism. I act I can't even describe so I would like number one fan and we were financed it. And cheap. We are seeing her walk on and we walked up and seeing hope come when writers we were. So you agree. And you acting on herbal and right as unseemly at one point in time incident where on Atlantic Atlantic records at the time which is we'll Warner. All of it. And even billing that we teen from the same. A recording company. There was so many Greeks from that label actors and at one point later Olin the jacksons Michael Jackson apparently. So. Could be amongst that company. These things that we salute the treasure we share with them we should with her family wishing with the world. Would be in the midst of in the oldest private conversations in private moments that you had with him back in thinkable agreed to it inside we mean you know. Obviously right now is is a hard time around a lot of us because we know that. Hearing news that she's gravely ill. Com can you share any your thoughts on her legacy would you whole rule. Learn you know remembering her now. Tell you there was no wind like a reef and no voice. Occurred I don't think there ever will be. And I always speak life she's with us at this breath and her body and brain more. In. And Aiken life. End ends and she always lives of one as well because of all the wonderful music she's given the world. So. I'm just saying I'm hoping that others are praying for her to. Because we have and I kind we have and queen an army. So I just keep relive them. And and how. Inevitably be a half ago how how would you want heard of the members of you deal with this as. Alone. I think for all of the moon's. All the Greeks. Have come through each atlas has or moment. In time and were all given a gift. And I think that they if you take you the best you can with what god is giving you a you make in the point. Two mile with me. Lord. What is that you would have median today and why did you create me and what have they given the pilot begin the skin. And I know each to touch someone with what we have she certainly is touch the world. And I would hope that all those who begins a circus because of what aryan whenever the field. Com we are doing the best with what we hand in and leaving. A legacy in a torch for others to take on line and do even better when. Absolutely absolutely. And I and over where he. Eat your life being old. Habit about. If only know the whole family is white of of this project. Obviously you know need. An option BP and excited to bump where are you as buyers needs of this project in you mentioned certain things like rumble in general jungle that will be featured there needs that are. Have you guys and cats being argued. Idea of playing mood I'm so hearing and I don't think every two. He seniors but when I were a day added. You know you can in that I think somebody on the very day before filmed. You you never know what happens is that right is the meat is. In an. Would say that it is open. Act all right now we're in the phase of just getting together. You come close to our and he. Nothing that the woman. He groomed. As my daughter. I don't Julie. We were looking at each from. At Wheaton putting different things together. And I just can't believe how much. Like horror. It stated in me as an even the main reason. The main reasons from its evening wits in the genes. So just looking forward to plus lady. Of course were using those reason professionals who have been doing this. Used witch and hopeful that. I'm hoping that. I can. Use Madonna for me. But Woolsey. We'll certainly the best actors and yes she'd she's the greatest thing is that our children are all musical. And has taken place many times. Not been able to do to attend concert. Ever. And yes she's musically also models. Beef. Singing and at the ease and only son. And sent towards with a lot we have. In a matter of fact at least for Europe and simple go back. And and that he's with us many. In the world am I mean we always knew what assistance. I'm out that the than me right now it the whole family read out is how does. It. We we we feel very grateful and blessed to have our children eat musical into doing this at different times. That's amazing. You know we need talk about this idea of of the film I feel like a lot of outlets used scene work is indifferent. Arena's it's not just in tutored anymore sometimes on Netflix and sometimes it's streaming when that an option for your you very much that it's have to be in eaters like. Are you open to the possibility. Open to everything I think he should always deal with every medium. Of communication. Wanna. Absolutely. One thing that I wanted to touch on is just you know as you mentioned some degree icon. And legends that you were around humans in my Jack and was on able. Jackson family he and Britain when it would have been six ER I believe it or not I know mine. I know you tour with the Jackson 5 obviously you have the Sydney series that's coming up in January re going to be with that acts by. Among others Bob. Favorite memories of the Jackson 5 tour with you when you're with and I Kyrie I think. My story at a thing if he's. Okay so we can't we are having these battle of the girls against the guys and with every city. Now the promoters have book. So we all friends in it was all fun and games for us. I remember one of the things that these to us. It was so funny whenever he would finish date and buses they get music. Legally to the next location. I remember in the middle of the night. Buses with. That the crew trucks. We go to these stocks you know just as some heat in the middle of the night nobody was round. And so we you know requirement of bunk and you know I'm did little diners wherever we work. It now and it Hamlin who. It. And we will don't recognize. Larry's trek up the guys everybody. But they knew of the nicest I have to say. And nicest. People you'd ever want to work with. And then you know next year. Even and and you. Ask you believe me. Believe you and happen. Should not. Oh that's the way a few. On much too soon. I need any on on analyst moment. When reliving. You know we don't know if I can see. Now what. I'm passing. Until much witty on and. Anthony. He was one of the best teams have ever seen before he really wants. All of them we loved all of their performances. And I saw him when you single reforming. And there was some about the unity that was just. Enchanting it it was fascinating I've never seen energy like. Second stage the only other respected think that's all that time energies when I was really really little watching maybe Sammy Davis junior. You know because he was an icon and remind parents eight. Looking at how he perform I believe that certain people have such. A gift and the passion for what they do Tony at the kind of NG it's just it's in view message to Kathy as a kind of energy it's in use. God given. Not believe that well as a believer in that's my faith. I believe Jesus Christ and I believe it. Eat kids and quits. On something of himself in you there is Amy suggest that energy in that light that people had. And end this is not proselytizing. And just say it isn't what I believe it. I really believe. We have to embrace effect creator puts up an in the us and we got to share. Still others because when you exude that Julian that love and in light. Listen up people and it lets you so he did that absolutely did that arm. And Nancy and nice to me I've been looking at will it weaken in the process says instead. Of doing editing and working together and like us as I was up to about 4:30 AM as that we were working on different things. And just seeing someone Joan east footage she had such as seal. Zeal and unity justice name is Michael believe that the people who are born to do. When you born with that's when that's your gift. You into. You enjoy is different when you have to trudged through something that someone is making you did it. La what you doing. Believed that there is this an extra measure of Indians are in. In its. Joni that it is had a magic. Now. It is not. Do you whole its speed and year. Give indeed this down everybody's asking me manic. It. But I will say. Ready ready humidity pretty. Arab federation anything etiquette lives on. An end to not hold you just curious. You know with with the with with projects using some times ours and together they might not music. We'll be and you music at. Ultimately there is some new music medica Joni to three Chordiant. Johnny was an excellent writers well as producer there were many things that we were in the process of about to release and which is where we're having it should be tour next year. Starting with it as a concert for her behalf. Some of that music will be released. Arm and then there's a lot of new music and we do have that people will be hearing. In this town. Where. Very exciting time congratulations. On being able to take this fee doesn't. I'm glad not a simple they give it a big Spain's. It's a great big effort you know when there's an impossible thing in front view I think that's the best thing about. Give the the glory because. When you something impossible to do you know him you know you have to rely on him every step of the way. What it's also exciting. Because this guy is live in that's the way it is for everybody it should always be in if it isn't. And take a moment and just imagine it legal for. You're doing. You aggravation. I can't wait sit. You read like song and then to see lives. And making so much for stopping I think you mean radio this in his client signing off. And flags and laser. And I.

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