Korean Pop Idols Rule Asia

Korean pop stars are becoming the major trendsetters in all of Asia.
2:39 | 06/05/15

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Transcript for Korean Pop Idols Rule Asia
Condemning this move. And and from. Me. Like. All over Asia for its. Cars. Television dramas are the most watched across the continent. Korean star set its own fashion trends with every mag cover shoot. I don't like this group breaking 5200. Million dollars a year they're money and fame. L dream polls for average kids back home. Korean schools once known for its conservative educational programs. Now teach classes to hate him. Can learn sexy dance. The young ones with talent and potential. Are chosen by baby became an agency like. SM entertainment. Known for its intense training program starting as early as ten years old. These wanna be stars are groomed and nurtured to become global idol figures. That includes learning foreign languages. Instruments and public speech in communication skills. Barkley has been a trainee for two years. Where US is that. And into candidacy only a book singing dancing and rapping with you have to be able to be. People to wait and detain people yet they gave the speech flew me. You go to be funny and humorous that people collecting. American producers like stereotypes say in the rest of skill of investment in both. Human resources and production was the key to the global success of Cate pop. Here like a lot of the artists to have been trained. To perform. Since they're like thirteen won't so they're very good for farmers in America that you could be discovered out you two. And I'll descended on onstage like when I might view. Most K pop artist perform in groups. A brilliant marketing strategy at say to minimize risk the investment case one or two of them life behind. And they're disciplined synchronized moves strike the right chord with Asian fans who appreciate the beauty of collective descent. Zito ABC news Tokyo Japan.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Korean pop stars are becoming the major trendsetters in all of Asia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31551221","title":"Korean Pop Idols Rule Asia","url":"/Entertainment/video/korean-pop-idols-rule-asia-31551221"}