Kristen Bell Adds Quirky, Goofy Personality to 'Frozen' Character

Go behind the scenes as actress Kristen Bell does the voice recording for "Frozen."
2:06 | 08/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kristen Bell Adds Quirky, Goofy Personality to 'Frozen' Character
-- big hair do you. -- -- I don't know his hosts Chris and front that's wonderful fall good receive mail and girl character that people can relate to because she has her -- send everybody does so. It really makes the character come to life and become only -- half. He had I didn't look at questions recording sessions and as. When I got comment was just some of the -- he thinks -- do. Many new and beautiful -- -- just by watching her inspection and I kept pushing for hurts him. -- year hands -- here. That's how I felt as. Nice second race having not so standard. Princess personality I'm completely ordinary. That's right -- units. Big in the best way I really wanted to make on just different and I -- it -- to be a role model. For little girls who are like me now. Don't think she's in real -- she wakes up with the messy hair with -- her mouth. Yeah. That's just spectacular -- and -- I'm Robert. You're gorgeous we let we let them with something nexus and -- came up it's one of those things said. His an amazing addition to her care turned you know she is this someone -- character and sometimes alerts and power and -- I'm hoping to take him back by you know she can so it incomes we let -- wait why is -- Definitely. A phrase I adopted when I would get tangled in my words and realize I've talked for too long and I've -- something that doesn't make sense -- -- -- -- They're always report so you can come to work in your pajamas but someone is going to take. So you have two cameras on you at all times T -- Like ET fifteen perceptible movement of your -- -- your eyebrows and where you use your hands it acts home much dimension to these characters.

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{"id":25130477,"title":"Kristen Bell Adds Quirky, Goofy Personality to 'Frozen' Character","duration":"2:06","description":"Go behind the scenes as actress Kristen Bell does the voice recording for \"Frozen.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kristen-bell-adds-quirky-goofy-personality-frozen-character-25130477","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}