Keeping It Real With A Housewife

Drug store products to fast food: Kyle Richards goes beyond "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."
6:05 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Keeping It Real With A Housewife
Parties the tears the shopping the sibling rivalry you can't get more real than a real housewife especially. From Beverly Hills. That. Still and they look. So I have to stand down day. Iran is that why you won't. Do it now yeah I'm -- -- -- yeah I don't form. Wound. -- -- I didn't do -- -- you didn't like -- now yeah. Real raw and emotional and we've got coverage of the house let's hear this today thank you so much for stopping by congratulations on the show success -- talking about a fourth season. I mean. Would you have ever thought your wildest dreams that it was gonna have a kind of success no I and I thought it would do well but I didn't realize -- being sent ahead and really didn't. And I mean obviously you're no stranger to television a stranger to movies but the fact the matter is no that it can be very fickle in trying to please the audience. In giving everyone something new and something intriguing entertaining all the time. So what's the secret to the real housewives especially Beverly Hills which has a very distinctive flavor from the other -- It's not I think everyone loves to be a flying along -- they really do I love watching New Jersey and I love watching Atlanta and soon the different flavors of the different cities -- I think people just really loved being a final -- press reveling elderly as a -- and south sound you people want a little peek into what happens in Beverly Hills. You've opened -- store your racing four daughters. And how. There is always that question that so many people ask how do you juggle it all -- you do it all and then the question always comes and I hear from a lot of women that say that they hate hearing this question but. Can a woman have -- all how does she job at all do you hate getting that question does that bother you. I was actually about a book about -- -- and that you know -- having four kids it is very typical and the job that I take most seriously -- apparent. And it's not easy but it's you know I've -- kind of -- my life so that to make it -- disease possible because I don't have a nanny are driver now. Shas which -- -- -- -- that memory along the hill picked it out without a so -- what did you make that decision. I was raised with a mom who did everything herself and sort of you know she raise us to be like that and I'm raising my -- to -- like that as well you know. District and make -- like washing cars and doing our own you know -- and things like Beverly -- people out. And did but I'm just trying to raise my kids I asked him. You working with a cause it's very close to your heart -- at times -- a little bit about the campaign I am so proud to be working with the March of Dimes you know -- obvious his lot of negative the comes -- show like this -- when you can do something like this and -- positive it's amazing. And joining them in there in new campaign I'm going to which the idea behind that is all babies born to be something great. And you can donate to I'm going to dot com and look at our participating sponsors which some -- biggest markets do or Kmart Farmers Insurance. The money goes to research and find dean -- you know vaccines everything to make sure that we all can have a healthy baby. Now they see as a mom of four that's very important to me and mean March of Dimes -- their 75 anniversary town and even saving babies' lives and communities healthy all these years and they had to be part of and. It's a great -- one of the things that always strikes me is that you really have a strong value for family it's a minute you talk about all the time and I think. Whether you're watching real housewives of Beverly hit -- -- New York or Atlanta. It's something that I think a lot of the viewers will sit back and look and say. Are these women just looking at -- at themselves are they looking at the the bigger picture with the out of the families that they've created or the circle of friends and you seem to always put family first that always seems to be the bottom line. -- -- that's who I am first and foremost I'm a mom animal life and we sent back to do this. We kind of took a family vote in Santa -- on -- did as and who's not there was one hand that -- now we weren't into the show. -- you know we just make sure that we you know making sure Maurice and I both our kids and marriage was the number one priority so I -- shines through on and I hope. Nine and it actually does -- have a little moment you know and little segment keeping it real with the housewife RI can ensure you get these kinds of questions all the time because. No matter how much you reveal about your personal lives on the show we always. You leave us hunger for more you know we we could -- why -- what I read about you -- those autopsies. That. Very true interest gonna have a huge success I want to -- -- fast food drive through. And drive -- would be an out. And elect Austin. -- in McDonald's and in -- McDonald's which are which -- downfall there. The French Fries and -- the coffee and I don't -- I like fat -- which is Latin and Chinese. Don't back. You are notorious for throwing some amazing parties which are best recovery meal from one of your parties the same thing. That's like cheese burger it Coke and Fries I recovery for a great. That spirit your last real meal you -- The last meal -- I -- was salmon and vegetable soup like I was with him. And Cahill was that's Washington. NC and Atlanta fans should. -- -- -- your come isn't to say OK I think they'll make this idea is -- on the spot like you know I wasn't like hot properly -- can make it up a single -- think are working after throwing things and sometimes they end up. Oh -- with the family -- and evidently you're you're doing things pretty well -- -- -- -- Favorite drug store must have. -- From the drugstore that's right and -- -- can't tell me about your shampoo because I've hybrids so much about that. Well I don't really that I love here. -- -- -- my hair and educated here here vitamin that called Iraq IDs just canteen chance and is -- now voluminous mascara from the banks are symbols of the when I know and that's like. When someone like to go to Neiman the well I will go in there and -- like this is so exciting and failing about my eyelashes. Manila in the vigilance is this is -- -- coverage thank you so much continues to -- is alive thank you.

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{"id":19077393,"title":"Keeping It Real With A Housewife","duration":"6:05","description":"Drug store products to fast food: Kyle Richards goes beyond \"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kyle-richards-interview-keeping-real-housewife-19077393","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}