Laura Dern Interview: Looking Back on Her Career

From working with David Lynch to Steven Spielberg, the actress discusses her choices as an actress.
9:37 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Laura Dern Interview: Looking Back on Her Career
-- -- rumors and munger has all of these problems with his ex wife and financial -- bedside and literally -- Unlike and and we begin in two titans towns. We just finding kind of correspondence between him and senator -- staff and -- He increased can be time there's a computer TT tech house could get pennies. And -- yes you do that you only underscored. This news. Yes -- so appreciate you saying that and -- can make change from within. Night. This means you know if you can get and it proves -- you've got a front page story the earth move. In this -- will -- you ready for that. -- humidity to -- a lot of fallout from this but we have some this year. You can do Jurassic Park. And do your David Lynch true that I -- so -- and what's. What's the difference between you going on this set today blue velvet. And going on the set of Jurassic Park. What's hilarious and steam and I think gets. Some -- and and concern everytime he says that. Almost nothing because -- -- and I can't even mentioned T yeah yeah and they -- like Stephen is his own kind of genius and can -- man I mean he he -- you know I mean -- found that extraterrestrials. And and me then. Your best friend and ends you know made for me the greatest harp on the all time in jaws -- Has made Lincoln like he has had -- such a radical career but he would make choices on sat. -- shots. You know I remember this moment in Jurassic Park where something horrific -- terrifying happening to me. And I feel. Mr. Arnold's firearm it's sort of touched me -- embrace Manhattan. Thank god you're here and -- have both been fixed. -- -- -- -- -- Even you aren't exactly his name is David what I mean everyone is getting us here. And because he just will go with the idea and one masterfully. And you get to be part of his creation and I hope to do it again and again I hear there's another one. There is rumor of another one -- -- -- their garrison in and that you. Learn that war is being cooked. -- Jurassic Park four is being cooked in Jurassic Park the original Jurassic Park in 3-D. Is coming out this summer. Oh that's right it coming out in the 3-D -- this -- that we did that movie that no one ever saw what degree is the to me. And -- rated. The predator proof that -- is that. George Clooney all -- the right make him talk about yes George and I are very happy that Batman and inevitably they hate it but in the renamed it and we were in Budapest for a month that's where I -- -- -- I don't have an outbreak media exactly yeah exactly -- -- you put -- I think I could just become obsessed with grizzlies and to that is an obsession try that it -- remembering -- Here's a movie of -- that I have and I want to ask you what you have. Particularly good memories it's hard to criticize yourself -- -- I -- watch yourself sometimes but. Rambling -- is -- favorite. Martha Coolidge is maybe. You in your mom both get nominated for us to the same and nobody still done. -- in -- somebody mother and daughter tried actor. That that was in -- anything it was incredible and it was a great pleasure. And Martha with dear friend of mom and I that I was an easy. -- so incredible and it Lukas Haas is so beautiful so that's a great memory. And and I haven't been really lucky I've got to say and in terms of the movies I've made. There have been a few where. And you know I watch it and I feel as proud as the experience I had -- and I would probably say. Yeah citizen Ruth is up there at the top of the list and we had the greatest experience. I think of my film life -- -- it was so freeing. Because there was -- where I could hide -- -- who you know it's a comedy about the abortion issue. It's obvious -- -- rebel -- I and it unbelievable. Huff addict a pregnant it's typical comedy in its. And so -- win there's nowhere to hide. You are hurled into an experience and luckily embraced by not only Alexander. But every single crew member we -- -- an -- and we -- families and it was just. -- -- And that's very very rare and lucky that it is like that with David Lynch and working with John offend and the working -- Robert Altman Paul like there are these people who just embrace you and let me just who. -- who is it that you're actually so eager to work that kind so many people and NI IA. I hope to work -- -- all of these people again and again and because it does feel like family. In. You know and trying to -- you know there so many directors I admire so many films I'm but it's funny until you're in -- you don't know. Now how they are to work with and that means even how they treat their crew how they embrace collaboration. I -- work when that doesn't happen you don't have to name names of it but sometimes everybody's going to have made a movie in which. The experience of making it's not that. Now it's difficult to do it how to use an actor. Get through that and still do the job he -- the -- The best advice that has ever been given to me was by -- grade teacher I think you're probably given and as well. Keep your eyes on your own paper. And since. It's a really good. And so I think that in those circumstances. -- trying to focus on being as honest as possible. And staying true to the story. Because it's just like in romantic partnership. There are people who want to collaborate and grow together. And there are people who. Need to have credit. And need to be in control. And also when things get rocky need to blame. And you know film making isn't so fun because it's a collaborative -- so if they're not down with that you just -- Stick to the program and do your work find your tribe. As we do at school we find it on the set we find it in the workplace wherever we are and you know try to stay true to. You believe -- what the good thing to do they show always ends in song. Boom and I was depths. Just the way we are. And it could be anything that's in. -- a song that expresses everything you've just described herself that's what just a meaningless -- -- -- It just depends on -- is in that head now. Music. And and then you need some of those pop OK -- be free to -- -- well OK so. The good news is when people ask me what do David Lynch's movies mean -- in his news explained his movies and I say. I don't know him expect that don't think I I think the only song -- in my head. But it really. It's the way. Reforms by Ella FitzGerald. I like the feeling so I hope. To carry this feeling right now. But yet to sing with me well I don't know if I know it but I'm gonna I'm waiting -- the -- Two in scheme that tan skin and nine -- -- then skated. I just like I'm room and ended June. The evening news -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. I don't know how -- I but I just like me I want to see -- -- that I have to. -- that he. Remembered people. And you know she's not saying that's. He's into -- -- -- but I'm thinking I mean pots -- that you can't it's just stuck there and it's it's rained its. And then there and didn't find the basket. She finally behind his back -- Laura I want you to find all the -- through the web if you hit it -- that a great the feeling I'm Everett public but by the way in my life and feel insecure nothing I think -- made them musical acts even that didn't want to do.

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{"id":18513981,"title":"Laura Dern Interview: Looking Back on Her Career ","duration":"9:37","description":"From working with David Lynch to Steven Spielberg, the actress discusses her choices as an actress.","url":"/Entertainment/video/laura-dern-interview-hbos-enlightened-star-career-working-18513981","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}