LeAnn Rimes on Working Without Boundaries

The singer-songwriter discusses her new album and the evolution of her career.
28:28 | 02/03/17

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Transcript for LeAnn Rimes on Working Without Boundaries
Hi I'm Andrew dressed Ellen ABC radio and today I'm talking to Leann Rimes has so many that diet. Gosh I don't want to tell you how many years ago I first interviewed her and I'm glad to Stiller she's still doing it is she's got a new album called remnants welcome Leanne is settlements. You know these days. Is we are in a world where there is no musical genre as a no hitter album is very much on trend because it hasn't his village honor it mixes. All of your influences why is now the right time for unique or. And like this all I mean I've been doing it for two when he went through here is now have handy by talking about my menus so many years ago. The IA I don't consider myself vocalist and always battled and always count my music is crossed over so it's. At this belts you know like IA it was the right time because I was out of my deal. I had been at the same label for twenty years and I took a couple of years off public figure out what wasn't wanted to do. And I promised myself on this record. With the had no boundaries and no parameters contractual parameters and that promise myself pilot let's. Whatever was authentic that rises and me to just let it happen. It's no preconceived idea of really what I wanted to pitch wanted to make great music great stories. So. This kind of Mississippi be sold thing that's always come out on me and staged came out. On the record is I was at a group insists that it till I was sick so his. I am very much influence on his gospel console flu and didn't realize how much so that is. I guess the core of my being is that is exactly that says it just came out and it was so fun to make the second eleven. How did feel for you to cutter record where you've got to seeing somebody different kinds of music and you got to use your voice in so many different ways like. As a vocalist how do you feel to be able to move for song to song and you are singing about it and singing an upbeat track MMX Tom really like blue easy. I it's great it's great as a vocalist be able to kind of play around with. Different registers at new ways that we in congress uncle mother honest and it's written a senate placements to most all of song. So it clear that parliament was which never really play with that much and didn't. There's like some really deeply. Vocals and it did for songs like love line and it is backgrounds perceive them. So there was no part of my voice that I did not ease on the solemn. And I think that's the first time on a record that we you really pushed. Meet this year like what else would amount I mean there's so much conviction I think when icing on this record to on songs of love and remnants it's. There's a knowing after humble life that lives it is just and knowing of sorts in the settlement swam writing songs from and and it was it was very healing process is even healing for me as a vocalist I think. You know sometimes you can get complacent. Sometimes you think like symptoms for so long there's nothing else to learn nothing to discover and interests so much more to discover so it's. It was it was very exciting it's an exciting time for me now think it's ago producing the united department's plan. Well it in a way you were unleashed yes I was only spoke at least the bees. Media and it did definitely felt like that in a lot of ways. It's as I feel like I'm just and revealing. More of my my authentic. Being you know it's there's no masks there's nothing to hide there's you know I've been feeling them being more vulnerable than ever have. Because that's where finest connection I think after being music for the song I still do it because of the connection I make with people on human level. Do these stories perform and noted some incredible has. People tell me these stories about you know where how how these songs played up their life for how they relate to them and you remember when they heard had a motive and where they wired like. You know there's there's so many connections and emotional connections in because I connects emotionally and music I think the fans you. So that's I've found the deeper connection. Through this vulnerability. And it just keeps like ethnic and peeling back years and onion just keeps. It she's keeps revealing itself. I think so because all this I mean in addition to to be a personal album because it's all these honors that influenced you is personal could you co wrote almost every song he co produced it. There's some really deep. A motion being you know you can clearly things that you wrote about your mom and and stepped his and things like that. Egg he said it was healing it was it must've been cathartic for you and did you did you cry in the studio. I cry it's an on stage act right talking about it. You make me eagerly expect talk about that I think when you seeing equally surprised at. These are talking about it all I really meant that it's still there. That the songs I are somewhat personal am but I feel like there's a lot of public plan. There's a lot of inclusiveness. Africa's ethnic so many people it's just human it's what we go through mean that the title. Of the album basically is about allowing ourselves to fall apart which we all at some point and multiple times probably but the first time he won a fight it and I think went to allow it to happen in such European beaches. You get them asking you'd get to pick up the pieces letter sent to you and me for yourself in a solid way. And so yet that's you know that in itself I think. I was ready I was ready to heal everything that it on life and anything and circled it and one things with my mother and pirate you know I wrote a song you know from my step kids that talking about nine being bound by I'm a pile of linemen. There just feel on this album has a lot of love amendment in Rico and look at every different angle. By I feel like they. I want people when they listen to feel the triumph. And help people get people apparently that's like it's. I think the messages on the album are so important now Mansfield secondary in. So last album I like you're looking completely yet this is me and then now it's like mrs. Am I created this today. The messages to me urgency you know so universe and so important components and which fills and picketed the messenger yes I am delivery methods added. How did your family feel when they heard this record I mean your your mom your husband and kids were able it's touched. By it as is UC into the area moms like you know she'd been waiting to hear this this message. Of acceptance and peace and just understanding you know then comes a time and you. He look at your mom. Not as a mother anymore elements but as a one QC the woman I think I got to that place where. I no longer blames her Xena he scarred me as a mother I'm but I actually lake saw her as. As honest and equal as a woman and I get. That'd difficulties of being a woman and now anti Sampson like the difficulties of being a mom and and it just. Accidents perspective for you. So yes she she it was like half island near summit and it really did he also. Has. I am yet and I my aunt my husband he gets to hear everything at them from conception basically. In just a guitar vocal piano vocal. But it it deathly sounds different and and then the finished products or he instantly a weigh in on an two that he he takes that Al and then. He doesn't tell me doesn't like anything hoping he's had. Studies just like he likes everything he's not a inquired about a eight think you'd you know he would really telling the kids Stewart Mary. Vocal and their opinions yet kids. And then my citizens and their teens so day attacking get into groups of something and or walk at a car singing a song like it's something that's awesome. So MIA my youngest. He's nine and he was in the backseat of the car Wednesday was playing love line. And he he is way he's talking is saying we're not bound my blood I'm pat of wine institute at news at that. And it just my heart unit that's the reason Aaron the songs. And ia turner and I bawling my feet lake city atonement and yet it is. Adam BI it is you know it's the unity family and it it is they seat. All of these you know mom and Ian it's everybody's in their cell on the inside. That they know like they know that deepest part of what I am writing out and so I I think it. You know they see that growth in the change in the baton. The honesty habits the you know there's they always support him honesty and Boehner ability and having. A group of people around me that that I know the safety net safe place and makes. Going on the world and doing what I need to do you and and performing songs so much easier. Now well I I think it's funny it's fine artists start having children Allison wonderful life trying to somehow convinced that their cool. We want to do is like. Did the animated recently Q. Our that is so it's true I have to say like you do on the net didn't think vehicle and then their friends like you know they eloquently. In they roller IC there. I actually act but I feel like I want to be cooler in the more or less more inside the house at a actually like my music the Prokopec. They they think I'm pretty decent traffic and pray that changes. Hour and yet no it is in it definitely is and you want to be proud of you and I think that they. Jake the other day was Anemia and would love line and he he told Eddy played apartment at the sign. He can hear all the words that she's saying and like most people. That honesty of a child island residents. So funny. Unlike. Clinton now do not want him to listen to this on the the profanity even though he's yet now he you know it he much as Family Guy and he is older Brothers thirteen and so. This is tame the so its name. I. You've got to keep them away from that ambulance and armament was he watching. You don't work. The beauty of falling apart what was the most important thing that helped you build yourself back up to take oldest remnants and stick them together. Around. A about a year and a half ago. I was on the journey of acceptance anyway I am and really trying to make up the pieces together. My childhood it and going up in you know his public and just take you know not feeling like I want it to get more out of it that I could McCain getting ran past like it's there and in it is what it is and so. I it was coming I was timeless journey acceptance and then all of a sudden it switched over this really spiritual have deep journey as I was writing this record. And it's always been and name it insists there's something about. These lastly year year and a half that. It's just kind of took over and I feel like. You know when you create something like this out of nothing kind of standing. You have to wonder like where it's coming from. And in it's to me there's so many. Things legislate instantly popped into my head are like you hear whispering here and you realize there's so much decline in energy in things going on around you and you. And there's as the development of that I don't know something about just by natural progression has helped mean. Has. Men myself. Am so hosts on the journey and not from high enough it may yield anything but aides it and feel very much at peace with its nice to be able to feel. It's a listing the long live which is this is used sort of your very define using the pilot bad relationship but you still believe in love it's not yet giving and giving up on this particularly if you release development and Elena mapped the song together at mark Mattson and we. Said love is dead long live love so it's like he you know you you kind of use except that one relationship has ever met. I think as women the difference between an integral element as it when you become a woman as this life this thing and you that you suggests if your heart it's broke and you don't you don't think it's and that the world's end of year. You morning and move on some new things and I think that that's that's that power in us that pattern for writing a song from and the message to go along I think is very timely at this moment in time I in the you know adds. It's something that we all kind of neat to remember and and remembered sent to believe sentence I think this can of two sides to the song you know and have fans been telling you this is my preference ire really like Jamie this on yet we're gonna go out to the wireless as the sunk you know. Those guy exactly yes people are definitely am have there their favorites and even remnants and you know people are saying I put that on anxiously to ham it up in my car keys it's the most inspiring song. You know is saying I will be leaking in from remnants. You know when you it's just a powerful statement so there's some powerful statements on the stack and it's about like phoning it in owning yourself and not not letting anybody in every lets you know it's it it's good to be. You can oh people people get there you know one way ticket is that you know how much got a total while and Palo I was fourteen where that I know about that at that moment at hand doesn't leather pants and like. And dancing on top of the atomic ours I yet in its bank is now them weep. We have started a new show would put about eight songs about the record in the show and then we do about five or six hits and I've revisited a lot of my hits and we can ticket them and rearrange them and one way ticket now it's like this in mid tempo. Who really can of into respective version but you hear the lyrics to lyrics I really powerful. It so fits Wear and that says the bunnies say that it's one of my favorites on the show where it's like this kid. You know these this message is totally let me where a map right now. You keep Austin keach. Angel now I hope I know. These changes are very night that they weren't very ninetieth. Well another song on the record and my ears look atlas loved his course to meet meet the needs of minimum horrendous speech at the Kennedys and after the Orlando disaster. And I know you have a huge gay following is this replica of message to the Emerson as everybody. It's it started out as a message and then Adam is I've always been need to support them to be here and there's a lot of that is we're reading this there's a lot of you know. The marriage. Rights bill being passed and the whole deal and I. I just this kind of where are we talking about is still you know we're all human and should be just human rights equality is eyes have been a big deal means so. That's where it started and then. We got a little bit into a deeper conversation with this of how far can your love extend. And Ian OK and you dislike someone not agree with them it still extend up to them and it's and see if not it's a very difficult thing to do is human and am it's something though that I strive to do and I fall short of it. Often but it's still. And still something that I I hold in my mind and that's how I want to treat people. So it's that's really where how it evolved into love this love I love that song that's really cool. And what officials on the helmet I really like you did right but it's just it's it's a very different way of looking at things in which is katic usable and house. What did you on how does that fit in and that the U you know with this record. I've been actually am. Have loved that song for a long time it's kind of been sitting around Nashville in I am so happy that I got to record evidence it's just. As such appreciation for the craft of that song it's held beautifully written. One of those songs used like jealous of going sort of written that blame McCain and Gary dean at that song and you know there's such fantastic songwriter so. I and I I think there's injuries it I think there's a lot of ways to look at it unites just come off of love is love I think there was this also this kind of message to my LG BTQ fans lakes some of the employees that was leg that benefit for their life. It also is just about. Really owning yourself again like having to walk away from something. And someone that her ear knowing your value and I think there's a lot of knowing your value on this record so I think if it really. Yeah it's I mean it is when you say that you really admire the craft and that some is so well written and it you know. It's national songwriting at its finest rally they speaking as sorry as despised you have another Diane warrants on are accurate. And of course she wrote how to I live what do you think when you hear that song on the radio these days. Allow his little girl she sent me. Especially now my voices like so deepened you know. And powerful on and back then united definitely didn't sound like a fourteen year old girl but. Now it's late edges here this little girl singing this song and he it's split number four like. Pop song ever and billboard and I just to even think about is pretty create all the songs you can that are fantastic but. Dank Diana have had a lot of success the other with how to live in the coyote ugly on the camp but the moonless Athens. We we started yeah how we because the team back together. And that issue that is on chronic and units Meehan it was beautiful song. It's but it is that I remember when how to pilot first came out there in those two doing versions of and it was just like you know will how to Leann Rimes you know related bets on if she says Connie and when you sing that song live now though I mean you're putting your whole life into. Jack and we have rearrange that also and it's kind of like this. It's very it it takes on you know the feeling a mother the mother does this is day Fossum. Really like. Tiny intimate courts now and it's so heartbreaking and when we first started doing it that way I had a hard time making it do it now this is a song that's sung for years all of a sudden it's like. Only. Yeah it's it's super emotional outlet mean obviously waived wide and it you know that was the big pot and then it's still that way but it's. There's just this intimacy about it now lives that's so beautiful. Tell me about the show I mean your idea that you have (%expletive) tonight New York. Continue to go to the UK and you are you come back here from where gates yeah I will be back and wearing this ever stop to financially. But did that long o'clock club Torre doing here Edward going over and pranks and some shows Cain and tax if it means. It's great plane music which is played the first show in LA the other day and people just. What's the greater playing music when people you always a little afraid tonight at board again. People like it's like in on the songs for ever and half Soka it was there's so much energy to the show in. I have the most fantastic musicians on stage and so it's it's a whole new dived in areas but it's. How we still have this kind of intimacy with my fans are feeling more so than ever and it's a very and it just free flying at let I have a set list but I easily change at happily always reading the crowd seemed like. But ever so am I kind it and different have been different times in. That's cool and sometimes I see these big pop productions yet where they can't change this I know how to be just because of the lighting contest isn't everything obviously. That's going to be artistically frustrating in some way or another and it's cool to perform an intimate setting where you have that freedom to change things up at the last minute gaps of the the and and that's something so funny because I was. The thing about and we did bigger show we do all these lights and everything I just want to make sure am able to do this that's the one thing I think endlessly. I want to give that up and one half like tons of production stage and have accused I want a tell people not to Sina because they have this intimacy which meant it I think it's because they literally have grown up with yes a lot of them have and I ethnic and gaining some a lot of new fans also at that the mini music and a lot of them have cramped but mainland same age you know and it's it's now or adults and adults in but I think every Mac have a lot of their child. And a lot of ways but we have very eclectic crowd I mean I do get. You're the LG BT community and I do Ian gates. You know and the mid 30s40s. And then we get the occasional hit Graham on everyone's now. And you know and in the UK it is very eclectic crowds. It's been I have had this you know I have had great fans all over the world have a world black audience than them very blessed with that and I think when you come into the shows that. That eclectic. Five's spills and it must be multi generational right yes women in the bringing their care daughter's dad who is handling this but I listened to it. Well what other artists have you had them actually come out Ewing's day. You inspired me because he obviously UT's needs them what you started so much yeah I have and that has some very weird action Honeycutt is your right we're basically like the same age and so you know exit that started as a fetus that's what happens. When you know you do so IA gaffe had a lot of artists count and say that and and it's always an honor greenery in them. It's so wonderful to see. Other women living their dream you know wanted to know that they once the little girl I wanna do that and here doing ordinance that anything was your woman a female artist who told you that that you never expected completely out of John over. Am a Dallas this home sweet as government red carpet grammys going hair and I and Sonoma just huge and uses when I think the nineteen without and I'd love them and then. My news. From the have you levees that. To sum it also doesn't own a puppet in you all of a sudden. Ko olina does this I I don't realize that. Yeah I did I guess I did influence I guess a wasn't around at that time you know you just think of myself artist artist not like she's if you use anger and was influenced by race that is critical. At bell outlets like a strange paradigm of anti Israel right. VV Tellme they point that this is the 28 anniversary of viewing yes you artist Grammy and this year we've got not one but two young artist and best new artist country artists and do you have any advice for mariner and are more signals you calories just have fun in now. I write I was fourteen so gosh I don't remember much about that I have to watch video actually to kind of call that that moment. I was sick that night and our member being too so emotionally. Sensitive I just I remember bursting into tears editing after that what I said what happened I have no idea. I'm but yet edges have fun and I think you know it's great that all these years later we still we have these country artists that are. Are nominated his I was the first country artist ever to win best new artists his. I I don't know how many times I was told before I went to the election and you're not gonna win this is not gonna happen like I was I was country I was fourteen like everything was against me. So. An ever. It was definitely shot to everyone tonight and quite at that and obviously we would say yes I am and I'm proud of them and got that that's you know that being considered that award things fantastic. So since you're country in and you certainly broke into this this pop thing you've switched back to for too easily between Yorkers. Do you plan to keep switching things up or are just gonna kind of go where the muse Tate yeah as Canada with a music manager at Mike if by you know and it's wanted to make polka album comic book album let you know it's kind of visit artists. You don't limit myself but I would music and just I don't see boundaries with music it's just hold free for all for me basic thinking. But IA that you know I have right now I'm actually have a top five recognized dance chart which is awesome light and there's. I feel it music is just you know with. With a lot of my songs remakes and we have you know different mixes for different stations and this is kind where music is right now so I I see myself I think with a sound and enhances authentic to me I think that's where I feel comfortable you can tell on state as. Well. But I would love to just just play and so I am I would look back and make you know deep roots country record when there bluegrass album to do something that's so. The you never know I can hear from but I think I think I found my home for a good while with and with the remnants. Well you know it's funny and people are we saying do you you're country you crossed over to pop it's been happening all throughout lake. The original dance remixes Dolly Parton song three I think about it and it unit can't fight the moonlight so so long ago yes I think a big dance it. Street media record of. You want to say they address me it's comes not cut. Then I had record. My dance mix compilation that came out I was but it really well also. You know it's and the dance chart wasn't as big back and defensive backs and Celek album and a as it is now so yet sadly summing up the player at. So each one official by asking you about your acting which you've done here in bear and a couple years ago you expressed interest in. Making a fresh Christmas movie began horrendous so played out all those years ago ill talk about actually and we have to find their aunts in the doing it for share. But music is totally taken over its permanent and I have been no. Time for anything outspent them you know I think in the next few years. As this kind of gets going belts I am with lots is considered doing some acting as it's fun it's it's another way. It you know be creative as an artist and I think now more so than at her. I'd love to see what I do with something exit where I'm coming from now regulars coming from even five years ago. Huge difference so as this kind of well. There's other things I can dig up and and come out of me so yet would be funded in a. It's great that you have the opportunity to kind of reexamine your entire career I have just bring all your life experiences and do it. In a way that means because it's such a drastic change for saving 1415 to being the age that you are now. Verses I don't know somebody who makes recommend that thirty and under singing them under fifty that is such a jump that you can you can really that the emotion behind it. Gatorade is really cool and scary and exciting at all those things at. You know his nominee people I can call and go hey you know what did you do after twenty years and year only 34 what how to handle this and what's the late next may have as. There's Nolan really most of them are not with us anymore and you know so it's. It's it is am charting new waters I guess and especially for myself and I am. Looking at it there's a lot of ways and things are locked into ash can be really jaded MI on this again whenever. It happens but you know it's been a job for awhile it's it's in the hands on file on time but at the same time I am. I have expression approach to music and I'm really enjoying the music began and I'm enjoying talking about and and I'm enjoying being around people and like its. I'm just have a different perspective on it now and and your right to have. To have that Denver perspective and to have the the experience of twenty years is quite magical. So if I did avenue perspective I think the twenty years would just be here we go again but I think the two it mimics together is quite magical. That's great that's great well we're gonna wrap things up and they have so much for getting my congratulations on the outing is so right glad you're here in this place in your life like his which is really great and done. So we have been looking Leann Rimes who threw stun new album remnants check it out. An un injured as bill for ABC radio thanks for watching thing Keyon.

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