LeBron vs Stephen: NBA Finals Preview

The NBA Finals tips off tonight, and for many it's really a battle between two of the league's biggest stars, perennial MVP Lebron James, and current league MVP, Stephen Curry.
7:44 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for LeBron vs Stephen: NBA Finals Preview
Two teens to superstars just one chance yen. The NBA finals tip off tonight and for many it's really a battle between two of the league's biggest names Brent Hilan VP candidate LeBron James winner of two NBA finals. Takes on the current league MVP Stefan curry and hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York joining us with the latest at ABC's Karen Travers. His as the match at the NBA fans have been finding four. They had been desperate for this high especially Cleveland this isn't a moment they have been waiting for. Ever since that day with LeBron James wrote that essay and said he was heading back home to Cleveland but. State fans are saying not so fast were coming into this finals as the favorite. It's a dream match up LeBron James fort time NBA MVP person's death curry. Though reigning MVP. Stewart the Cleveland Cavaliers facing the Golden State Warriors but for basketball fans it's all about ten superstars. James is playing in his fifth straight finals Woodruff was rumored ago but in the previous four he was wearing a Miami Heat Jersey. And NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers would bring teams his prodigal son story full circle. In 2007 he took the cavs to the finals but could bring home the trophy. These fingers burned the homegrown heroes Jersey after he took his talents to South Beach. But now all's forgiven we're back together and or customer championship and could any app. And what am Romania beat Cleveland. This city hasn't won a title in any pro sport in heat and wind years. We don't know the feeling let Golden State comes in as the favorite led by sharp shooting point guard curry who didn't. Maximum sent me that's good. Carries out the biggest guy on the court but he's usually the fastest and most explosive. James said he was impressed. First time he saw the baby faced assassin playing college council acute food in your hobby some wants I don't know wounds. Golden State had the best defense in the league get season. They're big and quick and have several weapons to throw it to you. And they need it he's having one of his most impressive playoff runs. Put everything about respond assortment NDA fans are hoping this series goes the distance and even seven game doesn't seem enough. For a match up is good. Tag state starts with home courted it stands one until will be played Oakland and then a series heads to Cleveland and tie you can imagine Cleveland fans are ready for that party. So LeBron did isn't machine Karen but with his team herding can you really do it all alone against the top warriors team. He's gonna have his work cut out for them he has certainly had an amazingly impressive play out front best that he's had in his career but. He's playing really strong heat leading his team in points and he eased. Coming off of the regular season where he admits he had a little bit of a drought and he said you know the regular seasons such a grind you all these road trips in so many games. But he gets up for the playoffs and he knows how much is on the line everybody here knows there's only seven games you gotta win and they want to get this done. The newest NBA's sensation of course deaf and carried on the big stage it is career but he does relishing the opportunity ebony. It was remarkable yesterday tight so many question that the press conference were asking you know where currently handling this sudden burst of fame he went to Davidson College not exactly known as a basketball powerhouse but he comes from an. EA family his father play in the NBA so he's no stranger to the spotlight. But still government is asking him how are handling this this is the biggest stage you've ever played on he says I just go out there every day and do what I do which is play hard. All right ABC's Karen Travers Aaron thank you so much for joining us. And out bring in ABPs Bay Area killing kgo reporter Matt Keller at. Hey guys we are ready to rock here in local people openness. It's 132. Consecutive sellout. And ORACLE Arena the fans are ready the team is ready. People entering on the north entrance here have to walk under a giant drain line green. Poster and of course cavaliers are gonna find out here in Oakland there is strength and number. The final touches it ORACLE Arena for the NBA finals game one brings a lot of excitement. And also some brand new nets tickets are being resold by Ticketmaster. The cheapest about 700 bucks the most expensive. 58250. Dollars. ESPN sports business reporter Darren rebel tweeted this morning a person Pate 36843. Dollars on ticket master for courtside seat. Gary Lis is a word about tickets he's been a season ticket holder since the warriors arrived here in 1962. I've been waiting all his time in bigger take forty years but it did and I'm here. It stands like Gary and others that make ORACLE Arena live up to its nickname. Oracle every visiting team know so when they come here that not only have to beat the five guys at the playing on the court. They also have to battle at 191500. Allowed us fans anywhere in the world several fans came early to the team stored Oracle looking to gear up. This black and white NBA finals had sold out just two hours after they won the Western Conference championship last week. Fans were hoping it would be restock today but no luck just all white or all blue finals tax I'd away fans are buying in. I'm excited because it's been forty years. For the players and it's sad to make its history be a we're gonna let and we were we're coming after LeBron and. It were we got an F five that's my prediction. Employers are also handing out a lot of green here inside. ORACLE Arena on every C this is. Should strength in numbers when he fifteen finals if you check in on FaceBook you get these warriors we use for your wants. Basically call if he comes to the parking live early. Any bringing your car you get one of these flags panel saw your warriors Bryant. And then of course behind the basket when the cavaliers are shooting everybody gets these thunder sticks. But here Gloria Reno were known for the noise that beat Oakland fans made so I'm not sure that these are really gonna make much difference tonight. As they take on the cavaliers tied back to you. If not have you ever seen this sounds so excited. No you know there. And I lived in the Bay Area I think about Bay Area native band. It's been forty years since we've seen the Golden State Warriors. In the NBA finals in places say there have been a lot of disappointing years in those forty years so. They've never made it to the conference finals in my lifetime so it's kind of cool to see this happen and I tell you what everywhere you go you're seeing a lot of royal blue. And that building yellow because people are really excited about their lawyers. And I tell you life. It's gonna be so loud in that arena tonight I really feel sorry for anybody losing Cleveland Cavaliers fan I actually feel. Sorry Ricky sleep again it's. All right well lag Patriot Act and I went and thank you so much. For joining us that good luck although the Oakland fans out there. Indeed the night. And he gets the NBA finals starting tonight at 9 eastern 6 Pacific Connie BC. Questions about this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"The NBA Finals tips off tonight, and for many it's really a battle between two of the league's biggest stars, perennial MVP Lebron James, and current league MVP, Stephen Curry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31533466","title":"LeBron vs Stephen: NBA Finals Preview","url":"/Entertainment/video/lebron-stephen-nba-finals-preview-31533466"}