Lil Mo shares her 'Marriage Boot Camp' experience with her husband Karl Dargan

The singer talks reality TV, married life and music.
24:41 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for Lil Mo shares her 'Marriage Boot Camp' experience with her husband Karl Dargan
It's can't just lions ABC radio well and I'm. Very excited because I have two amazing people sitting right across in the in their bright orange and I. I. And easily. It's well that's right super woman herself. And I'll die and who are both here to talk about marriage we did and I. Who worried edible talk about marriage boot camp the childhood tribulations of Mariane. That's. Or madness. Marriage boot camp a give aid of courage house. Day well let's get right insulated airs Thursday nights on we TV and you guys have been opening up your lives. Each and every week on stands on some pains because informal other Il. Huge fear sells goal through these struggles on national television. Every week has that been an eye opening experience. Are opening year because these know what I mean their officials were black right. As soon as we different. Moons we different and he is as is its ever showed okay. I used to doing this are where this I was so was I who would have normal by. My homes like. This is not my viewing a week off and then you all but two in Asia on every week in each week it's in new. Exercise an experiment inexperienced army is you never know I don't know about is an organ itinerary you'll no TV no radio no follow no contact with house I work. Says you at your peers Boris most trans parent usual. Ever. Meehan and it's it's interesting to see you guys in the dynamic of you both have your own situations or not content together talking about it how do you deal with that. And you have a cast characters and count as well yeah about that on the you know it. So first off. You know I know we're still in the season and we still gonna seek beings evolved yet but do you people feel sitting here today with me like you're in a good plea. Whose this year it definitely helps while meticulously. A show like to just be donation gave it does one and sews like. Our Q were any come with ordinary came nobody nobody I don't think nationally in the studio are dying of an idea became I was something. You know and some even if you let. Even if you left alone learn more about self. Especially if you really only a whole lot of calving normally is a lot of people who you know because. You already know is called the department is because every one that's on making this is a part of eleven have not accurate so we were eleven about New York. Lot of lock into and we love him have a winner. Jessica dime initial eleven a pop Atlanta. Tentative love a hip hop Hollywood. Is sold in the amount of who has now. Well all of us in the housing unit on on eleven that we know for everything is over its top everything used you know street and negate your unused physical and emotional. I quit you can even know him you begin though some of the view and I we know be willing you don't know you don't live we live with them he went after colonial was so you are just part of what we don't know how you items presumably acts when he we have got. What an ending his surprises that you found from your cast members as being in that space will livable surprising meaning that you're just like. Okay what during our hand towards its engine engine and general life and I mean who are camping I know there. I know they. Moon. I know walk into every American knows Sean and I just would like they work fiance be hedges and the baby so are already knew that that was a real relationship. I didn't know that sold India was still together and I don't know what they work in Iraq. It allows eye when his marriage who can't buy old Dodgers going again cell I was trying to figure out what they would try to fix because. We left off with them a loving him pop they weren't together. And then with phase in an Tiffany as a site oh like. I know being dynamic. And I didn't know that phase in the were alleged to have been a Kabul it was as I met. So will we had their present job visionary mono prize day even though it was. The -- said it up it was like states also real questions Dole's liberal bloggers know we didn't know what was going Russell that was like a subprime and die like. Pat let had a job put this together issues like so many twists concerns is. May actually noticed both agony and hugged and mugged on the day as questions Jews did actually. Yeah. So you're gonna toward Colombia reporter be a reporter don't pick and choose what you want and what you should and like you have ankle injury to bring us. Yen one. I mean that animal life is Friendster. In the meanwhile you're also trying to work on the relationship as part your problems of that was you know I assume very would have very easy to do at all because you know relationship. Is constantly in a public honestly. It gave you a sense of what it looks like when people are talking about you could put a face to OK. Did the lady who runs bossa like she was our interview that she exit question it he told us because we decouple score before and monster was on it she says you know like when. We do a story and you guys. I just mosey at first you so's I love you guys really like how are going to prisoners and remained there aren't that through good stewards fingered whatever on its parliament Abbas is out these really huge issues we just ask you Kim me she was I'd like -- name is had not my aren't. Let's sometimes we law bulletin intimate and how cease upon like. And even true in exile issues like. Jim million U reaction from Saddam was a black man he doesn't get it to public and I think let isn't as you know we Ireland gave her date that they million lives and human make a whole story. Asia's we have to me you know where we are today you know you reach scenes so much on the there's still much more to come as. Where would you whole pattern and I now. Would you hope people get from your journey in what you've been through because in a way to it's not just about you guys healing and growing in coming in leaving from the show and hopefully being a better and more powerful role here it is also about maybe somebody else. Watching getting something from Matt what do you want people get on your experience. Never give her here. There is need America CD Jews boyfriend girlfriend or any game I had a you know you've had fired on them by being married isn't who to this has already have a commitment and wound through different bargaining and a lot of people say even speak of from from me personally. Because I was married before a lot of people he's never knew there were and I remember so how do you actually against usage is gip go -- like America and is back. So. Now to actually stand there and fight for my foundation and multifamily. Late or never for my feeling for how was when he gives him like this is not I was raised. Can't do that yup you can have them. You know just it is their whole. Dallas and now you know is is hard be room oh and is Laura being Cynthia. So. Network they can do whatever is on our selves and four men who religion and I know I'm a school you are right now the Angel to his eyes and medium I'm just and loom. No that he and as one of biggest things as girl myself a lot of people trying to fix the manners imagines that they south BJ. Solitary lives. You know at one thing. I love to that the doctors be a real judge Israel so you know I have on the what you policies socio pants and a freak of fortune. I know I was in Vegas and I know a couple of hundred people was that they it was in the regular news Joseph cool us and Tuesday at me in. And it is news character. Like we went to look around you know or not I'm not personally the not elaborate about dominate anybody home morning's salute laying camping can't. In it was a Los Angeles Lawrence will again lining ridiculous she's. Ended. We what we did and she's pregnant occupier repairing and bounds and I somebody else. It was his eyes are on known him or she's machine and shall we want to have a managing this and I'm proud and I'm happy for you and I know. Day. What I saw from his story when I seen him as like. She ages warrants of real genuine love one key on a show and won it for someone who's come clean Lee told you. Why did not mean you know like you nothing to me like yoga displeased as before. So artists found. All the drama and its use as she do it comes a point where yeah. You honestly of the relies maybe you're the toxic than. And that's enough. Besides turn would you say anybody else it was just really noticed on that was almost no business was known as my result India day I know everybody looks at it every which it argues that went to seedy life UCDs light. Our own symbol for like you've itself as tropical was born in so it was almost like everybody's human and how he still has got his marriage age is live immigrants from different name it even if they're not and a physical audibly photographer relationship a monogamous relationship might. You wanna be was this is why we came in for as well let's loses toll won't go away or less equal we know how cool we can be read each other to this extent. Because. Is only so much hurt that you should use. Allow what did you dish out my. If somebody is always call your dissident like you gonna take don't come become immune to any local ways it is someone that will give them of that unique. Docent at BofA at a world many people pick you apart and now my YouTube blog or even go with someone accounts moves write me. I'm not said air Warner remember honor I'm a blog or social work said that that was right now and is being. You lose TQ and and so obesity when he loses Unionists on the top 1516 years old on this guy got his these millionaires 1516 years ago. Okay who does he have to listens and nobody socialism nobody he's willing I'm learning you'll learn how some concern pain and I ended may swapping listen to me so I mean. He wants it and nurturing. Ian Kennedy and her mother Carrie either you liked her mother's love. And I think your mother love bunnies was. Heroes is actually like you want somebody a lot of my Kamal. By. You have to realize. Is also weigh in with story as New Madrid was last so let's sort of way be soldier would have allegedly be jury you know Jose. And live in women being around him like we are going on in his and they were not designed GC you gonna do this news. You can you do perfect segue because there since the show has. Premiered he's been so much conversations and so many things about different things Mohammed Amin talking for a rap with you for a few minutes because there's been sold my school and on nag deftly want us to declare all that he had better understanding. Yet first off I. I want to talk about music because music and me is is how you rate OK now the last laugh. The last moment full and project from my understanding with the 2014. You know Bartlett yes well. Can we talk about what your next. Age will be because he lets see you again and indeed want and they just. They've been around for reality TV or. It is state that I just popped up on the scene and an arms. Zone or Donna Myers one million. Andrea Day have been doing his professionally for twenty years cell that history and I'm really finally walking into the footsteps into the why am being on edge and how does as crazy to be real ideal do you know we are and I didn't realize that until now cell. Now I'm finalizing my project called separation anxieties in the universe little model so you get to see every rises in leasing an apparent solace in. Sauls that everybody has read. Re a murders Alice in the software ever that I did it every winning and supplied them like -- literally jock response when it. Portion and her husband Tom they date. But from room house wasn't going like they flew me in missing. Intro fan and. Navy. So I was a surprise she always wanted me to sing their toes so. To have him fly media for that special moment like that was amazing and in just like. Although there and the I love it might make is someone's daylight like did you make this happen sometimes you just gotta go. Hinges do do what's what's expected but never that dip into on the dark side. So with marriage boot camp you have to go to dinner you have to go off. A flower cannot blow grow which is a you've got a goal Uday dear. And you gotta Warner in the and that's how you girls are realized had to go back to dinner. Game and give back tomorrow Bruce because I was that there is some pitches that we took today and to add to that to twenty years of house arrest and look the same. I think that's want to preserve meat and now I'll do bigger and better and I. And everything that I missed. I don't want anything that I have lost want to keep what I have when Iran missed an every opportunity is available to me now. Absolutely now Kelly talk about you know. Obviously we'd been being amendment album of the out ammonia and is an old and at times to hand you feel has changed for you. On in regards. The industry. On you know coming back on the scene it's a different it is and wade ever and a little like social media alone. Eliminated. Via some effect I don't have to back in the day we have to do. I. You pages how to decipher and we had a really. Flew back then you really had to. As a really love their artists and brought with him to feel what they were gone to narrow to get on an. You can try to assess which has been able to welcome to do reality shown now and music out now there are more plan. Forms of me to expand by you have. You have to use the platform wisely so coming back. I realized about how much of a voice I still hang. That we oppose one paying any pics of Y one oh OK I give it. So that was one of the biggest changes policy social media and it is except his policy. With me and it's days like it you can isn't just in saint. I'm not Aniston can't be like I'll discuss matters I. I wouldn't have it like this not. I'm not trying to force my views on people but some people it is not a Mastny what you said and it's ask about the is one thing because you've recently talked about queen not. I wanted to yeah okay will. And you are cleaning yes please I didn't see the. Soul train awards blank with muscles and media what I do use he wants to do with what Grammy. It's publishers like Oklahoma and so on its connect. Even if I'm not there because I know a lot of things go on behind the scenes. On how to rise is a popularity kindness of EQ you popular did and always. Keep it can identify if you Courtney I'm Latina. Who with net I knew Jack we. Images and he's put his money is the only suspect acts its people for me I was like. Asking that you go leaking status. Don't worry about was born are so when Russell a site for a. Only thing. We have Allison from underground for rinsing it is back on site for a week on the pass the Mike. When you do you karaoke. It's almost like raw emotion feeling that every know all point. Still brought it's almost like. And CDs to unplug. Up close and personal feel so they we have left like hip hop site as when you do is get over or rise if you can't rob they won't you be right now we used to start tossing it wouldn't question might it wasn't an average he. Yeah way to tenor and you have affect aircraft. Soreness and a siphon and Nassau. DeWitt its native Indians was Kelly Price first sub that you Kelly Price spurs an exit on the ground as well man. When they watch about I think she went first. Which aside what you been nothing you do is Eck like you don't beat it like. The post Saddam houses like lives and. He's my daughters love. I think she's a very beautiful I just honestly think that she's being is sadly misguided. You can't come here thinking you missing a piece of assault no ticket intercept that's how we would toy. Singh is official last time making people feel not it is mediocrity. It if you pregnancy news. Which is prohibiting you from being the greatest and sit this one out ought to. Form must not do is Cyprus should have been like. You should have been agenda Sullivan. Shoot. Have to be in everything I know when you pass it MI. Is gold beating you will be what just happened in the I don't come what is borrowing hand and a newcomer in the cyber. Easy go in the inning got nukem come to light when did you do it but an adjunct general racing yeah Batman. You can't ever done this video what. Yeah and magic like. No way anybody got ferber I guess mop and in our room as the impressions was crazy was ideas not just as a Palestinian I am like he has a thousand. As seven. Point eight million impressions of people and it was made because within I had artists and verify accounts and sane people it was on talent. He was going to give us some credit did you know why nothing. Do just the music industry. It will build you up and have your height but their means you watch these guys and yeah but have been. David icy ice and a mess I've seen it I've seen people. Go to the top. And don't know how to stay up there at that clubs and I don't mean it you know hit a greatly weight but it's hard edges won't it. You know just fun that because I know all of you aren't there a moment. Eric has an old mule. Appreciate in this field that newcomers you want are you it has been working gap issued working with argued I think that's. This let go a lot of people whose name won't ring bells blood she lives with us in time artist daylight. Your favorite artist favorite artists like the best unknown people. To me if I'd known and they got my attention then I'm just like I think Arab Russian and I was I was yeah of the Smith. I cheese's Indians now. Because she is a size two you know not gonna push her but I honestly think you have a Smith forcing. Down into muddle. That's a dog she is how most passion just always does because I think. People get here and it is that owner and everything she still grinding. The grind can't stop people like Claire Sargent she's from Paris. I found Albert I'm explore paint houses like. In its salt right. Where did you can't call these people people like I was in new comers that out in out isn't gunning from Philly and in Tierra wecht she's on new Missy Elliott. News Bree you know. Lindsay she's from Detroit vehicle about a new little memento and Charlie Magnus Willis and his right hand me is like. Harassing myself for ever and I was blown away is a lot of people be. I love you yeah yeah. And examine a mess but I just say it is like you guy but the way she sang a song. And it was only abetted in May say okay that's lock. Cosigned. So she's coming out. Josie who's out I love the LeMay you know why because I met her when I saw was bobbled ho humility integrity. And her beauty I should it come it would logically was you know make of what she was just so I was like she's lost Jesus. She's not. I love Jack. The girl her this HER her. The site. Oh. Everywhere else at what he's gotten pregnant but I'm not asking. This is down on the ground dad's aunt I know go suits nominate a union does have you quick hot topic on. Your comments that you can't tell you what let people had gotten bad and you don't know what to say. Basically they thought that you support if not I'll let you know by Saturday I believe that if Lott was not aging. Oh what people are stepping and they will love and I'm does right now people buying his whole bowl outlets salute the blues lose your own home exhibit. I'm me as reported by his seat on the court or my pockets and alma supported him for documents it is not a party way. However mean stop this and disarmed by classic songs and stuff like this because in an apparent he's influenced him ahead of I think his cousin of the president in the project. Does it mean and. So I didn't see diamond. Yeah I think I think important and I think if people. Are talking about. These documentaries they don't it has ever put out it is. My daughter and that we sentencing is having this whole. We're talking about this because battery usual Baltimore. And home I was just I was sent them a break houses like. Coming up using it to say it's art that you know you hype it up because. Is stated in my youth. Make people wanted to Beckett and that's listed. As it would talk about the today. I was too dirty and sent us and we will going into the mix musical elements of 5 o'clock 5 o'clock. Since he came up to the radio station I was. Pregnant daughter. An acute diseases and well. Is it due. To take massive nose is over it is OK you. Or you know our position that tape is considered a federal offense and it's child pornography. So I was it's like if we saw his seventy years ago. Would decide you know will facilitate like these as a crazy stuff happening. If you are allowing this insanity is Lee Hodges reported in the spring up. Everybody. I mean I was up if it. I'm glad it's finally added that sometimes the slope and so maybe this hopefully is a fire that. I hope everybody burned. As part and movement but I'd say it is. He has an A blurs as well as a lot of other people. Violence of the Arctic this little boy and get to the top nine ms. Newman. Well. Did you him. We'll all caught you don't talk all day manually edit go before we now grammys coming up. On Sunday as anybody that you guys are rooting for no LME's nominees she's okay you know when. Big problem. And beaten at a now. Jeff I have to check. I M Saturdays that day OJ laws before and low technology of the innocent why how who might whoop it. This is what I feel and maybe I'm wrong as is like Susan and I wasn't. The people who pig Ben I think who pick the Super Bowl in autos with what was it. Our performing it is that it wouldn't be somebody knows the before they sound like how you not a hand. No but like Jay lowly Levy could do this but Beauchamp. So did Bogota the B pre record knows she better bring it I love it dip like Jenny from the block but she's on immense I'm opposed about a price go viral did not say something. I'm be like this is at certain thing is unacceptable. Like it like the most like most of that's all we have left in his black using you couldn't find 100. Exit the bank. Nobody was available now because I'm an Anthony I for he's been leg but nobody was available. They have you know. Well thought that yeah. What you think he's not. And the UEU and Graham McCain ticket and not able look kinda ethnic and you got out of a billion big. Boot camp is on. Boot camp tent city. As soon DMV. The day we pay eighty untouchable. And on out of music lovers. Assuming that lacks the I am not saying yeah.

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