Lillias White Set to Take the Stage Again

The Tony winner and director Will Nunziata create a must-see musical event.
6:47 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Lillias White Set to Take the Stage Again
Ultimate performer powerhouse singer best featured actress those just some of the many accolades. Used to describe one of our guest today. It's. That is Tony and Emmy award winning singer Lily -- wife who we are delighted to have witnessed today. Along side teaming up with a very dynamic Broadway director women's -- for senator unforgettable musical event here in New York. That really is white effect at 54 bloke I think you so much for stopping by plans so essentially this basically came about because we'll was stalking you right. Well he wasn't exactly -- six. Her -- you're at the opening night of the disaster that that disaster of the musical right written by Seth from -- ski yes. And he was on the -- for -- -- I was allowed to something he looked at me and -- locked eyes and then looked away locked eyes again and he came over to -- said. Excuse me you don't believe the findings will who -- have a huge fan of -- and I would love to work -- -- -- -- project. And I act had -- -- prison and you know and can't correspondents from 54 below before write about doing a show -- so. Was somehow we worked it out we got a date right we set the dates may first second and third. And we we got together and. He's been elected just correctly because it is you that you're bouncing careers -- the same talent you see -- might really is who used to before has driven a lot of your inspiration in your drive and in the Broadway world. And then you approach your hero. You know -- kind of courageous it was a little bit you know I turned 30 November and I think to myself well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fingers -- during intermission or something I sent -- this is a woman this is the type of talent once in generation count that I wanna build events around as a director. And I approach here we had a great conversation I think the -- they had -- restaurant yes in the air quality at all right. -- travels to go and collateral is that brings us this refuse to he's here these stores because you often have people don't see. I mean they see Broadway that the donors and I'm you know exactly how these kinds of projects Germany from these small little conversations right -- that -- -- 54 below -- of itself. Is considered this New York hot spot it's been described as like broadway's. Living room you know essentially. The beautiful room it's it's it's it's a beautiful venue but it's it's it's very -- that the experience -- for theatergoers very different than when you're sitting in life. You know a Broadway stage because it's it's much more in -- He has as much more personal. It -- did the closeness of the rule that allows for you to be able to see people can look them in the I. And get a call in response sometimes I -- members want to. And and they want to say something to you wouldn't see that they would respond to -- doing and it becomes a whole -- whole part of the shell. So I'm -- -- below isn't a great move for that this intimate enough. The sound is wonderful yet and they have all the all the bells and whistles that really promote a great cabaret experience so great about. Releases that -- so relatable and she will sing the songs that all the fans. Want to hear her sing -- it's -- come from her true it's gonna come from her life experience and her story and it's been such a thrill to rehearse this woman because she devastate -- in the most positive way. And I can only for people to see -- I'm I -- amazed by the fact that I mean it's got to be a little intimidating Tony award winner for the life. -- for Hercules. I mean they'll live with for earth and it worked on sesame thank you very much yet I've I've got to this and Sesame Street NYPD blue law and order I mean is there anything that has left that you not -- says lots left that I haven't tackled and you go to find out what those -- when you come to see the -- 54 below that -- that the plug this. -- -- their talent that is. Boundless. She has. A career that I know people would dream up the -- so much more to say. And it's just been an absolute pleasure to see this woman's gifts and what she's able to do not only to a signers story. But she still would lead -- more on that stage and a beautiful venue -- 54 below. Really really and -- -- That sensibility that really is affects and has an effect on an audience -- -- -- -- -- what effect she goes into a room. And she positively. Affects people. How much goal is to change people's. Ideas about things and to give them an outlet. And two to make people feel something. -- Whether -- -- how to succeed in business without really trying. Or any other of the numerous productions that you've been in before have you ever got on -- -- -- -- I don't know what can bring an African delivering make that kind of connection with the audience tonight. That's that's so happens that does happen and I think it happens every performer but what takes over. Is the adrenaline that comes up from the body and threw -- -- spirit. And the that the goal is to give these people what they came. So no matter what was political. But what happened on the subway and you always have -- on the news it upset you. You. Who dare to present that gift of something in -- spirit the something I believe that that's why I'm in the theater and that's why. I'm still in that the yen amid trying to break out and -- that didn't TV and films and I've done some of that tune your loved to. But the stage gives you that opportunity in this platform. To touch people directly immediately. And to get a response from that. I would be looking forward to as are a lot of people may first second and third at 54 below yes the -- is what effect will -- out of directing congratulations on that and -- -- Always a pleasure and continued success thank you --

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{"id":23428388,"title":"Lillias White Set to Take the Stage Again","duration":"6:47","description":"The Tony winner and director Will Nunziata create a must-see musical event.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lillias-white-set-stage-23428388","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}