Live from the VMA red carpet: Shiggy

The viral internet personality talks with ABC News' Will Ganss on the VMA red carpet.
3:31 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Live from the VMA red carpet: Shiggy
Super excited for this line all right. CAD. How's it going man well done all right so you pat. What must be a crazy past couple months and they in my feelings salads here ground zero for that. It's odd to me about the inspiration where it came from and what the past couple months have been like freedom. Me it's racing came and here Disney villain out to keep them in the you know these. Give life policy that I cruel blow came when a new New Orleans. Get introduced to be just. All the you know it's the quote the America and today that a mock you that you are so that's up lots. That's a million gain in the that this level of lots of other heavy morning wakes up what is owed for the big. You know I'm so excited for you I'm proud of you. It has to feel pretty good to to be responsible you know we're in kind of a political climate that's a lot of people. Perhaps you know that's a lot of people little bit stressed a little bit you know sad whatever but you get to bring a lot of joy into people's lives with something like this. How does that feel it. Those so good because it shows you how. The simplest in the littlest thing it makes in my day it make the world yes. Smiled at me to a happy enjoyed a moment like lightning outfit is not last forever so and a movie that in. It's great I'm glad to be a part of it sold pulled. They helped ease everybody's doing great great to be a part of me. So in addition to starting the entire. U note talents. Then you get what a phone call from Dracut says I want you to you in that video. Notice how close the digital go though alive though it probably if they haven't spoken to DM and they go me get this bill. These these that is the word. A lot of they've gone on to Israel toys and he finally did it at my bureau they have my right there with that it made the moment. It in Neal I think that that's that's agree about the degree city Atlanta went out there. I mean this this is crazy how how big this thing got so that he has been the lot of things take a little while and let. That give big led to person's diet doesn't get the recognition as they'll let recognition during the Stein. I started helping. And Scott other big people who did it two in other news tip that that's a good way America you know but have yet this is good though so many other news. It is that Al would weigh in. We gotta get yet there. Yeah I mean Michael Strahan right in the studio got up indeed it is what you started I think that's amazing seductive drew you know. Wilson bed Sierra everybody was there one that you were light when you saw there person and my feelings talents that you like oh my god I can't believe this just happened. Aaliyah I was the Willis but it was only a bug eyed moment with a lot of people. You expect that got to sort of a little red when he when he got its spam at every moment he did O and Israel thing didn't speak. It is so great then the Italian descent and I started out good about him was made fresh fruits such a big thing is that's like. I'm Elizabeth band like Harry by the look at that they so great if he gave me credit. That's negative CD Sosa Mason made in this thing. They sub Emma bonded as the announcement since and had them. Amazing Sig he has such a good night tonight great to meet you congratulations and I are six and.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The viral internet personality talks with ABC News' Will Ganss on the VMA red carpet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"57297436","title":"Live from the VMA red carpet: Shiggy","url":"/Entertainment/video/live-vma-red-carpet-shiggy-57297436"}