Lizzy Caplan, Actress, 'Master of Sex'

Caplan tells Peter Travers how she prepared for her role in Showtime's racy new series.
9:21 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Lizzy Caplan, Actress, 'Master of Sex'
Good housekeeping assistant. What they think -- I think that women often confuse. Love with physical attack -- hits. Women often think that sex -- months and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think I've ever -- woman express which in. Theory -- just didn't. Your doctor. Continue not easily. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is popping in the pop culture and that big pop. This weekend that you could seize the start. At by showtime series called masters of sex. And I wondered who was the biggest the greatest the most thoughtful master sex on new and -- -- Lizzy Caplan. The conveniences. That -- stars. In this year's so that's a great thing. Easy welcome to the show -- so months. And some very happen to be here I am very happy that you recognize -- -- -- us troops. I do I knew it from our first meeting I could tell that. Immediately but I need you to tell us right now because you've done this -- twelve. At this swelled up so it's. -- what have you learned about sex that you didn't know before you did masters sat. -- learns. May be too much about sex -- -- it. Now and solid talk about so people want to talk to him -- c'mon look at the thing yeah. It's I've learned you know on the scientific side stuff like. Before masters and Johnson everybody. Believed what Freud believed which was that. Female orgasms they were -- content the first -- equipped -- orgasm which is reserved for young immature girls and the second one. Was for mature women a vaginal orgasm that was to be achieved with your husband. You -- that is if you all just carrying a clipboard that you have on -- -- talk about orgasms you know I don't case it's all the time nonstop. And did the bomber bits of living in that time in believing those things. Was if you could not achieve this vaginal that your woman orgasm. You were frigid. And you had to go into psychoanalysis for years and years and years. It's not criticize the women I'm in the men -- of course. Everything that it was part is perfect and even though screwed up. We didn't have to go through anything know that now women with a broken -- And everybody believed it an excellent -- teen yes well. A little a little has changed but not as much as I would like to -- Well this is to set the stage for people that know nothing -- subject to known nothing of the 1950s and the sixties except what -- -- on -- yeah. And you don't do what -- its first want to know and -- can expect -- second one. Thank you times and went back to 1980s. That's true that's about as period. He adds I get most of the time although I did do also western -- now but -- The I didn't see him losing patent and out there clearly was -- -- -- It's called the last rites of ransom pride you're making now -- Nobody's two minute clip from that -- He defeat at an area made that movie was really we ponies are -- -- -- breakfast to inhale first but it was really fun to do. Should guns and ride horses. You have fun most of the time when you do yes. I have -- I think more than most actresses get to have fun I've been really lucky. I'm very -- sets making very fun show because you make that -- Yeah I guess that must be -- -- -- -- to argue rock yeah art I got off of the subject to these two wonderful people -- Virginia Johnson ends Ginny Ginny Ginny. I didn't know about them either before I read the script to its liking either studied them and schooling didn't -- -- school I did not. Which is so strange thing because they were enormously famous in the fifties and also their work really -- forms. So much of the world today and yet most people I haven't hurt them. No but you will bring him back to then singled to put the put up the what's going to now. I mean I've heard of kinsey only because of that movie. -- of course you know they'll come. It's moving -- Neeson of -- now we know through everything you know. The old days they had to wait in the fifties war -- sex manuals like masters and Johnson that instead -- today. Will we learn all we need to know about sex from the Internet. You -- -- Internet porn -- what struck us yes most days they didn't have. I can't even imagine a time without Internet alliance -- fat and the old it is that I wasn't -- and asking what you basically -- So -- one time. Sounds terrifying but who just tell us about -- who she is this as a person. Virginia Johnson. A -- -- now acknowledgment. Is there is an -- Virginia to a hung she agents ms. Jones and she isn't and we -- her and show and one masters matter reelection as -- twice divorced single mother to an ex nightclub singer. And she wanted to get a college degree and who isn't getting a lot of help or really any help from her ex husband father of her children -- -- get a job and then -- wanted to get a degree in order to get a better job. And she found herself in this hospital in Saint Louis and she became doctor masters secretary. And then quickly he realized that she was the only woman. Our round that was capable of having. Frank honest conversations about sex and he wanted to embark on the sex study -- and he needed -- woman because he had zero people skills. And -- -- -- take their clothes off. In order to do the experiment. And you -- comes in and gets that to happen to an -- she walks into the room and just close fall off -- -- And it's. It's a tremendous number of prostitutes yet. You to use yet as well as yourself I don't want to jump ahead past the number of episodes that I've seen I only know a little bit about the real people. But. You guys in the -- art and you lab coat and basically you're watching people have -- -- So what was left for use account -- did you have to basically put on a lab coat. And watch people have -- seemed to understand what you plan. Yes I've been asking friends and Amylin most of them have been very generous that time and about it. -- it's a strange thing it's a very odd job you know to show up and watch people take their clothes off and simulate masturbation and and sexson. Whenever -- take a step back and really notice what -- Doing yes it seems very strange but really I mean you get desensitized. Extreme equipment. When -- -- and I like we -- -- this is going on anymore it's not exciting released. Just like it was for them except these two actually weren't having sex yes they were having sex of each other and they observed over 101000. Orgasms and -- that compete. On Internet porn yes yes and you find one Internet -- -- that can show -- 101000 orgasms. And then send me that -- I'll do it after it's out there and -- -- -- You've done so many daring -- I -- bachelorette has the best speech on oral sex -- ever. -- true blood you do. You know you're taking banned blood and -- drug to be. I mean my time McClellan dirty and -- that drug addict but this is I think there's tremendous breakthrough. Part free. Because. Even though you can be funny and sometimes with him there's. This is a great GC -- -- this is the best you can't let. Well you know how we end the show -- you don't let them to it's always it's wrong. Her latest the little piece of assault and that's -- could be the thing you thought gene. That Jimmie Johnson was hearing in her -- What could be I don't know I did see as the -- of who loves to track someone now -- out captain to -- better than most people. I'm not it could be -- unique thing. It could have been a nursery rhyme that your parents and yet but I'm leaving -- so that. OK I think that that's -- -- Would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You but it can't. Go. With it. And round -- -- things -- Thank you think -- equities --

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{"id":20389605,"title":"Lizzy Caplan, Actress, 'Master of Sex'","duration":"9:21","description":"Caplan tells Peter Travers how she prepared for her role in Showtime's racy new series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lizzy-caplan-actress-master-sex-20389605","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}