LOLO Talks Music, Inspiration, and Upcoming Album

ABC News' Andrea Dresdale interviews LOLO about her upcoming album.
24:41 | 08/30/16

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Transcript for LOLO Talks Music, Inspiration, and Upcoming Album
Hey welcome another to another edition of ABC news life from the couch on interest and my guest today is a singer songwriter actress. Former Broadway star she's done it all Nash's new album out which is called in Britain memory when you know Lee. And it's hello welcome high. Now let's let that you know extremely descriptive album title and B songs capture a particular time in your life. They're looking back on the mixed emotions or debate represented that just have stopped caring what anybody thinks I think it's a little bit. Those. But I would say is swinging towards that latter on the harder side. It you know I I I grew up in small town taxi acts sort there. And you know back I. Spent I spent a lot of I tried should be. Girl but I'm just kind not. I think so. I speak three that internal conflict is kind of where I am now. And eat place. No longer. Caring. About. Wyatt. Anyone else tries to. Be him. The title can be a little misleading because maybe it. Makes people think that I care about anything and partisan witch is actually could not be further from the truth. I actually care a lot of things are probably finish it by. What you elm been a long time calling for you did you feel relief for nervousness or excitement or just all three. I'm just a little bit of all three of those who really honestly. I think relief definitely. I'm so. So glad that I can share this with people and it was very much labor. And a musical. Journey of self discovery had just. Sort couple years going into the process. Making this record and and I made the record with. Amazing. Superhuman it makes it clear out Los Angeles and he had worked at a few things before this out together we worked on step. Back up in this dozens whip up let's. He and I have become very close and he let me names like what do you want it would you want it wouldn't say and I had been. Doing these what I liked outward on that's where I had been just really like act. Dumping all of my feelings every single day you know compiling compiling. Words and thoughts and little ponds act. And I would think these are these are my feelings and let's talk. You know and so to be able CU. Have eight physical. Sonic representation. Personal grants an attempt at becoming better days it's encouraging. Well. Well I mean. He spent a lot of time trying to find great musical direction for it was like one I'll probably went breakthrough. Finally realized that it on you know this mountain on youth. Sure are definitely I I think. Me and my natural state. Today and pure singer songwriter. That's you know what I grew out. Always being sick care things songs and think my core act is totally what I am. But you know. IRA wanted to spend a couple of years trying to experiment with like a more electronic. Side of things and more per. Produced side of things to see. Where what that made me feel like what creative things apple got so there never some really interesting things that came out that. That I still really love us totally stand behind it we play live sometimes you know elixir altered versions of that now. But you know that it really ultimately what happened why this. I wanna add to. The focus beyond the words and this sort of maladies that we're supporting his words. And so we kind of took over Jake I took like a reverse approach to producing where. We didn't make it about the track well we native. The that it vocal execution of communicating works. And it was a bit of a fine line to we were really trying to figure out what is too little production is at what is too much. Wet you know what cut it starts to take away from that the focus. From the words and so it it definitely took a couple of minutes to like get that balance right. But I think once we did when we thought really excited. To. To happen BE release of political and we've made the record. We have. With a black band and you know happiness elements and having sort of happens purity about it in that sense it was it was a lot of fun if. Well you know that's so unusual these days that he didn't think about the track and it's really all about the words because the album is essentially a singer songwriter album but not like the fact that it's actually quite eclectic and there's a lot of different. Styles and on it like I was looking at that playlist that you put together turning everything from blood ours to Aretha Franklin is at one of my favorites nick Lowe on there are so I mean. Did you set out to make it very eclectic or was it just whatever is needed. You know we didn't. We ever really. Not right. Wanted to make something that's he's. And that it could exist together for a peek eyes it was with this earth. We're going. You know the truth of the matters way. Actor. Everything I. Hear people. I do actually listened to rethink. And and from the time that we small child like seeing it. From child. And then on let's get right. Spice Girls and I. As. Kerry Weaver interpret. It. Hello I'm. Are. She. Actually. Right. So you know I there were a lot of different musical. And I grew couple hours from hospital which art. It's always wins. It's full musical. And quiet life. West eight area. So you know there where there were a lot of influences there. Rate we. Really remarkable. Musicians and writers whether it's for its more. David valley more. Our exports or at collar you know like these people. I've spent so much time. Apart in the. You know but that even got us effort like Britney Spears' records by. TLC you know these things. Are still so. Much. Huge part of this so I wanted to. Without. The album's sound to you all the plays it did really want to try and otter. Eight different pockets of people. So. His shyness that you wrote this. To yourself for your right you two hour others are partly that vote. A little bit I wrote this bomb. Blasts. And no way. I was back in Tennessee had the time and homes. It's actually. And you know I was really Twain Regina a weird year. Genuine here. For me personally and by the end of toy fourteen. Unfortunately. Have certainly had gotten through it thing which I had gone through and it's sort of my character which was extremely depressed. Okay per. And I you know I wasn't I was like suicidal or anything that was very depressed okay. And you know around about April. 15 I just sort of like hot this moment where conflict and only person back. Fix this for myself. And I have to figure out what steps to take to do that. And this song really. Let's kind like birth. Providers to it started as a reminder to myself like. You are the only person can you. And you have to understand and puke and then and then and then act. And act upon it. But that these you know especially after. Its members and manager. I wrote this on it. It. I think unintentionally preachy. Let you know IA act. My other thing about it was like I don't think the only person has ever been hired. And I. Want people don't you feel hurt and lenders. And feel awesome car if there is definitely like. This song for me is is certain public. Singing in the showers into yourself in there with her breast. Certainly you can you spit. You can't do any saying it out for net. Yes can. First rate starts frequently pistols and actually it was very successful when everything where you thinking. Make this difficult. Time thinking I still took me a rock star and I gonna do it is doing. Share. I'm you know buying. Never. Far right at her act. Coming out it items. First was like the most amazing unbelievable experience for a number of reasons you know. I moved here at that show are partly in here and six month contract opt partly contract. And you know and that it does show morphed in Q you know mr. Hamilton like wave. Success it was and we were like really real green industry like. And I like small town all right so I moved here and nobody had expected. A year later it might face app and square just like is. Happening actually. So. It was interesting. I spent my entire time show. Play kicks actually publishing deal on a show. Duncan sheik who wrote the music. For spring awakening with extra routinely. Hopeful TV. He helped me record. They with the singer songwriter. That's where. Prayer our anyway so. You know I was very very thankful and still quite honestly for the enormous things that. Be hard cash as it afforded me. But yeah I I came out you come when you do something as rigorous as abruptly show as it schedule. I think that you didn't go into that experience ago I have to do this forever or. Its. I don't know that I feel extreme. That I would urge you again but the problem is. I think eventually I would really lots to do something again but. The schedule is. Really incensed and you inner city kids to carry you know so for meets to take the time to track back especially right now. And it last year so. It would mean that I wouldn't be able to really be fulfilling this tires. Part life which is. That there are things that you heard what you were showed it still apply what you're doing out cities' things. I don't thing that the best thing. What are one of the patent. Being in the show is really like. What year are for more because I think what a lot of people don't realize probably show it's like. You can't just call out I mean you can you hear it but you can you know you're expected to either girl. And so. You know you really have to take care of yourself and be on yours stopped to freer hell but also you know. Life happens sometimes you are and whether you have to find out limit like. How far can I go before an. Putting myself in danger and an arm my answer her make myself sick or whenever. So it taught me and I was it's eighteen so high school. Lessons and it was extremely valuable and it. Help so much today because now. We spent time in hand. I say hey I'm very much a work part play part person that I'm try. It can be very the which. Limits this way. Well you know lets you record here. And the it's on the title makes it sound like. You're just not gonna let some who's didn't leave because one person but actually. Yeah yeah. I'd say this. On the next. We. Are sure. I. And actual. This all out. In the it's that it's. Away. Basically. I. Care and use your do you use. Energy. And I'm going to see. It. I I. It's especially. That. So with this thing. I mean you know definitely. There. There came alive. Records. The I'm. Able we'll take that there. Fire it. There lately there richer. Picture. Operates three ports. Packed. I think it's not I'm not honest. When it comes to right. It just sort. Aircraft. With most or. Eyes. Talk I could I would talk to all. People so I I don't know I. I think. You know. It's not race it. That's lights. At Emory is strong. Outlook he likes. About catching isn't better for. Right. Let you know terms of right you mentioned this before that you. This. I think. There are now back. Did you ever think you may just be professionals. Better week you looking for that's. I. Here's the thing we. Performing. With all doing it. It would not were not for like. Recognition reasons. I grew up singing in church. Girl and for me. Singing. It's what brought the greatest joy. And it still. Need to serve as accurate for joy that I know and it's. And also for me that was really aren't related to and understood it sort. A powerful beam music scenes is so much larger than life. I mean and so. Having good performance that was always something I'd just like did because it brought me so much joy and then. And then I don't know all of a sudden went kind of realized like well. This could be my job sites like that's pretty grade I should probably because he makes me happy. But it was never like it was never like fame seeking it was just kind of like nothing makes me happier. Then that bit but to me op. Ultimately lake from the time I was a kid you know it was is what you might be a lot of B songwriter I want to. Whether that's from here people are I grew up really really really loving people Earl keen. We're. Incredible artists themselves but event rather incredible music for other people. For me and I feel very strongly about the human condition and being able to relate to the world around you and answer right about that so. Particularly working like heck and writing area specifically with it absolutely. Join fighters they are become really different mindset that was obviously. Eat particularly. As a person vaccinated. And because he he he's he's had such an interesting career. And then also how he's pitched to answer balances personal. With. Well Cree. And and it really admire and appreciate. What front. And sent to be able to write songs. Which hit sort of thinking he is mind and his voice. But then also to right. I wrote. Port that there sock and that's not. Really really wrote that. It's there. You know here you've got this guy's totally alternative rock. Icon and lake. You know he's got girls early themselves and all the time and yet he Perry. And and the it's. Happening. To beat it. It's really an. That's great good voices yes sometimes there's there are very frantic. Really. Got some of these. Amazing voice and and quite honestly that was the biggest thing I wanted to do this on. I work Jake let my record where I also worked with him on that record and and Jake got to sign you know this might road at about. With tennis you know I did melody line and August and partly because I knew what. What an incredible singer wise. And and you know I'm slightly biased but I really think he's the most amusing male rock's. There just incredible. And I wanted to hear. I really wanted to hear because a lot of their singles that you'll hear that will come. Our you know awesome really catchy but they don't necessarily used loud it's certain really. Goat the full distance. Range as range it's called crazy yeah I actually whistled. Carry this are. So yeah I want it I want it sees. Well speaking of crazy ranges yours pretty easy to accept what appeared to figure out which I don't have to lie. Now. On this your miserable. We'll bring you really this publicity around the time you earlier so if you enter our time. I wrote yes. This is this this is on its I wrote before groups. Like the public actually. This is idle while he's on this outlet I am. I am having. Really what lies and really what this that this. You now. One in the past. If your. Misery. It's actually just. Or because. People that else. Airport. Terrible terrible terrible. I kept thinking got its act like we. Catholics and reasonable adults. It's. Especially women. So it's you know this song was. Ways create. This morning. Some titans actually you do. Need to honor your inner four. Years the BB. And that's actually serve the rich to cross head. It's it's. For me. It's. Part time the heat swept across. The it is. Just. Me there. Oh. Knee. First to September air we're going to be Columbus efforts to reclaim the cup fashion music festival there. And then we're going to be on the right opening up our doctors story we start in Dietrich you trade. Chicago nationally it is heated trade should asked now that we go to Iowa for it we can't play. With anti charter people out there magical barn. In the Coca it lap and then we get. To you. Boxed and and fairly and that we get the West Coast for Seattle. Portland and temperance is. Less. And then come back reduced to use shows and one in Manhattan when in Brooklyn at the end of September so. I think it's fifteen dates that from the third of September it to the 29 of September so basically we. You everywhere tree even. Our. Magical art. OK well anyway thank you so much for joining us I'm glad. How that name of the album is looking at when Heatley as an artist as well educator for ABC news is like catch.

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