Loni Love talks Essence Fest 2020 and new memoir

The comedian and Essence host dishes on the upcoming fest, her career and more.
16:29 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for Loni Love talks Essence Fest 2020 and new memoir
Gazillion ABC idea now of course his lovely and talented. Talented Emmy award winning a woman getting fatter profit meat is the one the only. Money power is good to see you again this CEO I think every year for essence that concede you know the holds the and see the woman taken over the main stage and every I and I'm excited for this year because Reno essence. I wanna get out and inspect the mall. Call Jeremy at sea how to put the culture in their of the more than just a music show it's more than just the festival is a culture and it all called to come together. The celebrate this time for the July weekend. You're going to be on the main stage second time in the route how does it feel light of that now mean do you feel like. That does not and the nine dollar is brand new if I was brand new and this is the fiftieth anniversary of essence the magazine. So instead of just three nights we're actually doing mid July 1 in the fifth so it's a night for each decade itself. It's exciting in like you said reaching Lou and the people as has decided to change it. Com to as says festival of culture because you have these wonderful wonderfully advances happening to out the whole day and doing the daytime. You know you Google's convinces an act you can see from you know. Eight list celebrities talking about you know old different pains you'd they have wellness shops they have economic saps. It's just a good place a network to if you you know you're trying to open up a business or you have a business. Is it really did nuggets of information so that all happens during the day and in that we'd party candidates don't have them. I had two kids do let it set. Bases anybody it's darn things. But this year we had a great Bruno Mars is will be his first time so Danny Jack sail over eighty performers are going to be the air around we also have super lounges with Ian. The the whole super dome so it's just a really fun week in for the culture. If I always think of I want to HB CU Alley say is like homecoming. In out so this is like our yearly homecoming. For the whole country. Absolutely Fiat bag and the fact that the go to his VCR that's bound is that yeah he had that eight CS EC and the whole main Atlanta Atlanta I think on on I felt that vibe and I do want to say that you kill the the first year and Soka grading on and that. Ongoing into the second the air any surprises Kinney thieves any being to another every nugget that different decade yeah I think he lugged them. Outlook to got deadly deadly say does not come because you got to figure out what I'm I'll do best does that sound to you again I'd like. What about that at me debuted. He's not just the luck. I didn't do last year that will do is a lot of costumes face is a lot of Wiig change is. You know just to give us that that you know that good feeling we have great sponsors to this year. That the essence festival of cultures bossa by Coca-Cola and hostile state are. So we appreciate them because without our sponsors we couldn't you know put on this mass of the day. Absolutely and you know you mentioned such an amazing lineup can I just mentioned that of course Janet Jackson at the Nazis coming back began yes I'll go. Excited CM yeah I see all these god performed but who do you get pummeled camp when you gotta get wood to ground in the as. You know I'm calls. You know really inspires me it makes mean you know want to aspire to be. Greek and you know it just shows that wins once you get on the stage you've come to is even more amp up but more so she is gate gives a great performance. Omar. Mars gives the best performances of Graham so what does being as far as time. I and says I just want to his seat because I think as its audience is like to let those that have never seen him live in concert. It's always and it all adds and it numbering so. Of course and it's so funny because. You know I just imagine patty about kicking their shoes off you know that's what she really had her moment a vanishing come off a back yes and you know what she did assume Bob has died in. You know me you know it is trying to catch them because I should be flat. Just to let. And I know that we did the math and the governor one I. I'm don't want a random male and yes I mean you know overlapping here because that's what it's all about it's about community be and fellowship and doing each other's presence in really be absence of fun time. And this year it's on. He all of our power which is the scene. About what that means because I feel like we all are powerful black women he called the women many of brag. The talk about what that means to you you know owning army. Our power is that a lot of buzz you know some privately we don't understand what that means because we don't understand how power. And so when you go to a place like SS and you know you go to the daytime events where they're going to be works apps were we're gonna talk about wellness and health. You gotta figure and see so many women. The air that are doing so many great pains and they are all Nina powered there owning their destiny. And so you know to me that means making plans like you know be wanna go to essence make your plans now to Gao. So that you know you now rests in announced that a kind of stuff is all mean army means planning only means understanding that there may be some changes in pains in your life. But to adjust to it. So you know I really love that this year's stained because this is it really is rings true to what their essence festival of cultures about. I love that. I in the Mensa is this woman is about to launch his amazing memoir which I want to get into briefly it comes out in May OK she given a life. Like less. I can't. Talk and about this because you know you pretty much an. Open book every time we see you on your show the real she keeps it real and you know. And I think what's so amazing is that you know you took time. To really write down being that you've experienced over the years and your journey which does not always Egan in your community and you don't watch it live we get it. But how was it in this process. I. You know eat eat eat you say try to change my self but you have duke but coupled it about what that really essentially means an. And difficulties of this man when this is the second book reminds us Compaq's detains you don't have to it is an memoir. But the reason why I feel people should read it is because if your and a placing a life right now we're maybe your confuse. May be used you don't understand your pass and maybe you think your past is holding you back. I'm gonna show you how armed your past acts we can help you. I you know I want to show Eude even though you may have flaws that have flaws that really blessings 'cause that makes you stand out to people and that's. All I'm writing about in the book I'm a lot of people only know me from the real some people numbed from Chelsea handler. I'm Chelsea Lately show by it. I had so much going on way before the end. And that's why it's important and I got I guess so many questions from fans I decide to write a gamble is that sailor. However books the I understand. How hard I was words buy it. Eads. Snapped their. Is a lesson that I have learned that I wanna share with everyone you know a lot of people don't know I was raised in the projects a lot of people don't know that. I was raised on the crack era and I could have been a crack addict you know a lot of people don't know I was homeless a lot of people don't know that he came into near. You know ambient turned around and now I have in me where in America we say American dream can't be for feel is not true. You know I went from being raised the projects to actually mean it Emmy winning talks house. Dad is a lot of story and it's very encouraging and I want people to understand what ever they're trying to do they can do. Absolutely and and before we go we do not talk about the real because you got a new Kyle how old yeah. I'm of the man the sales. I weekly not only the recently had a here talking about her HBO specials about grade and you know she has good energy she had a lot of and is yeah. That's about that dynamic because I think you know it was unexpected at least to me I mean there are hints of leading right. Before the announcement Kabul was something that you specifically wanted in the sense that were you saying hey you know what. It is another voice on this on this panel well that they isn't. That the studio makes all the decisions for casting knot at the co house had in mean you know we were told. Com right we were armed break and we were told hate because we've had a series of guest house. But we were told to hey we've peaked Amanda seals as a permanent. And so we accepted bad and mean that is the decision that. The actual studio wants to make and you know I agree with it because of the fact that we need all the diverse voices that we can get it. And the mandate is a very diverse fresh voice that we need you now see leans a lot more into the culture in the rest of us. And it's something new is something that they want it and that's something that I support so baskets you do when you have a show you know. The studio makes the decisions. And we support and we go you know right with it. And a devastating Meehan just fine you know she is this is how the national platform for hardness is a huge platform for her. I'm happy for anybody gives opportunity like Fiske and I try to help them as much as I came. The yen and so. Obviously you knew her before this shell. So you know I I. I think people. Like Elise me watching I would say it is a camaraderie there but also sometimes light. Colin I'm Sherry you have seemed the latest you know viral clip or whatever. What thought I mean I know Amanda in this says as he's a comedian too she ran a lot of jokes rack I get a lot of the comedy. But did you have any light. You know initial comer after pulled conversation you know when you we're kind of telling your story about kind of where you came from. People I think that Clinton with her kind of given her by well about it. I I thought that was hilarious. I left I'm a WW ambassador. I am learning how to eat correctly and I was talking about that it was paid endorsement. From WW based support you night I'll only work when brands that Atlanta support myself and support my community. So I a gat transparent. And I got emotional. Amanda being new didn't know what was happening and so she started making faces by he noticed a man bit woods' duties a lot of heat. For like the past three weeks because. She uses her face expressive sound. So on the same thing happily gene means is happening a lot of time. Best buy because as a man that she caught me afterwards it was like 81 of the IG you know goes people make it means. Even now we go about Malia working it out blight and make it means about it. In light about you don't you know what had been an ally girl were. Opponent. You know is it brings attention to what we're trying to say they'll you know I'll make you can't stop that. And so I think she'd learn from me she's moos she's she hasn't learning parent. But that's just Larry except people who they are united points out that you know that was that hair and I think you have a knack for accepting people and being very inclusive and oh yeah we have about you you beastly celebrating your. Yes guarantee believe it behind me and I. Every drug sad too and I'm the only person has been on our 1000 grotesque I've had 1000 wig changes. That's his stuff I need an old war just at. It was a great ever sell it telling came on and we congratulations from Billy Porter is an O'Brien and insisted that it is just a good feelings and attitudes you know you did a hundred a thousand episodes and used his. You know the real you never know what's gonna happen because daytime talk but Sheen take why you have it. And try to use it and try to do the best to GKN. To give the masses is out and use the platform for good it. Yeah absolutely and also you even had and I and I you know I think it's. Week we've seen this relationship bub and down even had a special message for Kmart was acknowledged. Good. Eye you're like okay. There. You know I'm just curious has there been any conversations ethic of that like you. You don't try to maybe create a grant I don't know on Alia well. How contain easy try to create a bridge for her around that dances that. I saw when during the 1000 episode they were showing clips that she was involved in the clips. And I thought that it would have been rude not to say you now is like he does so you know she was part of it. Is to always be part of the start up of the real no matter what anybody says that. Or any been you know she was part of that start up so you know and there has been some communiques and I got a call from Mona Scott Young. To try to you know get together. Unfortunately. The studio is same day you know they wanted to stop everything sound I mean I'm gonna keep trying in a my own. But. You know as far as that group because the whole she went out we Indians. Isn't beings and in bass I'm saying I track. Eight. But EL when you have all these different facets and other people involved he knows sometimes things don't work out the way you wanted to work out. So you know played you know it's I try. I tried Theres and that's the truth. Yes and I hear you and I and I think what's also. Agency is that you know as we look at do you do with so much girl union you wanna win EU. An outlet and no one I must see you in another little lean and well you'll find an. Odd because you make us laugh and energy so do you have before we go anything coming up down the pipeline that you can tell us about it. And yes on Wednesday at 10 parity am on a news shall call the Fannie dance show is on each. So I have from the new voice of brags illness like I say that's going to be on week. Om and that'll be coming out acting in the summer. There's so many projects that I'm working on right now them excited but I am while most excited about. And sends gain in my book out com and their other prizes am working on it will announce those layers is all. Blessings believe me is is humble blast scenes and this is you know trying to put us in trying to inspire people back on I'm trying to do. And you and that you all the time until all agree Muir yeah. I had an advance. That's added thing I talk about how. We met in the book I tried to tase you don't have to. Because I feel like a message for women especially when they get owed is that it's never too late for lab never give up trying to find that special somebody. Mom and uniting people of Simi get emotional about two sisters in general and how I feel like a lot of my sisters you know 'cause I'm a member of delta sigma beta. Mom you know not. All black women but some in Al Dave de sac of fire is raising key is an end their careers and they look up and emit by themselves. And I'm like don't give up and there are ways as you can you know find. Great guys that are out there too so I talk about that in the book and Kansas and I just want people and noted that there are loved and they can be loved and love is out there for them. All right well rename the money. Thank you so much about them by ABC audience not to meet and plan I love begin this yes girl Monday longtime. That's not. And diet doesn't expect Lenny Lenny.

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