Luke Bryan ponders CMA entertainer of the year category

Luke Bryan’s not sure who should win entertainer of the year.
3:24 | 11/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Luke Bryan ponders CMA entertainer of the year category
This has seen. Well I mean it's generous and you know I'm a label made of Carrie Underwood and you not think she's certainly. Very very deserving. Colombian an entertainer of the year category and an even church to him and I think. We'll staples and and one woman everybody else and out of cigars and obviously thanked urban you know urban won last year. And and everybody in the categories certainly deserving in I'm interested city. It's always. You know. It's always you wall deserving people to win it at some point like those couple years. 11 are now being bitten and it felt like Al named should've won entertainer that year and then. And in the year that he won the you know it is just acted deserving people get some of these awards at some point and I'm really. Still that way about com. You know I just feel that way about Cary this year and even church and then but I mean it's hard I don't wanna leave people Lal but. And not say stable Tim but. I just unum. At some point it be a travesty if every beer travesty of everybody in that category never got an entertainer award you know so. Means celebration. Coming up think it's it's certainly. It's something everybody's talking about it certainly com. You know I think. I think for years you you get real real busy then you're just. Doing your thing is artisan in that and country music is doing this thing in them when you look at this stats of women. And like you're like oh well it's been. Two years since old woman has. Had I our you know when you look at some concrete statue like well we got up. We gotta get togethers and industry and in corrects and stuck. So anyway. I you know I think it'll be a wonderful show and Tom I think dead you know even as I go Wynton. Tom booking not to words. From here on out always. I looked in it it's bomb. You know. Putting women in the spots on Mott tour's that really. They'll do their enemies now have I done it you know I can't say that I been a champion in the past because it wasn't some. Just like we're buckets shows Republican too origin of this person but not think it's good that we all talk about it it's like he's thing if there's a little discrepancy in our industry. Let's all talk about it. And dom. Do we can to make it. To make it. You know work now it the end of the day we also had to make great music. And at the end of the day that will obviously lose. You know female and male artist down the path and hopefully what they won't in music but it's certainly nice Saddam. It's can be generous the other showed us how the show is tomorrow and now seven watch and all the pro Rosen and obviously Dolly's really involved in. You know of any time she is on a partisan than it you know is at the special element.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Luke Bryan’s not sure who should win entertainer of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66946899","title":"Luke Bryan ponders CMA entertainer of the year category","url":"/Entertainment/video/luke-bryan-ponders-cma-entertainer-year-category-66946899"}