Macy's Thanksgiving Parade float unveiling

ABC News gets a sneak peek at the new fleet of floats joining the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
12:08 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade float unveiling
Hey man we got here if you are not just the thing I mean yeah. Filling in nice and it dream right now on pop and new clothes. Then he isn't getting ready and we didn't you go behind the public opinion. Here at every thing yeah everything's not the mastermind behind all the things it will. Tell us everything of the brain studio here you're on top of the and Simmons float which we call everybody's. Favorite big job. And leaves little overdone ended in kind of being size and scale all. We don't know anything allows Reagan knew it may I noticed that you picked up a news group called cupcake. Yep I that you're really Wear down a break out whispering vote yes yes. The pop up at the level of this look right now actually really think so let's don't had to go downstairs. But another cool features on the boat very god Harry let's let down the right. And so again you're giving you guys can beat the heat and every. Come down here right here on it. The reality and I gotta tell you this is so exciting for me I'm always win in the in the parade though you know to get a little wave as you can imagine. Coming down on 34 street at New York City and this. Actually don't really think this first place and coming next it. Serve over three story strong you can see behind you this golf so we've done of the little kids. Appearing in the window of the main job all I can tell all is looking at their favorite. No not send cookies and muffins and many night muffins all the things that we love to have this time of year. I love it at court he we're going to be these books doesn't like I am weeping and we'll that are watching it I think all this. You don't. And of course there's always oh Eli Manning and the rest of the costume. Don't be conceivable confidence. What people are you wearing abort this. Kids are going to be donuts who sprinkles. And the adults walking mind. Are going to have cupcake packs and other acts and be. Our bakers. With their button cookies and the rolling pin or. They're bringing along sprinkles for the whole crowd that they're gonna share along parade route. Atlanta OK so this is just one updating you. This year Seles let slip another look you know sour patch kids are having just a little too much fun we're just getting the currently there are slaves there Sauer and then their sweet innocent of these guys are all about we have a full size our backs get right here. And famous balloon that you see yourself iconic. Recreation of the famous clown balloon. But the sour patch kids think that there I'm going to home one on the Macy's parade by shooting a contacts with their slingshot Avant balloon but they are in for a surprise. And as a bride is always good because just like the sour patch kids they may start out sour. When the noise then sweet. I'll leave and as we get to look at the deep ailing companies have but didn't any of the bottom and you have a little fat cats get parent shooting off besides air I love how much help them and what a plant like something. Well it takes quite a long time and eats floats is unique everyone's different takes a lot of different materials. A lot of different artists here in the studio we have metal workers and carpenters. Painters and scope thirst. People who work with fabrics. And the lunatics and people who help us. Figure out the engineering involves so that we can dismantle these get into the Lincoln Tunnel 94 and reassembled them for the parade. And takes anywhere from six to nine months from time we start with an idea until we have afloat completed. And yet like at the wolverines in this is pretty impressive. I have to let that not a little secret you see the Cumberland actually. Glitzy ground school training this asked me dad you guys have outscored three didn't look at participating in the parade. And the Thanksgiving spirit you know these significant I'm really all game. And how about we not only train our closet clown you. We train our balloon handlers and our pilots and captains for the balloons. I think three airport screenings for the year and then we unveil a new balloons we did not about a week ago. At balloon fast and today we're unveiling all the new floats in the last night. Our captains of the floats came in so that they could see the new floats and know what they would be working where this is a brand new look for this year. Shimmering shine from Nickelodeon shimmer and shine are the genes that are riding the magic carpet. Up above with all their friends around a lot of mystery and magic happening would follow blood colored smoke coming out of the pots. And sparkles and a rainbow. Waterfall on each side. Just a lot happening here in this whole and chanted magical world from Nickelodeon. Yeah actually kids see all of them. Isn't. It and heating something like this every detail on this float. His hand sculpted. All of the metal was hand bend all of the carpentry is done by hand all the painting is done by hand. For every float this amount Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade there are axles and tires underneath of course rank we buy those we build everything else. I. I love to keep. Your ticket and look what it's the liberal arts notes that we can look at today one that we're heading toward. His route three a play. This is an entire polite round of on top of the float. And the kids who are riding on this will be able to climb on the jungle Jones of all different shapes up the stairs. Into the step. Palm netting area sliding down the slide. And balancing on the bouncing balls in the front and the back. Inner child is happening to get me go on this club employees. Well just because the inner child in me always wants everyone to be happy I say yeah Alan Perry got. Let's go for it but doubtful at this is great the toxic kids on. This look into the deconstruct before they go out on the street yes they do so we'll be taking all of these apart and putting them all back together starting tomorrow. But they think that's getting it knicks picked up about a boy who. Watch our heads here this actually was don't forget minutes to cook adds that's right. I'm jungle gyms are actually made out of steel and you can climb on any one of them. Pretty. Free to play for and a growth reader experience. And growing in mind and body and spirit all the same time yeah. What about if they want it was going to be so cool so you if you're just welcomes your target and look nice seeing if I saw you had your eyes on. On this because I it's. This looks like it bounces up now. Help them until we got to get this look at this. GAAP gun problem is you only have so long on this segment we're gonna get her I don't know I think. We think let's basement apartment it's out it's just convict a lot meanwhile back at ABC nightly news. This. What fun for those kids that are going to be look okay at it he outlined his plan over there to show but. Our time just coming up. Contracted and they know how. And the reconstruction has to happen for all 26 of the giant floats in about six and a half hours. If you're at a warehouse like this the great thing you know we're sector ready bill I'll look that struck that that's just that. Apart including this. Which is alive indeed. A giant's. Sculpt the larger then a light just a few words to this ride. This one mile on the fact that this year we've got a man in red at the end in the parade but. Somewhere a little earlier on we have another one in green and they both say hopeful whom. On. Your own pets while I don't expect to take and back hair you put this guy could get hit eighth apps. Salute every bit of that hand painted in hand detailed in you can see. This is a float where the artistry. Of the parade studio really really soared. Not only into the wonderful sculpture by Eric. Hunt Smith and Sean told her and a few other folks that were working on after weeks carving the foam but that's Lucas and her amazing paint job. That highlights each one of those leads and the giants face and the muscle tone. But also if you look at it you can see. Life size vegetables. Up front. And then as it goes back to hoard the giant we have what's called forced perspective. And all the kids and art school would tell you yeah that's how you make something that is big look even bigger by having a forced perspective. As it goes back and the fields gets smaller and closer together and then a barn in the distance and the Jolly Green Giant in the back. Well it's well not to seem the least again I don't that's. You're invincible yeah this is basically. Exactly. Does that remind all of the kids no matter whatever it aids at. When you're having your holiday meal yeah don't remember your backs. It's all part on the healthier life and this flowed from a Jolly Green Giant. Is all about. The bountiful. Harvest that happens this time of year pass ever cents a Simon pilgrims. You know when the native Americans shared with the pilgrims porn. And all of the vegetables and that's a big part of the great Thanksgiving feast and were saying hey let's make it a part of big Thanksgiving parade. You bring snow and many smiles to people's faces. In my experience it just some of the press coverage tonight that it's really all about connecting. He's not Diebler on the flow seamlessly connect with the audience looking at like this really makes people happy. Absolutely and you learned that can't do that the clowns are last. Lion of success with that. Where the giant balloons are way up in the year and the tops in the flow to where everyone can see him beat all of the buy them by the Weaver medium size foot palm balloons and then the smaller floats and then the clones. And the escorts you go right out. June the people on the parade route so they are indeed engaged you get to get engaged to three million people and a couple weeks. Hundreds and hundreds of people that are part of this what is your favorite float. Right here and meet you all that we're big attitudes were. I'm not allowed to have fair but I will tell you that of all time. When I got handed the reins of this position for my predecessor and my mentor Manfred bass. He always wanted a giant show boat. And so I set that is one of my first goals and we not only created the giants showboat with all the artists here in the studio. But we brought in Manfred and his partner Bob Davidow speak. Sit and their wives to Chris and it. And we named it the Marion Carroll after Marion bass and Carol they've announced in. The first wives of the parade studio for more than forty years and we owe them a lot. It's not think so let's listen in. Since it's free for me yeah. You can't get beat have to be constructed and reconstructed to less than ten days of the pressures on but I know you guys doing. We're gonna do it and if so join us on Thanksgiving. If you can't may in New York than see ads on television on Thanksgiving morning. Things so much in a little happy thinks it happened okay and Ingrid out Rachel Scott speedy.

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{"duration":"12:08","description":"ABC News gets a sneak peek at the new fleet of floats joining the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51140055","title":"Macy's Thanksgiving Parade float unveiling","url":"/Entertainment/video/macys-thanksgiving-parade-float-unveiling-51140055"}