Magic for the holidays

The stars of the a new hit Broadway show give a preview of the tricks in store
15:14 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Magic for the holidays
I don't want you're watching ABC news live we all know the news is quite mad right now also sometimes you just need a form of escapism perhaps making all of the drama disappear will no one can do that better than some actual magicians or. Illusionist I'm joined by two of the members from the Broadway Show the illusion is playing right now and were in for some fun I'm joined by Chris Cox. And Paul the back thank you guys relate. I today having us I tell you like I'm very excited because I saw the show OK I saw the shadow. Alice and he still wants or does the law and I want the company says I was talking to myself throughout the entire thing actually is talking everyone I was like you see that's how this process. All you could that lay I would. Happily removed right yeah yeah. They have an ultimatum I enjoyed it even in front your eyes you just don't know how you guys are doing what you do music from. Well that's landmines except as fast as I let us laws much continued as online show. It's the greatest thing is you know do not being tricked but you know you're being tricked the job magic show but you can see it all happened in front news sunk right exactly so just some people are clear. All of you guys do different things like you're the host that's right yes you also do tricks yes. I'm the tricks about is that Mike Carey to name in the shacks on a host of the show involved in a lot of the comedy along the audience participation in the shout I will say do that. How can shadows in the show's well I mainly lost awful. And and yeah I get to and should use all these incredible other artist Chris being one of them. All of what you do Chris a fundamentalist which means on the mind reader so I didn't mind reading and I trust me it's so fun and exciting sincerely on my making fiscal connections who people I get in sync with them. I'm read that mines and how one I think Melvin do all sorts of nonsense I'm and then the record now shows you don't just Hamas. Those people not from the UK yeah. Silly answer national. We're now ends everything on forget the villains are from from its ass from Paris France we've got Kevin James from Las Vegas the US. US band member of the cast and he's our invents act. He's an incredible. Illusionist and magician and he's. He's invented actually some of the most famous tricks in magic that a lot of other illusionist around the world views. And he and he brings some of his creations to the shadow and also brings real festive. She had to meet. And as well yeah did bring a lot of does your and we also have from America's Got Talent but not from American who have strangest on chambers. Who does when my parents things in the show on an annual stuff wealthy kids. Iowa inmates whose appeared as it has at times he's Australian he likes news and it protection act which organizers. Then Eric Chen from Taiwan who does. I've seen him do his act every guy in every show and I sit nine one lost about want to come into Scott. What I'm not clear how he's doing it. Ask you guys are and unleashed a minaret hassle not I was like that that they were doing a rehearsal of what he does is. Take on the table it's like get a cut it's come like a box. I of the finger as its manipulation. Manipulative magic and Cobbs and coins and editing and edit them we would place it upon great we have a great big screen high definition screen in the charities and I think that's a little bit smaller evenings in the very back of the theater you feel like you're in the front right. And seven. And edging a little camera hassle for him in rehearsals I'm not quite candidacy had this this is done that I'm sitting in the box I didn't and in the theater watching. And he's doing it over never never never never again not in show mode and I still have no idea. Yeah asking editing and you're all illusionist yeah and you don't know how each other does we have bits the last Eric I think could be financial wizards I thank you don't know how he's I think it possible and that's not that's still missing jewels thing that was summing up and I wet it's only because I happen to be standing in a particular place side. True and then a couple of what's out of that I shouldn't look to outlets and I stillness. Not only does the least that restricts yes another woman out to loving has found enjoyment of magic is just not influenced American I think one of the things you. Yes sir what did Tim and Ed Whelan but you and he literally take a card and it turned into a piece of food and I'm Hal kind of yeah in an innocent kids it's it's a fan of magic comb my mash up. Perfect holiday I had exit. So I was confused I was completely confused and I left bewildered and that's why you guys had become so we can straighten all of this out maybe I guess we say IFA yeah yeah I just just quick question did you guys always want to do this when you were younger. Yeah I think you are saying I wanna be I wanted to be. The fallen and an entertainer and I can't sing a compounds Telecom act signed contracts and that he cannot say and do another take safe then that's a moment in the show where we will await seeing someone standing death. Each each night before we will come to stage racing that is say. We have a little challenge to sing musical is a song or at Disney some lines that. It's never quite in the right I didn't White House I Dakota. McCain I think they just make sure the other right key and you may need to Bronfman is the one that may anything that administrative that. Fight I think it's a huge speeds so it's you're here today then. And I'm so happy because you are going to do some of your mad Jake. For us and our viewers. As Cleveland you're going to read my mind I shore and here reminds of reform one of the aren't gonna perform a little associate it slide show you wanna say. We'll start with you I can't get. But let's segue that I am yeah this is more of the little life pack actually because a lot of things right bill. And international illusionist is we very lucky we get to travel around the world. Earlier this year Chris I would before me on the West End in London. And the illusionist was just in Hawaii and the US to us what we you end up with a lot of foreign currency. Trying to wrangle the time you know I'm very skeptical now like a really connecting to a jail. You do end up with a lot of foreign currency and I've got here a hundred Chinese who on. A tank. But this is that this is not a trick this is allied attack ads and magicians like what you can do is when you get to union sits Healy did you take your foreign currency and you folded up once twice. Three times you do little fold like. And blunt what actually happens is it starts to drum capital flight now CIA has genuine ones hundreds. Dollars and that is a really good exchange rates as fast I don't have to wait is that. They guidance and look it says. We can't keep them sorry. I sat over. Hey you know I don't know what what I really want. Twice is a lesson nuns. OK think you just gotta he's gonna pop it up and keeping going hey guy laying out if I'm right in my I didn't think I'm Macy's got money. But the thing if you can do that he can you create your own bills. My own bills yet you can create your own. He's and he showed that the vast slush is that we might face sit there thinking in the Asia that is the case may my Thanksgiving on the money I'm selling my. The wreck happened. Yeah I'm happy joy went on my life so you've got nobody to talk to in the William this time I don't like. See you. Really disappointing were my. This close that's a great quite a minute and its opponent had pulled that really doesn't take any limit on our website. Thinking if you're right here met face that you can't get over on me but that just happened right on United's right okay so what's next K I'm. I can show you one and the techniques that you can use to make it look like you can read minds overnight call actually read minds the want to do is make you think I know what you're thinking. Right analytics that I have. Down Hanna. Odd Yang. I'm getting a few days and I'm gonna just a long con down on the table. An irregularity second time regular that it counts in Iowa on them ministers and infant now her regular game. Second as a regular to regular is that 76 jobs and shuffle examine the song. I infamous dot. Your address these sucked. I want you to I didn't Middlesex yes I can do what games you played you don't like playing against that now and then played like Iowa. I like watts to one what chain's data shows a takes some hunting dog lunch table is likely green title maintenance. And they did you you just need to munching on things they didn't contact us and you open up and you probably red all the black Koppel tell half to pull out. Black Atkinson and that the clubs and space which ones do you throw into the green table console despite its. Island current state statistical all the club's annual hand you haven't touched in their imperfect old Easton came when you get rid of some more than I'm team. As Acer can keep from the pitches on the numbers. And I can picture pitches a casino get rid of Borland did you tell me at ease as picture oh and on the number number so that's going to go into the queen in the chain of clubs. AA is true too down on the table which to deter them into the queen looking. Two of them yet. And there. Is the third grade I know I act are now. It is my job I hate and. I may soon. I drove down the king and the queen did leaving you with a jump to pups Rangel amenable Wisconsin consult with one count the Jack of clubs I left one time in the whole time. Hatton and on the. So I think crack. One and and exact. It's like a blind eye I was convicted in the company's pounds I was ten years old and was home in England and that. I can't find I don't on the tonight can't and it was delivered by and how announcements opinions on what toughen up the crowd and outlined in the back. Line pushing you are what you can get at the beginning I say do you play against you play black Jack. And then back is a black Jack so does everyone picked that Jack when I want to. But also you're thinking I'm a celebrity Iraq. Yes he now before we yeah I didn't just so you very. We asked you to you an idea to write down a celebrity a piece of tape and you kept secret know once in a canyon malignant gave me the piece of paper your markers I have no idea what he's Auckland a panel have mocking him you know did you get its inherent lack shopping and you can't it. I can't set. You just don't think in this that's right. And you single I do you now IE find the best way to make a physical connection is. Helping me through some spots like this potential helped me make a mental connection son. It's time to tell us. Popular derailed permanent. Can't can't come a little closer to marry an enemy that can't yeah look at route around the garden like to tell the ban. One step two step particularly on that now it's like saying mentioning that a test again and restaurant as born in the US OK I'm usually visit England it's yet parent is time and in his. He's really count on New York the great thing I think so when you think there's a connection OK it's is it okay fine tops you all hands. We'd like Tom. No I didn't you fight strong doesn't love story just now to that Alison young COLT out of the so I thought the husband's line. It's. Actually you talk on if I'm right yes I think so I'm actually putting a front. And then a nineteen year old typing. The name is a zoo dozens of phone is here yet but don't actually move it on the phone because it would show anyway you'll friends from doing for the leftist violent humans to hold the topic on the subject and and then just imagine typing the first lots of this person's name. Get it and now. Most monster has tasted. Is that they. Yeah. Yes yes I can't get. So now see this person doing what they do so at their sports licensing plans for you all you think they say no to someone on state that's had fabulous music and yet. And yet what is what is happening is likely you'll see someone perform but this is an music performance you're leaning yes. Maybe always means yes yeah. I know some things but. You're wrong. Somebody else I've. Now really don't hear that I'll show you again you for the first time in your life death. Hire Ron my friends. Fast darted. Yeah. And just yet both sides I'm so many times and all this announcement against the run it and what does that Brian Weis yeah. I didn't hear and now please welcome being a big way to get. That's amazing home Bob what do you got seriously breaking down just doesn't cover like for the current bags she'll still so yeah you got this right I mean everyone knows that. I don't know he did resurgence and should have done before coming and a weakening headroom and excellent season. How did that came up palace site I was crazy in love you study. I it is ninety psychology body language influencing devilish good looks and longing. To make you think not know if they don't walk me through I figure this out and suddenly that yes a little kids so. Money solutions teach him for assessment told me about this incident this morning in bulk coffee ice and Matt Coughlin didn't Branson in an engine and I don't think. Well Dietrich T I ain't seen nothing this morning on the English any idea yet give me an idea I can't. I am visiting Anthony's are digits. A lot of Gracie Simon and like that just one lights about the net. I don't know I used only some techniques to me and suddenly things and so on as president right. But when I pressed my eyes I wasn't on the night this isn't as a lawyer present king Monday night yet United States and god is same as the show the united. But I figured it had to have. That's okay that it was impressive then. It's impressive and parts and I'm still leaving with questions and answer even with questions I'm leaving with nothing but. Admiration. Like it's it's amazing I think everyone's ago experiencing it for themselves and didn't feel upset and disappointed in my. Even. A film project and let me not get hotels out of the moment anyway yeah. I think you don't realize. All the added that the mentally and the tricks there turn in money and to laugh in in the gets up and annual consent law means a one you just don't totally concede the money and bill. I'd go see this on the runway insult when. The face of Jack yes these guys are genius we're happy came today thanks he yes that runs could see in.

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