Making the Defenders look bruised, bloody and aged

Go inside "The Defenders" with the hair, makeup and costume designers who make Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist look just right.
33:28 | 08/17/17

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Transcript for Making the Defenders look bruised, bloody and aged
It's marvel I'm Walt speaking from 530 I'm joined today by my main man Mike Rothman from ABC news. Today we are taking you inside marvels defenders coming at night on Netflix. We're here with the entire creative team behind in all the care all the makeup costumes and that's definitely humans costumes Everett miles offenders. That's reclined seats that make up artist. And got Pamela banks she does all the hair so will be in my room where it's gonna die on its. Anderson you're gonna get crappy music tracks. It's an average there's. Asked. First Stephanie are all about these costumes. Characters were and it inspiration. That's an easy question I draw the inspiration from be wonderful illustrations that are historical at this point. There. They come directly from the comics. And IA we we take those illustrations and we think about how to translate them into live action. In 20152016. Look the use of color income folks and all of a youth kind of incorporated a lot of this fantastic color space race. How is that any kind of adapting these again very helpful comics rate to two. Unit needed but also it really punchy customs are asking. Well. The coast head of really it once again they've they've we been informed by the comic book illustrations. And again we need to make this into something that works and it authentic greeting New York City. Out of this current time. And yeah a lot of that out there for it doesn't. So we take the colors for example dare devils color is primarily. A red color tones of red. Just get John's Thompson blues and purples. Iron fist stones. Olive greens greens and then of course Luke cage the iconic. Gold and we just really have to take those colors and meet them down. And make them work for each character and we do that not only in costing that we do it in my eating. We do it in production design and it all works together and makes for a very authentic looking seen. And that's. Yes and he and loans as she hasn't gone on there's always hidden naics that flushes it originally iconic outfits is that house been kind of flake. Putting in mobile hidden spoilers there for fans it really well connector for ten to thirty years. That's that's been a lot of fun it's it's really important to us all. That our fans remain happy and pleased with what we're doing and everyone's that we left them little Easter eggs but I. The the gold Sheridan the Tierra Luke cage with one thing. And it during Jessica Jones for season leaf through and that iconic. It cost him that she of course is never going to Wear but I'm. But it had to make an appearance in some airport did. Against that a lot of these checkers have a huge storied history and you've got the cage and then a lot of our armory secretions AA electricity Jones has kind of been lending some of these years together. Paula out of looking at me in this you know meeting televisions that's set in twenties and Tina New York. Well obviously we need to take somebody's looks iron fist the it was extremely exaggerated as was the cage. And we have to you. We have to we needed to figure out a way to a fault those looks into something that people could identify with. At this time and you'll see what we did defender's going to feel and thing. We are taught that the colors you will recognize colors right away. But. It's it was a really wonderful challenge and very collaborative one in terms of taking that original design and original mass and bringing it up to speed to this current time making this look like. It's definitely. Bad act like well. Why fee cutting. Well let's listen in an emergency that we get this guy all be enough. It's fantastic. What's it like working with it's great Weaver and building that character and corporate records. Well once I got over my star struck. It became a wonderful experience collaborating with her she's really a fantastic person very devoted very. Very into the mythology of this character that never really did exist in the comics that we sort of created that. And Constance are extremely important to her and we created color Pallet of course with the help of our wonderful and producer director that's Jay Clarkson. And we came up with this. Ideas that she you know there was we wanted to present her as someone that had a lot of history had a lot of mystery. There was some ancient that's involved. And. Clinton. The. These. Machines so mystery. Over what would you mind. And he. Now what's working. Beaten if you Jenner and the weaknesses like well. Yeah I'm a Monday at the same thing he had. Would you call me perfect canvas work. You know. I thank you. Easter. These lousy with moisture that's it's that's a signature to signature move. Editors fifth with a cat like five hero. Natasha dampening down now but when I'm in the chair it's can we trust. I'm aware that it won't please so what are we looking at it of these are slowly colors and it looked very bloody. We. I. Care. Right. A negative way. He. And berets. And tries to wait and beauties that it won't distract. At a beauty I don't think there's any need for this and this is normal practice there's any finesse and I mean they're. Using our minds. We cheat days after the cameras soliciting Tennessee look what a municipality networking with. Yeah this is alcohol. He. And I tend to use alcohol. With Stifel sponges and different kind of brushes. So that you know maintenance would be let's talk fast lasts longer. And continuity wise it's not gonna faint. So I'm just gonna do quick nap. Confrontation until cut hair all doom gurus Yucatan. Yes. We've and. What would you say is is the most ruling. Naked news example if you like. The technical long if Aniston and he moment. More. I will either elect its get answerable. Let's go beyond industry. Oh. He's. Now. The U. Garrity and Air Canada it's not like. As. Yet. If you make it. Figure out how we won its countless. So use them that the and creation. It each year. 45 hours of tests on geared to write an. Incredible monitor and it's two people. It's an hour. Process. And the chair from make up alone and she goes to end here the F its density factors helped the and that she most. She's not challenging she's actually more fun because it worked with her and offer our. Explore and to try out different things for character and your. I mean it. It's a huge collaboration. Now we get our creative and and picture here meaning. Before every show for every episode to discuss the character they're healing power how it's changed. Eight. Our. One. Everything and you think that. Well also doubt. Issues. And she later scenes. War overseas so we have you know that movie match in these meetings. It's heartening things aren't. If you shoot everything in sequential order here at ABC news lives so this is a fantastic. If discovery. I love the colors of of the things I am a fan. It's based. Roots drive. Irish it's grade and has all the different common going to be doing a fracture. Our. So pressure. Mark purples and scan and then cut. It. So the idea of what has happened to make safari users has been punched in the face by daredevil lately it will it will witness what would you eyewitness you know that while he's doubling of Villa. Yeah I know he's back and reluctant at city does like. You know we think he's just walking the streets of New York but he has. Is there for and intermission. And I think I kind of feel like Jessica Johns is such a past she does she and take. Barak span. A. So look at the two had blood coming and a film like. He'll be it's exhausted and just get it can't be in the phase. So what's it like working with that this why can't stay is Eddie get the chance to work with most of the folks on the show LE I imagine that there's puzzling a lot of a cast of thousands of us does speak for when he comes he's always in the east. Those scenes are one of my favorite we have a huge makeup team on these days the core of the team defenders were five. Meet Kayla Lauren and and that is we refine girls and we. Or everything was planned to the T so on the days that we had that we had. You know we had stunts that we had to match to the actors that we had villains and their stats. So technically we hat sometimes thirty people in the chair and appeared in the there. I think when the B that beautiful things about the show's or that. You mentioned did the supporting cast. Actors. It's so rich. You can look I I cannot look away from an anchor. Like the going on. That's blended so well how how how that. Not to vote from the main care and then you know. Put your stamp on the entire scene in the entire people behind. Research operate. And casting her. Akram players are her casts specifically. In view. The big notes haired make up so when they come and we do you know 300 background. That many. 5850000. Backtrack Google Earth on its. And out. There is. Work for. The principles that are going. It's the technical expert hair make. Border. What they need it but appear where going to be. It. But. The the socialist preview of what's gone so I'm vets and tank and it. Varied in age your hair is them simple techniques that they use for television to show. And we ideal lot here eating takedown gray Cadillac de that in Dow aged her hair chancellor way. In. Stunt actors we have to use. And match them to the actor is still lights changed their hair threw hair color often times using aid. Sometimes I've changed the actor to look like the stand down house so late in 170 year old man its agenda a vote a boat you're not gonna minus seven you know it's not. Now and then or make it comes in up to age him. And then I need to find that we buried its air the that he's been. Notice if wall looks more cloth and the in the usual you learn. This is terror and air. I'm. If one of the blank Pallet. An opportunity to express your art. Look anything. And it will mark. Learn and that's the early today in our university in the in the marvel shows it's all real here's. The less product use it might rule of no hair spray. We don't hairspray. The line tomorrow universe death. And a lot of stuff happening judge means that unit. Bentley. Yes others not you know we don't dual outlook right like bullying is not a lot everybody should look like they've done their hair I. I'm like him in the marvel universe right now from inside my book what theater and what Nazis. At a now has also agree it's time to point out that both Marvel Entertainment and folks who meets on television and also ABC news are middle to accompany the interest of full disclosure except how we doing on Monday night of music leading at the from a. Case that some believe it is. Overlap outlet. So I created a cut here on the brow you know this is less distracting it's more on this area. And this clearly took me about a minute to do this activist and and key to do realistic bruises and cuts in my opinion is decree dimension you're watching on TV and notes flat screen. For now and future but it you just layer with different product different colors and different. Tools like sponges can. I'm. That you just rate every other thing fresh from. All right. I'm creating dimension by a adding a little bit of a black climbed the middle of the cot change shall act and on top of him opening its first cap. Just to make it as if it does happen it will trickle let happen later again leisure. That the. I I will doing my arts. He will. How how how should in my hair differently was that experience there. I would love I've always wanted to an expert opinion. Man act they acted. Out at the end. But meaning it is my character coming and and I needed to make it quick adjustment. For talent. To give the appearance that pat mean. No shadow from the light that would I would fill in year scalp. The camera. There looking after. That it's really. It's. Or paying its U yeah. It yet. We have a hammer everything looks like and now it doesn't have to be either positive but it gaping wound across this fire head with outstanding. And. Now I'm gonna break the fourth wall here what might villainous costing would be as I do look over there. I've always wanted to my villainous cuffed them Wednesday. He sigh sorry sorry go and the camera that. If you gatlin dual duties with that. And a. Right what we're trying to create something area realistic. So I might start putting something that's pretty dark. Pretty roughed up you look like kind it's kind of seen the lower ends. New York State and no. There there are the real low. I was there a really good for not. Well I mean don't get me wrong I love doing villains and that elicits but he knows that money and to steal money have money spent money. I'm really. You're not and I haven't gotten low levels not. You know your your Salter. So. Close it's no doubt that night my. Pattern that fire on them. Something that was oil rubs. Some dimension to it. And T shirts up jacket that looks. In elect has seen some better days and seen some other fights an agent him shop got story. That's good stuff we shop. It's. On early on Urlacher and last through better now. After. I. So once we got dressed we would take your clothes and we probably. If you're a stunt actor then we count probably only two multiples for you because you be doing your own stunts but we take your clothes and we age them. And if something happens you for example SC got shot up front somewhere and then you clothes ripped have to add yet another alternate for the but the after effect. So it does get complicated we do have to have lots of multiples if you have your own stunt double then we have. An arm. But in the case you didn't do your parents and then we would have a hero costume it's clean and want her to Constance it have been. Aged even further so that they look like they've gone through the mail as you care my. I get event that we're gonna get some londoners. On yeah all right let's get a fresh produce by it. I ended up collaborating with the high and how it's. Asked. Fresh would I say I'm going to be. Though he swelling already. If that. Simultaneous injury and you get a laceration that there. Exactly should. Certainly haven't cut you may need stitches. Are you forgot. Now lives we always put it lasts just as the more we issue. Last blog site. We use we are less starch. Secondly for action. She now. That's. Different way. There are multiple different kinds of blood. Now let. And our knees and keep. It bluntly because. Colors as an indigent. Ago. I. Here. That haven arts and culture. So sometimes less is more yet but it's not let it. You'll create led by that we got through we collaborate Lott was paired me because. Each area at different personal style is my hair Pamela depart it's on the clothes that Stephanie depart. I'm. Here. I. As an artist that you guys all are. You guys are put little hidden messages and only you and a few of the people know about into your work. It's or look at her honor. East of sesame and Walt. Well I'm gonna hop in the chairs the united preferably indefinite. Big Mike from here. Hello lightly at 3 am I talking. You'll it's. But what about get a political action but it. I. Here that the hear it and white care. I'd. So what what situations where you we need to have somebody in the chair for a long time when it comes to giving the head on outside just you know. Looking good hitting everything together likely aging seems like a big. I actually. A reader at short hair. After here. Can be. That there. Sergio as I go it. Lao. Then looks like and normal there's that. Fantastic job. Keeping this on the earth today as we took our earlier that ABC's hit shots in the building I'm not kidding under the trying to sneak in and in the happening and to pick this. Opera hair. So in the coming but the process here that you are. Doing a law right now it's a very excited about. Dare I keep air in his state and it's going to be honest. It's great. Empathy with year. Ago when it. And I'm. And laying on top but the curl. Pop that collar and just gathering here. It's. And law. Or he hasn't in the evening and this girl is ridiculous. Of the B fifty. Hair. And. You did not nothing county silently and a tax brackets. So what with the backs where all our aging air well howdy and that's where vendors well he is. Even though it hair looked old he needs. In eight networks are met and home. And I wanted that he is when a hand. But we don't really know that they never really what we're and its story. Aren't they had. Nah I don't think he'd. And your finger now and AMP. The rule would answer that story how did you get involved Hanna very. Thumb so they had a really good HMO. I eight I was going United's title but in. Well yes that's part of hand it to him is that they actually are relievers a system that the damage for going at work and you can't fight back and when it comes to the benefits involved. It's way better part. Him like he's okay like. Let's just say the benefit packages not it's as tenors. Yes he gets party. And that's at a plant and its usable so kilogram a Kleenex or. So did make some valid points that's his main job is making. QBs can expect. Good evening. I'm just bringing underground where oh great typically. Most of the time we. Each here quicker in the hair line and I'm just bringing it down keeping somewhere that brown through here. At this point make up would come in and continue to bring on his beard. So this is where my job stops and make up began its. Which would have a very interesting because hair would be hair length hair hates it but it's on the harris' because make so I would artists part of the park yet. So I would start. Aging him and then he would go into surgery and then she would canteen you. Working down she may use different colors his beard parent it is different in different and here that there at its course there has more red. She may have to use a different tone to create Noory here and as yet and I era. So they're kind of injury the years. You. Yes it's it's not Irish heritage a so this is actually fascinating is what's happening right now as what you're watching is my hair being aged up which is the opposite of an entire idling nearly Booker at six. Lots of money for the opposite of what's happening to me do it care. Then right. And not. Your. Only. And it. Active. A lot. That from and when the hot lights actually. So highly is a little bit of care Feinberg just along the hairline in the part lines to. Crea cash threatening. Higher. Here. I. Might. I think. Let alone hairline here at the park this is fascinated cafes it's starting to disappear. Man there. She. There's slick snow coming up as head. That I would pull pared down over and it really disappeared. And let him in. Whatever capability right now it is it. It's then what you're doing and I'll back. Some of my actors when they can and her hairline a little lighter and a matching them to a stunt double I would use this decree complete strong airline. And then on different shows and movies you can changed something plea hearing it. It's a stunt actor comes after comes in me that you're being cut teach art. Through here I can use this meeting this particular color in a little brash and do programs scouts who are they actors you've had to help the most without. Ton. Hey yet the minute John crier here contract it. That he's that he knew. Now. I look we're talking earlier. And you guys mention that you've been best friends earth 1011 years. And when you guys talk about your roles to it also makes complete sense because it's it's like where one stops the other one begins. He chose to get together GAAP I mean we've done it. I shows. Three of us together we act she just receiving your limits on television. Awards in June for Jessica Jones his mind. We're hearing that jealousy but very well nerves. There was a novel look phenomenal. I mean you have its own teamwork. We're in so many email chain and text message is scary to know what Sigourney color palettes Kennedy cue creek Carlo. And health care. It's all itches. Have to be expensive these people because you see them three years straight without any great to have a copy between each investment style. I thought I had to rely. Seeking to spread. Her Beckett. And I three night because we've been friends for so long we were together for so long that we can speak for each other because each of whom he can he. Them. I and we bring this. Guy. Didn't talk about it yeah. Rap brown are keys and the defenders. Back of Entertainment Weekly. Look at. We dress alike who want the yet if you know him being part email comes out for and a producer or director mean something to do here that make up. We pretty much exactly what the other person's going to say oh you know I'm not about the here and make up weekend. You know we can send out. Cheese. If it's working. We think it's. When it missed an additional comes out tonight. I was. Now. For its own right. Process here's. Let's. One we've seen poor fools. All the individually then. And it's been. The but at the close the books and some. A lot of talk its argument reverse mortgages. But yeah. If it. At the wall of so sorry. Mom so show comes out tonight there's a midnight it's me he wants on Friday and be on Netflix and becoming. Anxious. Are. That. Announcing right now I'll be isn't it. It. I'm doing Casey's. Loud in the phone won it ridiculous Yaris command in New York City. Cover that season line that it's something else. All right Stephanie surgery Amylin thank you so much for joining us again this inside marvel this is one beat out Mike Rothman RS his. And get the show comes out tonight. You check it out Albany against streaming on Netflix only deficits congratulations notes today. Very best places on the road. Item welteke thank you so much for watching this and it's at marvel.

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{"id":49276651,"title":"Making the Defenders look bruised, bloody and aged","duration":"33:28","description":"Go inside \"The Defenders\" with the hair, makeup and costume designers who make Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist look just right.","url":"/Entertainment/video/making-defenders-bruised-bloody-aged-49276651","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}