Making Wiggle History!

The Wiggles Welcome Their First Female Member
3:06 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Making Wiggle History!
They've been entertaining children for over twenty years and now the wiggles are back with a new line up. It's those infectious song to get stuck in your had only for kids have for adults as well and obviously -- -- -- for the first time -- history a female joining the group and we managed to snag him to stop by today and I thank you so much Anthony so much for being here. It's exciting I mean this is this is -- history in the making right here yeah has even -- about. Well Australia has -- -- To not prime minister we Thornton had -- have a -- -- we lose well that. Very -- change with the times and obviously the wiggles are very much on the political beat at least at and Julie Gilad has rebrand. And Emma and still a little bit support here on the Australian consulate so if you didn't watch the -- -- as a kid. I think I'm tiny for in The -- attorney -- C and I think I'm near region riddled and silly it's kind of -- on because on one of it Eileen -- meetings. I am actually in one instance in Lansing stuff so they cut -- -- like bells dancing and assist my sister and I dancing. We have an early audition tape is -- It's been watching you grow and progress and -- and able to develop a stronger and exactly -- -- -- -- and holds an idiom in doing how long does it take for you guys now with new songs. It's it's depends on what the feelings like in the studio -- and and and win the -- -- -- the expression comes from the -- with children. If he's excited to them cited by -- depict. You can -- any subject and like a children's home about it as long as you speak in the language they understand. I can handle all of you know we always have -- songs that -- an effort solid WW. -- all and that is healthy. If -- winning today tile that children switch off. What am I get on her excellency on him and he'll do what we're told -- There's a message that -- station site as well what you guys have some new material it's advocates I mean obviously and his announcement is groundbreaking in of itself but. He bought this stuff we let you write an obstacle tight tight off and it -- -- number three sweet in did in the EU is. -- -- -- -- -- Six britney's homes to depart Pella. -- of the deal with a bow and hand with she's been around the guy. -- all I love it I that was so it's okay to get your taste a little bit what you what you guys are working on any the other -- doesn't look he had sought monopoly -- -- Mr. -- of track yeah. You know I think what -- do you do the propeller -- regret. It's. Around and.

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{"id":19179114,"title":"Making Wiggle History!","duration":"3:06","description":"The Wiggles Welcome Their First Female Member","url":"/Entertainment/video/making-wiggle-history-19179114","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}