The Man With the Golden Touch

How does "True Detective," "The Wire" star Michael Potts land such great roles?
8:40 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for The Man With the Golden Touch
Let's face -- fans are already counting down the minutes to the next season. On HBO's big hit true detective at the series -- kept everyone guessing all season long. On the edge of their seats. We're going to have one of the stars who showed true detective right here with us today Michael -- Michael thanks for stopping by popular congratulations on the success -- -- this show I think caught critics -- fans and everyone despite storm that India and I -- -- -- the anti -- -- the success of the yeah big was this what's the what's the secret that -- -- the cast is great. But the writing he's just. Definitely. But I think that said I think it was -- you know you begin with the script and because it was so solid. And so incredible of them did you know the other big -- thing is to cast -- well and -- today. Is that is is that would draws in some big names yourself Woody Harrelson. AZ is it's it's -- script yet it's always the -- that draws you that you look at -- go. It's the script and also we also the peak of the people bullet who were attached to it you know you -- careful now. Unity so you know you're gonna have something pretty special if you -- -- -- people that hasn't seen us take a look at human action internal America but. -- -- If you -- me. And he's unhappy. Yeah. Innings and John does that -- a lot of guys. Change. So does his nose itself. Usage -- in this way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matthew McConaughey Hayward -- since the thing that that's that's amazing about the about the cast is that you guys -- was that an instant thing -- -- on the had developed over time in. It was pretty it was pretty instant because. What what was great. Matthew woody with the -- -- big task there was no ego anything they were all really know. Is that my question you can see -- here's a question number six who has a -- and a wooden -- -- there was none they came. To act yeah they came to actively wanted to act with us. And you know. It was great because we have been amazing. And instant interaction and we were able to challenge to and -- back and forth has acted as as the characters. And they responded in kind of had nothing to do with Christmas and you don't often get that right -- -- film theater. Television. There can oftentimes be a genre different sink or or or an actor's style -- Pollard right approach the work -- based on the media exactly. Exactly but now we didn't. And of course that there is the initial trying to figure out what the tone of the -- -- right -- of the pieces. But that takes you know couple of hours. And once you've gone -- the few times you've rehearsed it. For a bit and you use you. Begin to Afghanistan and into it how -- partners in partners work but I didn't just kind of naturally we'll devote -- -- -- -- into whether that's what -- still weak and -- honestly devour this season the show when it comes out do you watch -- immediately after what what is your -- -- -- I didn't I didn't view it until it. Premier we had really anything -- -- because we didn't have a premiere party and write like that because you know. I'm Matthew have been a little busy. If -- here right and so he was he was greatly in demand so I -- -- Like everyone else bunch of friends forced me it's made me have a watch party really at my apartment. And -- there and was blown away just like everybody two do you do you like watching yourself and whether the on the wire whether -- -- -- detective sometimes and in the why it was something that it took me awhile to come back and walk it for a little bit just to make sure. What it looked like. But this pretty much started watching. By the way -- better about it let's say that a better about it -- was curious to see how the whole thing came -- -- this -- because I mean I've ever seen everywhere and let you in your role as brother on the wire and and I find it. That is it's sort of ironic -- the that you would have the kind of delay your money to take in and understand what everyone else was -- so much about it. Wife and you don't know I mean that's that's an event. That's the thing that charges you about it because you don't know how it into the unknown if that -- but also that excitement about the amount. You can look at it you know if you have a good script you know if you have a good character but you don't know if it's actually gonna connect with an audience and -- until -- those kind of character when you look at the scope of the -- well I mean it was chock full of these amazing actors in these amazing. Characters in this incredible story line in this incredible narrative. I had no reason to believe that this character one character that drops. What have that kind of effect I had no clue as of two big hits for HBO I mean what what you're stock options husky -- I mean it's what they've got a special Michael -- after I already well not yet I could lighten the privacy of your radio W -- what do -- -- will make some woman in Colorado so you add to that roster of true detectives and the wire and -- you also have the book of Mormon -- the more it more diametrically. Opposed -- on roles and a fine but. I love it and I saw you in the show is in him if it really is you all the hype that has been set about it you know if you're kind of New -- -- the only one show. And -- and we're owned by Disney and there's a lot of Disney shows if there are trouble for -- -- -- now but book of Mormon if you were to see only -- Broadway Show ghost he book of Mormon. Please do technically it is a New York have the best you really well how do you switch so quickly -- from taking a character like that you've got to do. Here I am so excited to try to compartmentalize. -- takes a -- directed transition back and forth like that. Did about a week after drew detected the kind of settle back in. To the run of the show. And and and you know get back into the groove -- doing with that schedule and re connecting with you with your fellow classmates Adam in the way you played today. You know it's a great plan to -- that -- -- have a special because there's a lot of high energy there's a lot of inside joke and you really. Some of the jokes during intermission have to stop and explain this -- slower -- But -- -- get a kick out of it of course. And it because also we we you know that -- this Castronovo we have people coming in and so it's a new show. Right new experience whenever and cast member confidence that it keeps it friction that way and backstage and in -- As I was saying you saying to you before before we started and the but crazy people. Haters we're. How to have them later right -- my goodness walked right and incredibly running right now this is touched I think this is it a little bit probably -- -- -- little -- diplomatic way of that sentiment. December your fans. On Twitter has said this about about true detective -- -- -- to work in general. And in this -- -- the show when it was somewhat between this and a brilliant and into an awe inspiring television event hats off to the creators. That was some -- -- Also. And this was also on -- I was thoroughly engrossed with -- season definitely my favorite show of 2000 yeah. Huge accolade as the thing is is that you know it was like this was this was the show that everyone was sort of like whispering about in the beginning and then. Just -- Ryan Grant. I didn't again it's that they have you don't know how it's going to connect yes and I had a while moment when when -- -- The first episode literally just the opening right after opening credits pulls you -- that and billions. When it started in the way they built the -- advocate you know -- the thing is it's told from. Different time line. Different narratives. And I had no clue how -- -- -- successfully management together because we've seen it done and of the of the show's not nearly as eloquently nearly seamlessly that was -- And I was was blown away so said the Soviets with that kind of pressure with those as an -- coming -- -- how do you how do you top that. Well I don't know how admit that I read with Gary got -- adopt it. For me I'm just gonna look for the next great script but -- -- contrived and they're not all going to be. On that level but that certain what will shoot for I think get a good thing rolling right now. Let them again I right direction. Michael posture detective the wire. -- that the list goes on and on continued success to you thank you so much appreciated.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"How does \"True Detective,\" \"The Wire\" star Michael Potts land such great roles?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23244350","title":"The Man With the Golden Touch","url":"/Entertainment/video/man-golden-touch-23244350"}