What Did the Mandela Interpreter Really Sign?

Jimmy Kimmel has a sign language interpreter make sense of gestures from Tuesday's memorial.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for What Did the Mandela Interpreter Really Sign?
I'm sure you know there was a big memorial service for the great Nelson Mandela yesterday in South Africa many prominent leaders from around the world. Including President Obama showed up and pay tribute. As is often the case with a big event they had to sign language interpreter. On hand to translate for the hearing impaired and the only problem was the movements the guy was translating was making. -- this hands made no sense even if you don't know sign language if you watch this you can tell. He only has like three or four moves that he repeats over and over here okay that's it that's him. Looks like. Backup dancer for a singer. Cannot see or hear. Almost immediately viewers -- Actually do no sign language started calling amount on line and then video popped up to they of the guy interpreting or doing whatever it was he was doing and other events do so he's done this -- I would love to know what this -- story isn't. Was this a prank easiest scam artist is he just very very -- his job. So we brought in a real sign language interpreter Justin word just in just a -- -- -- Manager Herbert about five years for five years and you've done this for us at some rock concerts outside Hanson or hear a difference and Aaliyah -- Hanssen had. Have been an inordinate number of hearing impaired fans just want. -- -- It is that a compliment for a ban on yes actually it is no it is not. All right so let's watch this guy and tell us what he seems to be signing if anything at all catcher but I will -- quiet you -- -- I support basic. Salutation -- salutation -- Inside joining in this week cigarettes. Inside -- to -- and on and on. He supports. I would please. To say. From -- Talking to -- so far. Attempting to make sense on its complete gibberish -- OK our. We have one more. And how little welcome so far. Well cigarettes join. Bringing in difference to you. Circles and I would like to trade its offerings. Basically this is fun. All of these polls. This is good I'm sorry. This guy -- knows I'm. I'm language at all known. On the bright side he can have a promising corners -- first base coach and you can -- thank you very much just -- -- -- -- -- -- batted sign language when in doubt -- arena. Actually good advice for any time really.

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{"id":21191053,"title":"What Did the Mandela Interpreter Really Sign?","duration":"3:00","description":"Jimmy Kimmel has a sign language interpreter make sense of gestures from Tuesday's memorial.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mandela-interpreter-sign-21191053","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}