March 25, 1977: Burt Reynolds attempts to give relationship advice

Reynolds answers viewers' questions on relationships.
2:14 | 09/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for March 25, 1977: Burt Reynolds attempts to give relationship advice
Burt Reynolds as it is here in New York just you know for fun I think actually friends and the Japanese started talking about us 86 movies and this Phipps and well mark mark its growing dividends are the talk about why. You didn't do the battle of the network stars. The gnawing at me knowing her mind well perhaps it and you know it really annoying cosell said that with Maya. My alive and angular graisse mean tremendous. Physical bill. I would embarrass the wrestler. The veteran myself. We knew your coming this morning so. We mentioned last week on the air and all of a sudden we got hundreds. Perhaps thousands perhaps thousands of letters. Asking you some questions they thought she could answer about you know men when relationship with Boca. Qualified for the boy. Well I've never written a book and I don't have magazine. And I am not married to my mind is all and cluttered. I can handle it. First letter dear Bert how do you tell when you're in love good question. Good question I think now one of the acid test is to lot of people like have their feet. If you rub your girlfriend's feet lock them down really good. And then forget to wash your hands before you launch and what. That's one good tips one good note that they are the girl. Watched the forum. And you say wait till after the Super Bowl. Since April. She says fine then there's trouble. Okay ignorant Narnia as good suit to 200 no that's when one went one. No more circus we have more more questions radical move on March Russian river. You take it as a snub. When your date excuses himself to go to the latest from a never comes back. Know who the men and women have come back I think that if they're delivered on here what I'm not sure it may be that. Drew me into this David Emma get out of the one way or the other well art by the you're doing very good government through. That's it was almost as though it.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Reynolds answers viewers' questions on relationships.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"57658230","title":"March 25, 1977: Burt Reynolds attempts to give relationship advice","url":"/Entertainment/video/march-25-1977-burt-reynolds-attempts-give-relationship-57658230"}