March Madness underway for college basketball fans

Predictions about this year's tournament and tips on bracket strategy.
4:27 | 03/18/19

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Transcript for March Madness underway for college basketball fans
Okay I'm not going to pretended that I know a lot about college basketball I do like it but when it comes to March Madness we need an expert. That's why we have a gallon cup he is that ESPN college basketball analyst. And he's right now right now he's at the ESPN headquarters Alan good morning. Tell me exactly what I need to notes do well. What you need to go to do well this is pretty much the most Al arbitrary thing and we haven't sports as the best part in sports in terms of my opinion. And college baffle probably across any sport because anybody can win this thing we start picking teams in the bracket so. You can do by mascot had to buy your favorite color but I would do it by some of the blue bloods in terms of the biggest programs this you have it the biggest thing we've noticed this season. As college bass while analysts is that. Really there is it clear delineation between really the top eighteen so a lot of seen teams that are on the one into seed lines compared to everybody else in terms of winning this whole thing. The back half of the field as weaker than it has been a recent years we actually struggled to find 68 total teams to put in this term at the deserve to be there so there is a clear delineation between the top eight in the rest so you're looking to pick winners. You look at a picture final four I would really focus on those teams are one and two lines the duke the Kentucky's of the world. A case of Allen I want to know obviously who your favorites are pleased I can just kind of happy. You should feel free to copy my birthday yeah let's Amir and not but I have my final four right now is duke and of course I'm Wayne cinematic but does know his name. He is must see TV he'll be the number one pick in the NBA draft. He's actually a stand we've never seen a guy like him in college basketball leading to do program he's back on a percent healthy. So duke is it once seemed out of east I have been going to the final four they'll plague Inzaghi in the semi final. I've Tennessee at in the SEC in middle playing North Carolina and the other semifinal. I have a Tennessee against exact up final is what we're looking to be North Carolina against and Zack a final of the exact upsetting duke. Upsetting because I have a betting lines will be but bear in mind this exact team did beat duke in Maui at full strength in the end no back in November and exact a was not at full strength this team is very talented we have guys that played in the national champ Richard before being Josh Perkins their point guard two years ago got to that stage. Very talented team I've been Zack are cutting down and that's a Minneapolis at the national championship champion over the Tar Heels were. Very interesting I think I'm probably just going to pick my Cutler is myself I mean that works really well. Bubble flowing yellow you know there's a sleepers also would you consider to be the sleepers. I always think of double digit seeds to get to know sweet sixteen at least that's a sleeper run to me I think the won the pops off to me is. It organ which is surprising is all yearlong if anybody's watched any of our ESPN college basketball coverage I've really. Been very down on the pac to pac twelve as a conference but Oregon has won eight straight games they won the pac twelve. Conference turn amend their playing at a different level they are very good defensive team I think they have a good draw the term is about matchup so they play Wisconsin first. A team and I think they can defendant played at the plate and make them play at a faster tempo and at Kansas State if they beat Wisconsin Kansas State a team that's playing without their best player dean weighed. He's got a foot injury they are hopeful to have him back but not a 100% I think the ducks can go. On to sweet sixteen and other team Belmont and Belmont can win the play in game which that the play against temple Tuesday night the winner of that moves into the actual bracket of 64. If they can be temple which I think they will they have a chance to be Maryland a very deep dangerous team in Maryland but this Belmont team is really talented. At a national kid Dylan when we're that'll be up by a professional player in the NBA. A very good shooting team and I think they can advance whether they play LSU or Yale Yale may upset the tigers tigers of a lot of off the court issues right now. I see Belmont being a team to can be in a sweet sixteen. OK so is there one name in that we don't know now that we will know very well by the time this tournament's over. I think that name's actually John a ranch as a very good question. John a rant from Murray State number state has a twelve seed they're playing Marquette and he will be our top five maybe even a top three draft pick. In the NBA draftees sophomore he's been vying to be the first kind college basketball history to scored twenty points a game and get ten assists a game and he is. Electric on the court can jump over guys and dunk over guys but obviously given as ten assists his tremendous vision. He makes passes with both hands delivers things on time on target he makes passes that I can't even see and I'm watching from the sidelines. He's a fantastic player. And I think Murray State will beat Marquette and that 125 match up. And will get at least to see him one more time but of course it gets tougher as we go on to determine pajama Graham bean name and everybody knows by the end of the first weekend. Very awesome so thank you so much talent email me your choices and I'll be looking out for the with.

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