Marvel Comics Writers and Editors Discuss Final Issue of 'Civil War II'

ABC News' Michael Rothman and Walter Hickey break down the final confrontation.
39:09 | 01/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marvel Comics Writers and Editors Discuss Final Issue of 'Civil War II'
Hello and welcome back to ABC news Digital's discussion of marvel civil war to comic art my guess today our marbles Axel Alonso. ABC news is. Michael Rothman and remotely we've got beat writer of this whole shin dig Brian Michael and it's so. Folks issue it is out it's been months in the coming. How does this one breakdown. Bryant. Well it's it's a big finale and it's it really comes to a close thumb. I think when that really the first civil war was that there was a bitter and the loser. Most of that had historic that's throughout the decades where there's thank hero was hero story. On. Somewhere in the story makes that Friday but there's no real winner. All. Eat you know present Rupp had they had decided to god that. The only way this beacon works is that there isn't that there's. A clear cut winner and loser even know they're paid so that this feelings about that. Both sides are even today at the players can't so for us of experts do. We knew who could be a quote unquote leader and stirred in armed armed. Surprisingly even through all. Of the meetings and pap state since its pass. The and being with still you know are always let. I know throughout this issue there was kind of a ridge would like there was a creeping realization. Among everybody involved saying we need to start stopping us like it came to the game into came through everyone there everyone of course except the two combatants Iron Man. And and captain marble. So so this kind of be increasing fear increasing worry. It really can pervaded the issue until again do we get to you this final confrontation this huge issue. That again Knox Iron Man at a commission. This is really kind of reset in the board for a lot of what's kind of come. And it's so. Throughout this whole debate prep this whole intellectual discussion throughout this whole Ben up of this site. Why was this the determined outcome. Well age it just seemed. That Carol T emperors in the weight she has plot as a military person. N it's just that she would be in the fight. On that had to own means alone probably because. A lot of the stuff that happened the First Act was emperor. Going to be at the top of its gains. He's emotionally destroyed. Its Iraq. He knows he's right. And things it's that slipping out of his fingers soul. It's ready don't win the word one player wants to just doesn't. Adam limits aren't. It axle this whole. Our we've been introduced but in this book and an across the rest of the marvel universe with a scared dealer sees and I know early on when you can first came on the show we were talking may have centrally luster. Both the marvel universe at this point throughout this whole event. And so how does his conclusion kind of put a coat on Izturis throughout the whole universe so far are often not the path the book irony if that more question from Brian Brian is really really to Lucy's. Brian what you take that one. Cherry notices this is something we that this is probably good thing we have the most stopped the bout because just you know. Happened that characters to worry that basically is the look up that everyone's favorite. There does character asks. Go away she is an idea and committed danger at the end something has to have this. And obviously there to fight each other to death again it's is joining. Managers are extremely humid he had yet to. Go away and at one point early talked about just him. Realizing that. Tests himself to stop by the debts but the super bomber and what was the most. I hear about and the hopeful idea for us loads. It's. Pass with dean it's no that they can have all too immediate halt to all of this the laughter care. That's an adult he's one of the elders in the house is that being the moral acts all and I'll its its we're human ends that's. It's off the board as far as the earth as it's. If you thought off the board as far as marbles concerned or the well acted well circuit. So when did we get the odd couple roommates situation with Franklin Richards gone on how hasn't it but we get. And in light tactics that that and that is that I think that is the future of the company. I think we'll cook but at. So. Kind of zooming out on the saarc in general. Late now that we've kind of come to a conclusion other kind of see where everybody ends out. We see a lot of folks are very interesting journeys and we kind of just talk about Ulysses a little bit about you have again miles is what a younger more central characters. At how this this kind of shake down when it comes to. Like who had the worst experience in civil war who who grew the most what we're do you think. Some of the more interesting character notes over the course of this work. We'll cool thing is that Tony Stark at the worst experience. It solicited it you know we'll we'll be like about a story like this is you know the events itself is exciting but my school. And most their stuff if the most response. Is the most of the stuff the air filter. Learning something and those of the young characters. We have this on really teasing. Of a brand new. Don't characters like Marty Allison I'm economic news journal and they all. Experienced the first site that there can be also experience. On heroes that it will that's due. Fighting. For what they believe in bed that it's within the fight a bad time. Percent do you believe him but to fight. Someone you admire oversight though was true that you know we're right about is a different state and it overnight but they see people arguing online about its right Carol hurdles if it is the comes down -- their boats. They're both fighting for sympathy you big. That's something. And that's a top student and to watch young. Heroes it's. A less than half the walkway inside what that though that indeed they may have seen. We're miles looking out at vision of himself. That reflects. The thing he's most worried is that. The low criminal acts. EE EU worries about the dark. He also don't we start off blurred many churches are and that's aisles and had a connection to its. Lose that connection. Bestseller list can't eat. I Brit I've just three times and students I'm still trying to I'm still kind of taking it in and still kind of mayor Eddie with the context as such it is such a game changer the whole series has been. And you know Brian mentioned it. It is a comics he's evolved people coming to the will go what do you say to. You know a lifelong Tony Stark fan or are lifelong Bruce Banner fan or. Even even captain marvel to a degree because her whole identity is change now because of what happened here. When it as far as I know we're idiots come before Dino later on but. How who helplessly at failing a doctor Phil's at how do you consult the plumbing aren't. When he started by telling them the stories never over. It's never over. And that. These characters are incredibly flexible. You can bend and you can someone break them in the always bounce back they stood the test of time for decades the reason. But by the same token you have to challenge have to take the new places or they become yet that it. That is yours partisans and. Exactly I'm you know the one critique that I loved to discuss the most is captain marvel fans. Worried or concerned that Stoops acting out of character that she was small hard line to her in. By that is character she doesn't. Stop. The fight she bats doesn't back down its bills she's a warrior. That's the thing to happen though. You know from. Fight to fight with you that they are Weller act but it all the other thing. He challenged at its walls where your here's. And get to know writes. Scouts don't. And prove it though principle is not a mental when she does it feel worried about stuff I liked it because it's horrible. Now. I know we have some panels from this issue again there is some really great character notes for for Carol this issue. She she meets the third president that this kind of a breakdown of what. Happened in this event and just kind of an over arching look you can get actively Rico for. Right non obvious is that. I would just an say that it it's it's your state because people would write me a letter saying. Or my guy you're you're gonna ruin captain marvel justly due that would Iron Man and the personable. And I'm like we didn't know what that we will lose our boards find. And it data into anything enter. It tee times were just. Bill will do. When pushed against the wall and and that's a little while doing their own axle will tell you you know one of the first conversations at a else. And let's that predicted the future of acts. That he knew exactly. Who but we act and how they act. Though it thing medically it's new it's about. Your visions we haven't used this with the reaction would be it's because he's still heroes both at giant fan base it's. Just like kept American iron wheels. And the little out of what happens app. Those cards they're gonna be eighty either I saw character puts front Stavropol. With a cookie that's the characters. Oh. We technical and an illegal just elaborate we wanted the marvel universe he wanted an event. That was structured around a tough issue a complex issue would challenging issue that would force readers to take sides. And and Caroline and telling the front two characters of incredible resolve and intellect who would who would. Find groups in one of those positions. And I think Carroll is so much we're adjusting because as Brian says. She she stuck with it she just a military background she showed the resolve and determination. To see this through most important to make the tough decisions she may have grown up decision. You know it's for her to rest where their own conscience when the story's over you'll understand. But that's what we US adults I think that's one of the interesting things in part of the legacy of of the civil war two that is its impact on the young characters is. They watched the adults now they have to ask themselves. Is this what we want to be. Com and that sought to cast the whole of the adults that it's an understanding that adults have to make adult decisions and what is my past conduct piecing the champion spoken any number over the books were watching after an. And adding on to that affects C I'm glad you spoke first. In a piggy backing on what everybody else that you mentioned earlier that the consensus in this book in the middle with that we have to stop this. And that's a really resonated with me right or wrong and I can't help but feel like it solves the a microcosm of society today was that. Right or wrong whatever side you're bond. Is the escalation is the problem becomes a problem at some point it becomes net becomes this this thing that's. This is the problem I don't know what this is what this this thing is. And it's not the sides we need to work together figured out comic down and that really just like stuck with me looking over and over again and it kind of you know connects to everything that everyone said here and it does. I don't that we have yeah. Part by the candidates but the real war metaphor of the core of what we're doing here at what point. The profile to become wrong. If there point two Jacobs won't do that as justified the means you know that was certainly one of the things among many others she threw touching upon in this in this story. Yeah I mean and he chipped usually when that wind excellent had our first conversations about the story. We thought. This would resonate to the polls opened the opinion by it I think the walls eight were surprised. I'll months. Yet it was did not we cannot be. Is divided as that the at that people will. The high it's down into the I had to fight their fight it's as both sides had. It was nice to reflect. And thought that through heroic. I am bearish interested in. You you've been able to write a story at a very interesting time regardless nothing in particular but just the past several months whether you're talking with profiling issues. But you're talking about the involvement of youth in large like adult so to speak issues like whether all these kind of notes that came up to the book and interested in how. Did this impact your writing process to does impact how you reviewing I know that these are very able very well planned ahead of time but what kind. Did the real world leading into the work at all or was it always going to is that the intention when these kind of things are so directly tied to to what's going on out. They're so to speak. Well maybe it's funny because there's there's two cement work that are floating around the Internet allow this last couple months old one is on. The time in years ago word to Kate's. Picked up Donald trumps the low and shook the power to the it's the console that that it's like now that was figures there. And also we did so reliant here's the dope where a Norman that's fortune over. I beat avengers. Titled Lee his way to prevent principal owner Paul and and every time posted some of the light. Multi in the commercial Thomas like like I predicted that the athletes work so I would say that yes. The couples affected the work. I won't be able tell you how. Thank for another couple year. Like I look at its epithet to buy everything at its electorate at a it's all on his since I didn't invents its act and then go look I don't let I had an outlet. CNET parent of something that's what he sixteen you're trying to write a book. And up characters and you just have the right in 2016 and and the legacy of that is what it kind of goes to be. Oh yeah and also you know you know. Having done a couple other of the Lisa Benson civil war number number one being let the vessel and found that the bibles modern history. That you know just looks good in this ultra whilst trying to make it it's and less possible. You know wherever you can't. So yeah. While we're on the making of segments of the speak axle write anything they want a kind talking to what went into making the series but when it's kind of designing these characters kind of moving forward. Well I'll tell you one thing that that was interesting was there initially just listen supposed to be. Seven issue storyline. And we were supposed to talk a month ago but from looking at the end being looked. At the power imagery. I asked marble or another issue because I knew that. It's show Wayne. These these vision so what happens to him so in the fight between Caroline Tony it really be bombastic and powerful. And had worked pages that deeper gracious enough double its. You mean yes seriously let's. Prior les mis artists to illustrate brand new illustrates its old's future visions of them probably you know it's. Some of which have already come through some but some may never come true so it's hurt the team where he now and that lets our study. Up for me and it was a different process or sometimes it's and then you realize he needs like. In orbit it's a film you know. This the tablet version that. Going going it is like this thing and it is our and it is that they're such history and legacy in comics and and these characters. I just let them know lake getting into your brain for two seconds and in your brain to again everything has to evolve and change. This I guess it's you partner one. Out of this series is there one shift or change you know banner stark. Captain marvel at Mohawk guy that your most excited about it also how dvd you get and also how terrified you get when you start in your leg. Okay we're gonna pavlik knockout iron had a condition aunts and basically you re imagine it with re rears them like that. But loans and know what that's like. What do you know there's a few things into one axis the laugh at this axle loads from. We were at a marble street with some groups worked out and inner clock. All beaded it would just it's upbeat stuff. That's that's a big deal. Well there were a few periods eased its that we were discussing about how. An inch axle put away. And came up with exactly salt or. I went back into the blue it's all all the writers and editors are now and I pitched. Hawkeye kills banner ads out kills banner and wide. The rule of the most jaded writers in the Lulu like Dave made big that's. They're got it easy route and it we'll look it's another newbie that. As it if mute its. Century ago. It. So it's the capital the board. That was when you felt like something. It was gonna happen by all stimulus act in the Internet that we. The birds opposite sex are the question. In the it was kind of like what what what shifts in this theories are heard was you are you most either proud. Or excited about as far as moving forward to the future again for the Al. And it was about it and it was about really we Williams as well and it's funny because re re was continuously created its you do. Tom thumb. Replaced Tony that she was. Created with a simple idea that the supporting cast that you can sweep or slight that heparin app. And alone. She was traded Steve talents. All too to get an office but it's much free and world. Which and we actually got some of this next issue coming out of every reason it's coming arc and leave some problems right here as we discuss those up again. We see. I'm really getting the armor all its kind of eight you know big change coming up. Now it's very exciting career got promoted in a big way into Africa in this event and though that was exciting pennant moment. And also why I think I was excited by this discussion. And where we landed on Hawkeye team. No hot guy like Carroll made a very difficult decision rooted in. Some complex back story you know promised me to Bruce among other things that he took out Bruce Banner. And he was put on trial for it. And he was acquitted and we thought that that was emotionally true we think it spoke to decades of hall stories it spoke to the day you know. I I believe that Hawkeye quickly acquitted. And die and I think that was a that was a moment where I don't think that the room felt that initially that. In discussion you realize that this is this is where we thought the verdict won it. And on screen we have that moment again huge moment for a from early in the arc. Where again you have these two characters who have known each other for. Decades at this point but I just come kind of coming to the moment that the as the leading up to for. Years again you don't have a Jacqueline Hyde story without Jacqueline I biting in the end and and this has been. And did get to your toilet looking forward. When I thought was very interesting about about. This arkan what's happening next right so ignored in order for a mixture notes take over as the totally just hope. You need to have better die in order for for keep bishop to have her own book. In the book titled hawk agony that hawk hagel often do again what's going on occupy avengers which we can come of that letter or to have re read need to have. Tony thank you briefly so so what kind of will cause you had when you're kind of planning this out and. How much of this is like let's look at the legacy of these characters it's gonna distill what's interesting about them let's move forward with him is. The urge to kind of change what we're does that for the gifted prepared for. People to be angry for starters. But also you know we we got into this this. Into this business into this in his profession for reasons we love these cared as much as much if not more than. And if stories are never over that's you know. So you know we're very excited about the road ahead we've not lost cited these characters. We have a long plant we have a long term plan in place. It's this last year's meaning here a dark here we've broken a lot of things. We're very where the civil war two was a very dark keep it a very happy that it speaks to the zeitgeist of the day he had tears people apart it. It kills a couple of key characters. And where we're at the lot of you care to stepped onto the front of the stage. I think that this upcoming year's going to be a year that's gonna surprise a lot of people. Where you're gonna see there's a lot of room on that playing field for characters. That you that you know. And you you mentioned legacy and I always think. And the sports guys let's with the fourth no want to see a Derek Jeter Jordan play. Pass their time you want to kind of encapsulate and see that that care to that person in your minds. As the great care they work means. Who was happy when cement was killed and brought back and and is that you kind of want to have these moments and how and keep them the way they are. And and yet and knots not overspend their welcoming us. The law here here's some here's what we've learned in the passage two things here number one is that the every shocking moment that we're discussing whether B Hawkeye. And Paul Byrd Caroline Tony. It a shocking moment that anyone could do was shocking yet anyone. But it's got it's what we do after upwards its will through dad decides. The bill all the of the story and aides to different speed. The could shared universe despite. Eight with the shared universe the plaudits he comes in they've they've literally it whether they think that it's a year from now they let down. If they like what. That's it's all alcohol content so now it's all this interest and economics is still isn't it will amount and hock it's. It's only isn't. The decree read this is that the deaths and miles stepped up in Carroll as a holder. So these major pieces at the Alps the numbers off. We sneer here's site agendas that they didn't happen. The appeared sediment that it's that they can you want your people. Acting scene but the gap it's not that it's with some years ago I get a house. And when better but they're saps. It's all that well out. It's reading pat apps that you're later when he sees that that's just let's talk. Then that it did beats its regular wasn't for shot speak. And end goal every single slice. Or two. All abides by that rule out the story that's it's and end so we'll see. Where we're things Lance. That while we're looking forward NO there was this great to be spread and in the book that kind of looked around to different you know potential futures not all that may happen some of them are happening you mentioned earlier. Let's it's gonna go into a few of them I just remember some of there were some street level characters that that had become. Very interesting moment the folks from from some sort of Netflix think we've got an iconic characters from the run away or let. I'm not nothing we've got to get we've got reread its argument got guardians of the galaxy we got this younger but here's that would we've seen pop up in morning that this books consistently. It we we've just got did you kind of what will elect a judge or openly. I could speak to couple least I mean that's a glimpse of the future the ripple effects of the event and what they mean for marvel publishing for the marvel universe in 2000 team. We see the image of daredevil arc Paramount iron fist all the resting obviously. We have some big stories plan read the story. Daredevil was prospering right now. We're launching kingpin bulls' final lecture series is wolves not to wire two series this year. And don't be surprised to pull those characters' fates intersect at some point in a major way. You know. You've seen the new she helped book you know. You know she had a horrible experience in civil war do if you recall from the senate ratification but well you know she's gonna carry the scars into her new book which we just launched. And in in one of the visions you see a bunch of monsters running when other across a two page spread I don't know if you've got to hand he put. That's monsters unleashed big epic story we're telling right now. January through march that will have the entire marvel universe avengers X-Men Spider-Man dead pull everyone all in. To save an endless endless avalanche of monsters that are coming to them into downed or to destroy it also on it was all time. Yes there in. I don't identities some notorious medal individual taking up Iron Man suit let's take it up for infamous Iron Man what's that about what's Victor Von. We can then this is a book we're very very proud of this Olympic reminding mystic in the planet itself to doll on the Iron Man armor into his personal Iron Man. In what is. Got to be. The biggest. They'll eventually. He himself out of the biggest hole. Dispute whether it's that's ever been and its armed. Obviously we're in the biggest months it's hurts all it's horrible things to many. And it does. Bulk them up and decided that it. Deny it kids around. Discovered why he wants or turner the news in our. Spots was ends witted any of that but at your mind and that so happy people are. It's listed in which it hurt to redeem themselves. I thought that was. Dice run this solves the sold it on bug what people are really into it. Really happy about. Yet undo those in this fascinating figure to edit it looming over periods of anyways kind of serving as ton of different purposes with in the world. Wet weather Kong to that against that the fittest for weather expert goal. Or again his motivations that would have always been fascinating and a lot of them were justified in. The event from it's two dozen teen allowed from two years ago what where again. The world was on made and remade and he played a very central role that so so how does this kind of affect his his future. Within evolving universe that's the avenue purpose of state. One yet now he's in in the new issue of in bids and infamous Iron Man he. Confesses. That the events that seeker or birds became dot. Where he finally. After years of study and trial and error. Got the power EDQ. And the world into what he wanted. And Scott declined the mountaintop that there are you realize it's not what you want. All so people can relate the importance to get this place and you go only got a lot that's it's I want that's. I'll. And that's what he's. It's his midlife crisis that. But I can't it and in particular that's that's so people read ago so people Bonser. What's it with the Nazi and try this it's well thought out and edit. People like listen anyone's trying to. Selves. We got we got we gotta let the trial. And also picked her immediately erodes. You know. Might need. And Iron Man with gadget power. And the 888. Rout. Just because he want it that guy does that mean he's wired to be a good guys that this he's gonna do good guy things the week the X. So armed where does he but he doesn't how he does it it's been a lot. So much fun. This is that a question I mean what a statement but I loved. These kinds of story lines because. No one's really necessarily. Completely batter completely go and in my entire Medicare part of infinity ward from the gauntlet years ago was when then us. Kind of flip the script infinity war and and held in a save the world from. It owns maggots and all of the characters I I think. I love seeing the back story of characters. Of the way they go of that the forks in the road they go and so I think there's more mistake and I just I love this idea announced concept to me this is like. I guess well yeah. Doumit dim and they need particularly acute with the builds the mob members who have been so well written over the decades so consistently well written. That beacon. Understand were to come. And we know why they what's it and it's not just mustache twirling. Didn't. It's sorry to beat a group Vickers welcome to its characters so all in so. Lax and this site well. Still trying. Themselves. Trying to climb out of that hole that they've created its something to you forever that's a little versions out. What were doctored to to talk that's about as big amount of its own bearcats. It coordinator throwing. And fit. It makes later looked like racket run Philly real kind of story you wanna keep your eye and Wilson Fisk in 2017. Without the ideally you also have that's a pals from the upcoming just get jealous. So we've got. Again no dial it here. Acts of did you episode though this is Brian's baby a lot of talk about I'm not a significant impediment if Jessica Jones but why. Actually this high is very well it's the civil war two because whether or not you pay its civil works you to resign did a business where Carol. Using wanted to UV sees visions and Terry gates a woman who seems to have though. Criminal past or criminal few weeks focus holds its exit from. Alone being in Jessica isn't the story line. The meet this woman again and find out that the defense of civil parts you turned her. A against the super girl in his. And it's through masses. And that's where it can't live Jessica. Stopped. And experts say it's time of the case that justice or is it all somebody. From the ultimate universe. Finding themselves spot where it being picked an insane I. Living in their own universe and more so we have our subjects are staying. The low lows on a bike to marvel and it's absolutely it's a little men and some limits is right on. Them. But right now the Bryant did do you vents of civil war to turn her war. What do listings right and she was always inclined to go that route they pulled another body app then go. That could then go that's how UT's an issue if that loop of what particularly. Well yes. Before we cannot come to a close here looking forward and we talked about about the whole budget. Different looks move forward with egg and you've got a lot of different academies coming at you mentioned it's been a dark here in the world marble. For furlough these characters they've been through some of the hardest experiences they had a while and coming out of that you've got again on one hand you've got doctor dim on the other hand you every Williams someone hand you've got. A Hawkeye that had to make it kind of sacrifices in this room in the country and then a younger incarnation is gonna Californians setting up shop and trying to. Meeker a way that you kind of see a lot of opportunities for characteristic Tenet. T different totals directions take different. Experiments moving forward where should we can't keep and I am. Where does this kind of come from this deliberately looking at these two different ways tell similar stories that's a look at it we always have a long term plan we we need as a group to talk through things. And we we take aerial view of everything we're doing everything we planned than the sum total of all of those events were well aware. Do we have a female for that we have to Captain America is he one who's African American. One who people could you know that would have Iron Man now was that is teenage African American girl were aware hope is Korean American. Where wearable all of these things were aware of the fact that a number of bar are perennial characters like Logan our debt. And we're aware computing we have a plan. At that part of the fun. He is where we're headed in 2017. Is going to surprise you shock you and I would have no doubt anger a lot of people as well because we're not doing their job of we don't do that. But I think when you take a look at what civil war to managed to use it repositioned. A number of characters moving into the future. Multiple Carol Danvers who now enjoys a much more prominent place moral universe it brought us re willing to graduate to be that you lion man. We have a new she Hulk we have repositioned Hawkeye to walk guys keep bishop is now she's taken up residence in Venice Beach in and one of my favorite book for publishing this year. The debate and lots of pleasant surprises coming into the side you were talking about how much you enjoy occupy ventures the home of the other Hawkeye book. Bob but also I'd say you know we I'm very excited about the street level characters characters at both Brian and I have a deep love for. We have not one but two. To iron fist books coming up next year. We have a problem or is this exactly one for each. If that aren't we have we have. A kingpin bulls idol lecture series coming out who knows what moral becoming the world what a can't sees you wanna keep your eye on the street in 2017. Guzzle stores and become more and more important and one more fascinating. And you know astle will tell you I I'm just a couple days ago after interpret X until. And Yunel to. Aston town. Others you know just go over all the thugs that things I want to cute little it did the choices in front of us. And the thing that I'm most excited about starting at the street. Is is. Bringing some genuine hope. To the marvel unit its. That with the young characters to bald look dark drama civil war two there was all these characters but who lied it's full. In their hearts in you know we could see rope line in you know seat that hole being with the it re ninety. That then. That's what I wanted to write about. Act well with your people fighting. The give other people to help. That's gonna see a lot of that the we'll still be a lot of play like it's awful lot of stuff but it in. I want to talk that apple means in the modern day. I think we need that right now. As it did not I generally think we do I think that's that people are going to be. Turning to there entertainment they're going to be looked sleek I mean I was a citizen comedian's off the back how when the if you're in a comedy club in new leader and that. Anything political capital. That's like that. Now and and and how interest in that is like two months ago that's all anyone want to talk about it now old people just wants at any deaths. And I think purchase. Else and I wants. About apple pulls. A hopeful world that we want to live it now and that's really what our schools and in all of the university. Freed units. That is. Even if there's just act Olivia and that's going to be doing a starting at district level bolts. And of the black. That's the beauty of marvelous view of like how. But unique and and special. That the universe is a marvel it is connected to the world that it is very some of the world and and at the Edmund ads and flows of life and I think I'm looking forward 2017 and what's to come but at the same time you and appreciate as much if you didn't have these. These you know dark times that that happened this year and the books you know it's you know banner hookah and I think that's. It's so will interconnected and and woven in it's it's. Kind of genius in Burlington and I Wally. It's it it's the most interesting thing about the marvel universe vs other that so they're verses is that it's really New York its media are well yes. Lowe's is you can get it still have a guy in its bid by spider gets at outs it's still our world and the amounts that big city work. And with that tons that's owe a responsibility. To make sure beats us Rackley or people it's lol you know they'd they'd smoked at space. But the post law. And with that hopeful look forward we are coming to the close of our eighth. And final addition covering civil work to you just needs full disclosure ABC news and Marvel Entertainment are both owned by the Walt this the company. They are concerned look. That's. A lot of big very much every all you guys for coming again is. The many times for for you and again at the second time for Brian ax over here. I think it reversed the viewers whether you're watching on the marble FaceBook page what you're watching on ABC news digital this plenty of more video content come on both so keep a close eye on each. One I think again all the viewers who stuck with the severest of the way and go back in time to check out some of our other shows you've got some really great topix covering Aegon the extent comics. Barbara souls come upcoming much captain marvel. A home a series of different books thank you for every when he stuck with us. Axel Michael Bryant thank you very much thank you so much. That's a dress they keep.

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{"duration":"39:09","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman and Walter Hickey break down the final confrontation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44582270","title":"Marvel Comics Writers and Editors Discuss Final Issue of 'Civil War II'","url":"/Entertainment/video/marvel-comics-writers-editors-discuss-final-issue-civil-44582270"}