Marvel super-fans watch all 22 'Avengers' films in a row

AMC hosted a movie marathon leading up to the premiere of "Avengers: Endgame."
2:46 | 04/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marvel super-fans watch all 22 'Avengers' films in a row
Today marble fans will finally have their answer is a bit injured in game hit the theaters nationwide last night. In some of the major fans who dedicated nearly. 58. Hours to watching all of the previous films come they weren't there and we talk to them before they watch that in game and we caught up with him after so take a look at this. Bits of net total of three seconds to Sino Brad Watson realize that you can. Watch every single and see a movie in one single sitting. I've literally only slept. One hour know the one hour with the where there weren't showing any movies. Be livable. Not even over yet. News blackout could. Blackouts. Wake up but are nowhere. None of us really know what's going to happen everybody has theories that people were gasping during film. My and I was like Bap president came up with a new theory about like time travelers fans. So I think we don't know what happened and that kind of cool well we're in the end game now. I'm I'm really exhausted last night I slept under that's able to that. Yeah yeah. I have got like the way Nance and I put on my sense that in the field. And then investment team. So that that's how trying to. Maintain looking normal. And shaped him probably through. Blue days black. I live within our event. Want to present a thousand times yes would I ever do it again absolutely. I would do this again. They lady hear you're IC. Marathon that is. I could possibly imagine this is doing this I've been able to watch the story lines over. Prevent romantic. Games. Okay good dependence if you vote again if he didn't even. Hello I'm thinking. This that this crime and. It's got to be the Lipman truth. Who have that kind of time 58 hours oh my goodness they are dedicated. Miles alana thank Elliott Alley who protect their producers here at ABC news and they went to shoot that last night lots of fun I know everyone sleeping.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"AMC hosted a movie marathon leading up to the premiere of \"Avengers: Endgame.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"62655598","title":"Marvel super-fans watch all 22 'Avengers' films in a row","url":"/Entertainment/video/marvel-super-fans-watch-22-avengers-films-row-62655598"}