Marvel superheroes battle to turn the tide against Hydra in 'Secret Empire' issue 9

Editors Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the comic series.
31:07 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for Marvel superheroes battle to turn the tide against Hydra in 'Secret Empire' issue 9
Hello and welcome to inside novel from ABC news I'm your host Baltic he. Today we are talking about the penultimate issue the big one issue number nine. Of secret empire this whole summer long arc of Marvel Comics and the looking at. Today we have a lot of the minds behind this comic book with estimated that a lot of Smith for Marvel Comics Tom reap record who is discreet. We reading issue number ten out. So thanks. That's an of course Mike Rothman from ABC news the mind behind him yeah. The art to be emperor so we got against those EPA to number ten yeah it ends this is this is this. It ends with an ad for MMM this is a. Yeah Alan meaning a marketing campaign is yeah. Isn't it Taylor Swift is. Then got to get his back on the list. You're Democrat and kind. It's Hitler's they insert today so let's go through one by one egg and we've been leading up to this so very long. Look Michael can you just give his a glimpse of what we've had over this past eight issues proceed S. OK lieutenant general down which I'm not good at doing. We kept America's bad hydra you know that. That it to basically on the country the country's followed certain vendors have followed him as well. 12 plane in addition nine Oden son has been very torn long most others than we've had the champions and other vendors who have. Kind of led an underground charge against that people that are outside the planet. There's a shield has been built up and. Yes and we lead into this there that the ship was down and then there's always coming in that at least he's coming olestra to win the dragons there are NN newsroom here. Some big battle which yes will we finally get the point where Captain America aides. Being forced to account for a lot of the stuff so. We start off with Kobe can cap. In the trees hit a lot of we talk a lot about this last. At those so now you finally know what's up but I can stop being king. Because he he's spelled out in this issue that it that he is basically public's memory of the person she changed. So he's kind of been in the this. Like huge state of of called X fractured mind the whole time. Which is why he's kind of been seen fractured versions of his own memories as he travels through this place just a Q do things if you do is keep tap. But it really nice chest and suggests yes. I think we all fondly remembers the writers' cuts of let. You cannot be spooked and appreciating questions we asked them to be behind us count put me there is disease response. If he or want to FaceBook please drop any questions that you might about this ascent if Hudson. He did it collected this is this fascinating character his gain it's cosmic cube meet real bomb and so what kind of powers does she hat. Like it now that she has realistic image of this Fella. She Andy Sheehan the cosmic cube she can rewrite reality on a whim which we've seen too devastating effect in the under the at an eerie because they're they're trying to corral it throughout the whole thing and she's like I'm I'm a toddler like and do whatever I want. But it you know at this point me you know she had been shattered into multiple pieces and scattered throughout the world but now those pieces are coming and other. She might be able to do a little more than she's been able if she's kind of been it's trapped news Steve has been in this whole thing it is. You know has been starting to doubt her role in this than what she did for the red skull and whether or not she should trust of the red scholar and it's it's been a rough time there or cut it cut. The key was coming back together to great effect we'll see children hidden bombs over this get alerts rest of this particular book right now is this that that's let's say it's a real. State and -- couple moments again we have a few of them I know you really stand out Ausmus who did the art institute most of the issue was. Leo you. Food have done four and six. Their a couple of sections that were by Joseph Bennett in me and I got robbed right arrested that although of the conflict cube sequences as he has since the beginning in. But most of this particularly the big action sequences are only now. That's really impressive so again we had big battle everybody kind of shows up to the plate on those who were in space on the books were under the dark horse dimension. All the folks who were hanging out and that everybody's there everybody's there exit champion Oregon and shouldn't. We have a couple of really be character moments again like you were talking earlier about how Fuller was kind of very divided over the certainly make the change she's been following well let me make it look cap. You calf has has lifted north hammer we still don't know how he did it early on. He's had followed him and then yes panels is that. The State's version of him saying no more and done and he's an energy he's done with Steve you know they're they're the romance is over. Radio the try to do it and say look look split in hopes Letterman just this flu and we had we had miles throughout the entire time and also an assignment that what do I. He's been busy division Stanley has a lovely moment and again Texas is sitcom this these characters have their vision was introduced a little while ago he had the vision a vision sole book yet and so she she comes in and out of that yeah. News Barea and very from you know. In the we've got other characters scarlet witch I know is another one of those who have had a mildly controversial. Stated we have Anheuser avengers and she it's like them that night. Thorpe other tour and that that actually gets a little bit you know in source older and so are sold by doctor hearings there's little effect is happening in the background is and right. And for Thor has to go running off Chris just never hammer hit. We get to again we love Watson we'll have seen him do what he does great Bucky is fighting in the. And handing me on that wouldn't you. The very first question that we have replaced Craig to help is about. It's necessary personal why is what does that what does that honest anyway. Surplus for calendar Philly it's. And Italy you know but those exit does it. And I got angry since. His assassins but he is alive are the thunderbolt coming back. I. Me you can. Well there is this not. Summer cold spring and specifically right now but there are Bucky planes and we have not reveal them yet but I think they will make. Fans about thunderbolt series very happy. But at Tyler this is what we in the business called great opportunity for a follow up question. It so bad team goes down thanks to the wonderful islands of Bucky Barnes and so we're just seeing every Imke all these remarks are paying off in this one netherlands' is. We see Sharon Carter and Sharon Carter. Hey you know drop on doctor fastest he had talked to 'cause this is my favorite parachute and look. A he had so if she gets the drop on him and finally get to see this great character moment it's been leading up for quite some time she's just been putting up with quite a lot yeah over the course FaceBook. And hit the girlfriend from yeah. He's GAAP net. Get worse. Today the key that we're. Certainly isn't he talking about people who follow what's going moments with that it appears that that Steve Rogers has obtained some sort of power from Ervin Zola yeah. Seoul. He put the humans and that's going to be a problem with her feet all. Begins you know he couldn't really use it as much when it was fragment applicants as we discussed in the series they can kind of make wishes and hopes for things and so any influence in their favor. But now he's literally got like 90% of it in Ann Arbor seeing the great are. Apparently alienated genius X yeah argued about the number means but but we nick. Nick prevailed the point now I saw Captain America aren't you. Calmly got the resurgence of the evil hots up which at least. Sound yeah. That's our strength. And it looks like we planned it yes. Easy for. Indicates this is it that we went over to this we're gonna talk all about eight what's coming up next in the marvel universe to be what we are soldiers and assumptions behind scene stuff. Is this was originally one issue this in the fall and number ten. Com and you just had so much going on in this that you wanted to bring it up they and any behind as he simply it would look to get into but we just want a look at that one last seen. That that one last shot of Captain America. About ready to go in caused some minor difficulties for everyone involved. That's a look. Close with a guy like Tony Parker actor in the senate and execute but in the it's oh is that lineup that's that they found the components of the suit in Stark's lab so it's all who can tall Iron Man stuff. Adapted to these the cube as a power source. All right so. We're of this whole art there's been put to with a major streets we want to know about what is likable who is Captain America in these kind of opportunities are great whittled Teradata Carriker through its basis form. This version idea. Was a real way to can't get at who this guy it's it's so as the folks who have been at the in this book. What easing we can't take away about Captain America from the story to look for ways when you boil it down do something. I think I mean it figured it would take more away once we get to ten in early in the week. Or today in court where I guess if you're very fast food I'll let. But. You know throughout the entire. Story you know we've sort of seen what happens when you take all of the the aspects of all the things that Captain America stands for and you shift of just a few degrees. And they become not so good anymore. The and at sort of by eight by contrast but here that that shows you a EU we now. Howell how virtuous or how righteous those things are. Most of the time. Opera also you know kind of illustrates how shortest deputies from one side of that divide to the other how easy it is to go over that line intent let. You know patriotism become dogma or let. Allies and need for justice and righteousness become need for. Control and and totalitarianism. Men. These sorts of things it's a very theme divides. Between that the good part of the field and of that part of. And I think if if this issue is the big hero vs here are here are vs hydra a fight further you know the country. Like the next issue is very much the fight for healing the soul of Captain America and he Captain America is going to be going forward. Mom so so that's part of the reason I think that we did split in detail issues was because they were too. Like they're two separate things in markets like I have to take the country back but it. There's also Captain America to feel like what is that character going to eat and so so that this is that a Tennessee issue where we will see that unfold. We talked about this and even prior issues and then and sent it's. I hadn't seen G10 yes I can't say Atlanta or know this but the play but it's obviously it isn't evident even apply until I have. I'm like yeah. Yeah. I'm. Kate. The fact that obviously the fans can expect an and we it's not going to be it's the simple walk away solution no matter what happens in ten. And it's going to be a long rebuilding process if it as a rebuilding process in general and that's fascinated C. That's more true to life that you can't just at something like this happen. And then it's all forgotten because people found out even though we live in fact it wasn't his fault now. We'll let people have been saying Aaron review of Nyhan just yesterday. That again in the middle there view satellite it's great it's not just like house of them we don't the end it's all gonna be kind of washed away but but it's really great experience. And we've been sent from the beginning I'll say again. That's not gonna happen that's not in this guy so none of this game races is not only dream it is not. Dream big and small house acute back into everybody doesn't pop up and go to will be right back in the thunderbolts on going. Yeah expect another number that you as a place it's if that's the thing your hold on to win. With hope it's time Politico he's you you have to relax that's not where where were on the philosophical food. Yeah that once it so the idea is that yes Captain America it did not choose this sketch in America it did not. Opting to become an height right. But a lot of people optimism coming highs early on it again we we had just had a face that was about frank castle so it's going frank castle what we see him again suit. Now want to get to the part where I wrote his proteges a lot is a lot of ways frank castle. Is that isn't. Is it kept merit of a different kind shirt made Sandra they have Howard those characters and ideally storm has obviously the face here in this episode but right. Hey it's a ritual that his motivation for going Haider like beauty collaborators. Yes yes and Alice characters have to deal with that you know both internally and externally. We see frank again in the secret empire Omega that the aftermath issue so we do deal with you know what's happened where he is now how he withdrawal that how he feels about all the things that happened. Does this not just you know brushed away then but I think given who that character is and the things that drive him particularly since. You know way out of good date he wages. 01 man gun toting war against people he doesn't like this unless. Happened to be bad people also it's all right. It's very easy to go to to to see how. Yeah being presented with these opportunities by cap. Might go along with that in that department that's not really that different things that that that the publisher does. On a Tuesday. Urged the ended in tax hydra America aren't really that different than what he did on Monday in. Actor out he goes out he shoots back people. It's just that that young now the bad people are being more sanctioned by by cap and by extension. That's sort of moral authority puts hockey pants on one leg at a time yes he does is he's. And so so you know yes we're gonna see more of him. You know will will follow up more on on out and sun and twist to a more limited degree that the scarlet witch you'll see some of that in K avengers and the division and and their aftermath of these experiences. Yeah that they particularly were not really can control of their faculties it doesn't mean that it go through all that stuff. So what Ahmanson I know we have the allies in the followers. I've always I think that's you know going all long and this is very prevalent as she nine Xena. The manipulation with Captain America almost like a Bucky cap in their relationship and very good friends very close on. People had on wielding support for for cat. And now he almost I think if if things go the way that we hope they go from how things hurt and that you know he loses best friend noticed years. Currently fifty feet ahead of him mr. I'd bet that. I don't think evil was. It was more relatable in the sea areas where Catholic you know he. Seems like an actually that still bad guy right left friend he's very supportive when you know each. Yes I mean I think one of the most interesting things that makes them zeman here is that can't remember all the things heidrick cat. Told him like the scene was like hey we were best friends and we have held we grew up together and all this happened. The lake teach host to believe and he bought in. 100%. Eat he drank the cool laid in a way like Blake he puts Bryant and this reality kind of speaks to the VP. Yawning chasm the absence that's kind of at the heart of the lowest Carriker he doesn't how. Of that thing and he's in east he's desperate for something anything to feel that that that that whole that gap that needed him and whether yacht to this point in his dad. He has really had anybody like this he really he really wants to have a brother in cap it turns out and so probably he's headed for fall. If I get like supposedly that don't victories often in the marketers but what about it experts. Is one don't that would look and Indians like you can take. Somebody who is unambiguously evil character and regulate these pieces back and it's a lightweight no. They've motivations I just yes not the site is danger right. And so people cannot walk back and in kind of through with zero in this book is less than an opportunity and I get our witness that's yes just to some degree at certainly you know where he goes from here having had this having lost it again. What does that do to him where does he go next. Odyssey how does well let's not go pores not quite yet you're sneezing. He is now. He thought I mean let's. This your breath and express could Clinton. But but yeah this is something that definitely changes the relationship and is is potentially go to gonna affect every Captain America is the most story that coasts while Orton has. They know how this relationship but as they haven't out of certain sense. In the same sort of way that when Lou winter soldier came back. Caps hold. That journey there wasn't just a fight to stop the winter soldier was I need to pay to bring him back ready to turn it back into the Bucky I knew the -- I'd love him. Nazr post got kinda got that with cash. I I don't need to just kill them I turning backing that the guy who was my my friend. That's what sort of rule here and taking that same kind of idea and turning outs head and that's kind of interest thing. It doesn't like me you. If you needles of the publisher and every time. They thought that you want to bring up that or or or or run out of out of punishing hits. Eventually he'd shoot somebody that that would shoot back. With lasers Vietnam. I do want to a little bit about so much of this stories and hold it through a lot of different lenses. People who were close to cap people who learned a lot from him. It's a specific cases like books about the mental like and eight other case like Bucky uses like. Longtime friend. In other cases at folks like hawk who it really was treatment yet wrote and option and Sharon and all these folks like. How's it been telling this story from all these different achieve some perspective. Yeah. And you know and they don't its egg and it's it's good because cap visit as its story character has all these connections to all these other characters and again in recent years to go to has always been. Now capped Tony Stark partly because civil war with such a big thing right everybody really remembers that it and we do a lot of cap Tony stuff in in secret empire don't get me wrong. But there are a lot of other characters in caps orbit that he hasn't equally strong relationship with Rick Jones. Com yeah I'll be or beyond and and share and Bucky. And likes a hawk on the Tosh and these characters that have just as much of a history and just as much of a a relationship with cap. As asked Tony if they they go back Justise fall our aunt and the bonds are just as tight and so being able this sort of shift the focus. Young tells you of a bit more about them is different perspectives. And I like the fact that different people in the room could have different opinions on what they should do what how they should grapple with that said. You can't really say of that. Necessarily that you are hawkish point of view is right in the touches is wrong or Tonys is right that is correct. That always it always works out for. We are extremely biased that it's never ever talk anyway so who did this clubs above Marvel Entertainment and ABC's are owned by the Walt has become one of full disclosure won't gotten yet. You know checks rooms in place I don't actually it's. I wanna talk a little bit about where we go from here is we've got one big issue look you can imagine that it's a lot about this'll get married yes following that you've got Omega. Yes which is a little is him like a little but the truth and reconciliation. Yeah it's it's the fallout it's the it's the epilogue. It's a fairly substantially if it's it's and yep alive you you really if you've read through the ten issues you're gonna wanna do the Omega as well to real the bring all the themes all the characters to two finale doesn't say yeah we get back to the publisher -- we get back a couple of the characters we find out what happens with. The beat the X-Men in the new homeland. We see some stuff you see the funeral the black widow. And and so yeah there's a lot of a lot of business think it's dealt with there but it's a very personal story in the same way that a lot of the aftermath to our. Big events are are really personal stories. Yeah I like it hit the most to is that the civil war confession book that we did after us. About the C we've got pretty panels and I mean donation advertising you'll see those Mike utility coming at a question. You mentioned fuel Blackwood the question of how my head on is she's. Not going back intense. She's gone guns are she sure looks bad. It sure looks the edge just moments. Yeah hit me until I thought I want to look at those that missile preview again because this is an extremely dangerous shot and arrested what what are we looking at here it looks news prints well this is this is quite. This is yes evil. In his it past the Cuban powered. Armor and the you know the world he is creating weather and so this is the the history oath of you know Hydro world. Tiger cap world where got doctor doom. Went up in space with the fantastic four aren't. Professor expect veto were were hung his revolutionaries. At a bunch of other stuff I got to meet Paige to be his. It was actually produced by two separate artists at the lead figure that mean. Cap figure is is David mark has figure. But the background to kind of make you feel more authentic. Ron lamb who did an artist for Barbara for many years did all of the it to drop and are there so it's it's it's kind of a nice bashing of these two different you're listed how to make it feel more legitimate. Pencils as well her colors and lake took a look at the pencils and was like I could color over those and make it look like. This moment is being written right yeah secondly that's and because Matt Wilson is a genius that looks great and so ethical page. A lot we love hearing about paddies were made and are told diesel of about how it's been. Oh that was magazine we were tells us we what you were just getting ten to the printer and I've been working on an event of this kind of scale will listen to tell the story what are some adjusting but what's it like work with Spencer all mullets. It's very tiring. I'm. How did you and it's a lot. You know with anything that's based on you have to have a bunch of artists and you have to have a budget. Moving pieces going back forth even get mapping out the dollar fare so like that's been a lot to deal with this issue specifically was hard because it's the big fight and we are getting paid as an in house like oh crack cannon balls and that paid in he's supposed to be dead in space flick can't be there in the you know Halloween we intend graphically. It is just think use of vendors are being a problem like we sent wrath of those an end. Daniel cage Captain America. From the first arc ended up in an eyewitness she's gone like to put an end so you know not useful to all but he's did you really Karen days here. So the poor guy had to keep going back like Alice sorry for plot reasons that person out there either in the Atlantic the other bad guys. And then all of went with three other out about it. You know that that part of it is is always. Really tricky. Indians and I'm sure somewhere we screwed up muscle that summer mostly salute. Somewhere the fan yells at him right in the concert hall and they were in a room. Both those prison doing here Nasser enactment old agenda and it looked so much more relaxed. Problem the company coming out last. Is it less than it was in Geneva Monday. It was Monday yeah so so here in new really funny. And then were working on legacy next week's so we're only free for a short amount this is that this is the desired things are there screen for coming on his show right now we go back and couldn't be. An ambulance and got all very easy books this week in the next if legacy so there just get this issue that split up what what was that this is me behind that and. That was just I got a certain point that we started out with its nine issues and it kind of broadly used wheeled out the night issues Anis tends to happen with these. As they got written they expanded you can see there physically I think the page counted the is the most most readers don't stop and think to count the pages because why would you. But all of these are bigger than an ordinary size is running the smallest of the August 27 eighth infantry you know and that the bigger ones are verging on forty so so there ya for all that there. Yeah they carried the hefty cover price of a Marvel Comics. They are they are much worse a sizable sandwich then this than the normal book. And it just there was there were too many balls in the effort to many different threats that had to be addressed and we could go on from a effectively into the beginning of ten. But all that stuff that happened there all of move the of the the bringing together of the threads of Sheridan doctor Kostis that Bucky and and the panther and and CMO and all of these things either would have been a panel or we're just gotten. You know brushed by there's wasn't enough space to do everything at a certain point it just became apparent OK we got a rather than doing nine we have to. We have to go back to ten. With these it however they were doing ten and we have to take that although the press that are gonna come this know these guys to get their act together at a good cattle are all going to be. Super late again isn't always in Berlin when they have an issue and at least this time we actually got to get done. Got to work right and what's your take where are right I. But here to show is actually really yeah. Yeah a little about it looked just a copy of night with a ten cover eyes it has surely there has doubled on the net yes. More so a so. Yet we enter we are very determined to ship this one on time for each issue and that has been part of what is needed such an exhausting yet. I think through his is. You know it'll be Wednesday it will be like we don't have anything we have nothing nothing but you know half currently you know half the stuff is missing and you're trying to get -- from artists the colors nearly everything you. So and so you know that French has been. I challenge. And we did it which is pretty satisfying. If it's definitely anti government. I want we have. Some generations covers to show this is generations is is one of the forthcoming arcs of what we're really looking forward to hear that technically it's it's either forthcoming the generations books have started to come out now. I'm and they all each one individually is a single sort of self contained story that unites. One of the modern day marvel legacy heroes. With the the character that inspired them. In in the adventure set in sort of a strange place at a strange time. And that you are the kick off the key moment that sets all of those up is actually in secret empire don't pretend. Mom so so it is actually kind of an outgrowth of secret empire even though. It's a it's already going on and the it's it's sort of side you're only to pick up any of these individual books. And just you know read them if you if you miss Tony Stark is Tony Stark fact corporal guy to pick up the generations. Iron Man and see him and and now iron heart. Have an adventure or. You know if you want to see yeah novel about pick on all Brian's books into NC you know miles around us hang out with young Peter Parker high school. Now there's is that there's a generous Spiderman. So there's like tendencies that started this month that will run next month and that if that's sort of is the bridge. That carries us from the end about secret efforts at the globe the sorbet and probably that's it is legacy and sort of the next cycle of marvel stories. It's a lot of we have coming up with that as well. For generation generates Selig would of these stories will all the generations stories as Thompson there mountain. You know the legacy characters meaning their heroes basically at a time in their life when they never got to note. I am so. So it's leaning especially for like greenery who dribbles and a Tony for all the minute before he got out of my a coma. And you know she actually gets to talk to him about what she's been going through she's been experience seeing and you know we see Sam Wilson also go. I into the you know World War II era cap and get to meet that guy is just starting out is it Captain America day. On because you know kept an act as such alleged ever but he there's very few people who got to know him when he was just starting and wasn't you know the public he is now. And the so that'll be very valuable to stand going toward determining. Like cool he's going to be after all these events and link. What kind of person he wants to be kind of superhero he wants to be so that's what allow these books eyes is. Legacy like where we're trying honor legacy characters and show that you know they can form legacies of their own one day in day they get to decide. What that is and and what they want it to. With. Q have some kind of factor into having he's very possible. Oh yeah there could. You they say that became an important issue ten and also this ends up on your senators and beyond me it doesn't look much more important for Sam let I was and asked us and we'll certainly well I think even before in general anything. And he really has been kind of hero and inspiration in this series. Coming out of nowhere and now he's kind of like his idol is. Looking for rebrand I guess me and Ryan Wright incidentally it's anything that kind of you know do team. Issue nine is on shelves right now right now and out next week we also right there. And so yet thank you so much for joining us is that I haven't have you. Through politically. Everywhere a lot of that from marvel of course might profit from ABC news money so fraught inside marble will be back to cover issue number ten. I am Walt sticky from 538 and Vickie some opportunity and.

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