In Marvel's Civil War II, Questions of War With Real-World Relevance

Join FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey, Marvel's Editor in Chief Axel Alonso writer David Walker, and Washington Post reporter David Weigel for a recap of Issue #2 of Marvel's Civil War II series.
22:40 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for In Marvel's Civil War II, Questions of War With Real-World Relevance
I'm Walter making welcome back to ABC news and marvel entertainment's live discussion of the new civil war series today on the docket issue two of civil war to. I'm joined today by Axel Alonso he's the editor in chief marble we got David Walker he's a writer of a number of comic books. Including right now power man and iron fist in the gut Dave like Villa political reporter at the Washington Post and a comic look at these these folks think so much for joining us. Thank you. Happy to be here yet so thank you only get right into it I think that we should kind of go over of the recap so just as a fun game but we're gonna use we're gonna go around. That's gonna wanna give a one sentence synopsis of what went down it issue tail what kicks off. With a possible two and one cent control President Clinton for basic being issued to Tony Stark iron man who was against using the power predicted justice. Hostages of one Man Ray and avalanche when you Atalanta homer in humans to kidnap. Ulysses this character who's able to see the future. And managed to kidnap this kid. A list to see that in humans don't like that too much they're about to retaliate when captain marvel who was of course in favor. Abusing the power predicted justice intervenes and says he'll chill relax split split split split let me help. They feature raid on Tony they find him and just do you think God's comfort you think could. You misty says one more image of this is that the whole killing everyone. So you and with Captain America showing up on who spent his doorstep she wants to chat. Our. And dated July give us what your take on this issue was real quick. Yeah I I I it was wheels of great issue. Incredibly drawn by Dave marquis says Brian Higgins is right is amazing and it was the issue where. Tony Stark crossed the line he went a little bit too far backed. You understand why he did it and and you feel the tension ratcheted up and that's that's right sock was this is the issue we're Tony. Pushes those people who are in support of what he's doing. You know to the point where maybe they're thinking. Maybe he's not in the right here. I did Weickel a gallon. Has gone. So what was your date well would you summarize this issue in a sentences. Let's sentence or show fear. I'm one of these comic fan who. Is trying. And not always succeeding to keep track of everything that's going on in the books but it wreck it ready right back in Paula couple who filed the civil war. Core issues here. And the blue shark get him and I've I've been expecting or better to come back for it appropriate to halt to come back and some took some capacity so was. It was exciting to see that. And it does seem that the entire universe is that at against Tony Stark which. Technically systems sis of Bora waiting for him to have to get more allies and watching these in this part of that the that the buildup by was. Cent no interest to clean one side are those with as I was injured a curious to see where he could possibly go and you've got to be out of it. So as Axl again we're looking at an issue where it's really been. As far civil war goes it's kind of one against a lot right now. They were talking about a thing that's going to encompass a bomb went home over universe. How was predicted justice gonna kind of get the sides strong pretty quick. What are appropriate thing there's a lot more story told a lot more fruitful than what you're looking at here is it's essentially an ethical question. On the surface it is what would you do if you had the power to stop something all from happening before it actually happened. Which is an ethical question is larger than your politics transcends politics. As a story unfolds. As you begin to understand the limits of Ulysses is power you questioned to merge arm and asked predicted justices apply. He sees ramifications real world. There will be new stores to be told the new issues and put it with you we've actually got ill cattle up right now we're where again this is one of the big confrontations are rightly so. Tony Stark has committed a series of crimes that did make some valid points. And right now he's kind of talking it over with this entire you know posse of folks who kind of showed up to say. This is the debate let's go. So a David knowing your book right now in Howard Mann an iron fist you're looking at the concept of like. The folks who are trying to stay neutral its outlook kind of inspired you to look at that. Well it was it was a couple things one was within the put itself power man and iron fisted it just reunited. And it felt like the obvious choice was to divide them so I didn't want to go with the obvious choice so I had to make the decision where. Do they stand and and I I wanted to explore what happens when you try to remain neutral on a subject that neutrality just as is really isn't an option. And soon you know I guess is a minor spoiler alert there's a point. In in our first tie an issue where we're pound and I have to say. You know we're tired of fighting our friends. This isn't why were heroes so we're going to we're just gonna sit this one out. They come to this agreement together as friends as crime fighters. And then they quickly realize that there's no sitting it out and and that's at the stories about as the ramifications. What happens when you think that. Maybe this isn't really going to impact you as much as is as you. You know as as you think it will but that you can to sort of get away with. But again with with with just sort of burying your head in the sand more than anything else. At that gave like going out late on. He currently in America right now there's a there's increasing partisanship over time in that kind of stuff when we do kind of had this conversation about like a rapidly shrinking middle. It does this kind of air out is this an actor selection what's going on where there's a lot of folks who have very strong opinion but there are still some folks in the middle kind of sting from this whole thing. Wanda Mueller this election as that even the folks who are. Technically in the middle of what quicker in the middle you'll org members of of either party. Are actually be quite for its snipers but the work ideological and maybe even extreme in the way they view. The threat posed to them by the political system. So that there is. I think the most dripping from Bernie Sanders experience and there is the this block of independent voters who voted for the self described socialist on the Republican side blocked independents voted for count from. And all of that. Our I would be glib ensued that motivated by the symphony and the Mets although a world view. But that. Is that the driving force American politics the idea they're the middle that doesn't really wanted to Davis was kind of put. Ally Cuba the whole campaign. So where are right now in the second issue what is going to be several issue arc. What is what's gonna happen to the marvel universe at this point like compared civil war one what you were saying a bit earlier. 41 filling a very political issue it felt like again you could view it as the Patriot Act you view it as gun control but it felt like. It's a conversation about state power being exerted but this is an ethical question everyone. You're the editor in chief your your overseeing all the different lines Howard different folks tackling this question. What think that the big differences that he said. Civil war one was really about the Patriot Act. The super human registration act was the metaphor for the for the patriot through examining one specific moment in time post 9/11. This event is more complicated some workable complicated supports it raises an ethical question with political ramifications. You know. Once this powers being used in the world how's it being you. What does it mean for people on the street. And and different from the the previous theories. You're gonna see a lot of characters reevaluating the positions at the events unfold and we will failed. If readers are forced to reevaluate their positions as well. Absolutely so it when you kind of talk about this question of of this the core piece of it right is baze went to act when to intervene in how much information you need a forward. I know that this has been in the works for years at this point this project and clearly it's not related to anything but right in the news right now but. What what can I got you pulling at these threads as like okay this is what we're gonna kind of focus accompany him. Well for start of this happened being in the works for years unlike many or other events this sort of came up in a conversation between myself. The writer Brent band this and my executive editor Tom report we were just discussing the political climate right now talking about civil war one. And how that it tapped into the site. And as you begin to examine. Issues of the day the story started to emerge and one that we invited other people giving to discuss. So we actually added that part of the work she would the last second. It with the appropriate title it really started with the story first. Cool so like when you really have the political climate what kind of immediately pop to mind was a again. The United States is involved in the the drug wards involved in a drone war there's a lot of in this issue for instance again Iron Man. Crosses borders and does something is very not supposed to and this is not the first and then we've kind of seen us. There were a number of things have been one of the things is the relevance. Internet and social media in the world right now. And how rumors ratify just back. Really long without any proof and becomes. The issue of the day. It was about personal accountability and anonymity. People being able to. Operating complete files are in complete anonymity. And and and be smear people. In the public life. It was really about our society right now where we where we are that has resulted in for instance one of the most contentious and divisive. Political elections I've ever lifter. You know him whatever you want to say right now whether you know whether you're for Hillary your trump or. I decided it right now. That the discourse or in selections is particularly shrill through examining any number of things. You know black likes matter practiced this equation as you'll see you and one of the the the spin offs. Profile racial profiling is an effort to deceive you know there there again the core series deals with war of the ethical question. And what you'll see is that issues raised by it will be dealt with in kind in. In the Beers so I think that I was hoping that you gets beaten again like this election it has seemed very contentious and has seen very divisive like. Is is it really more than we've ever seen before I mean we've had some pretty divisive elections before. You know your body reflected yet it seems like it is it is more divisive then sometimes I worry that. Maybe we I suffer from the same short term memory that a lot of other people do. But it does seem like this is pretty high stakes. And that. And and that we're looking at an. I'm it's more than just a political battle that's being waged right now in America it's it's very much an ideological battle and and that it to become so interconnected. That. You know that I I look at this election and I think to myself. That this is a lot of times did it feels like I am looking at a country at a tipping point or breaking point. And that that this next election will decide. Potentially can decide a very radical direction which this country can go. David finally get something on that as well. Well I don't think it's the most votes devices in history. It's the first though we're the two parties. Two no problem of getting there but for the two parties directly aligned. In the wave that. In European this Socialist Party in the right wing party airlines that used to be Democrats always frantic minute moderate wing. Conservative wing Ethan and Republicans had northeastern liberals. And they're almost completely stay here though couple you can quote all the time that there's a unique mix that is the first time milk that you had iffy right wing nationalist candidate. And a progressive candidate for whatever one thinks of Hillary but he'd keep running but it came. History that if there is a real division Biondi what people think of the two candidates. And where you're just used it more to stop that can fit the parties would make two people who disagreed with them back and now way it's a lot we're device that's ever been. Now even though that you world's bureaus are common with and even following along for awhile even. Here and there what are some other examples were. The medium has had a commented on directly with going on world. Oh you're asking. Yes ours our today visited a default within a philosophy at age real the real issue this army of Davids and amending. Oilers are at it or else's post nine elevenths stuff but lacked summer. That the most I saw an integrator did some of this to round Tea Party actually my my one. Contribution its comic history I think. It is Edgar makers are about Edgar fighting extremists. There's panel which there people hoisting Tea Party sometimes and want when was based on the Benoit and it. I've noticed if it perfect bigger rated at one pocket like it was plain if people but it. So the it's it's risky you know describing it. Political extremism in comic terms and having Europe set against. Said against citizens who were evil America's always done and and are doing with in the seventies both Morgan book nomad etc. I guess it seemed like it was more Derek Warren and more acceptable when it he. Threatening government that could be people but that you committed against its the threats from citizens that I saw that I that I solved more. Rate rented of the 90000 and that's that's riskier and I don't think as as metaphor it's pretty powerfully whatever but it went. The more thoughts and that was missing important that the the film at a the their their presidents was certainly an area idea people mighty generous there but not the residents that. Through Sunday were all going to enjoy as often are silly things are about the political ring. Yes so again it is alienating Axl is going on with Captain America right now that has given extreme is right thing right. Number no not at all cuts. So getting kind of back to the idea of the ability use information to predict what's gonna happen and the question of how to act on. Bomb worry things like who do you think we should keep and I am in the spoke what like. Clearly give are going to be switching sides quite a bit from kind of what you've under what you've let us know or maybe not but it. Usually county tonight who's who in this kind of world it is the most divided personally internally we didn't. Based on the team of us well I'll start with the too obvious lead with a do you camp Tony Stark and Carol Danvers and ticket but close eye on them because they're journeys are going to be fascinating. And there will be winner there will be a loser. As fourth of the care to keep and I'll obviously keep behind the Hulk is banner shows of all I think we should too. Big reason big role casts a large shadow over the proceedings. I think that there's more over the report characters while we actually got this panel and we just had to pull this because they're so you wanna walk us through it's actually all anonymous. I'm sure. Ulysses is human care you have the power and see the future the scene. When Carol Danvers and crew come to rescue him from the clutches of Tony Stark. He has the vision a vision so powerful it's communicated visually to everyone in the room and the vision of a the Hulk preserve having kill them. Essentially says that banner the Hulk is gonna kill every. To act actually just love the panel can above this as you've got again you've got like they've got Tony Stark he got I these are folks who have seen a lot of stuff in their life. And they just look absolutely terrified. How much of what we're kind of seeing here is again this is a very thorny question of -- early phases of this how much of it is of this has been acting out of fear reactive feeder. A part of it without a doubt I mean you know to think about it from their perspective. I'm they've just been told by a character they barely know Ulysses who is thought to see the future with a high degree of predictability. That one of their comrades some of that give deep affection for his. One exploded to be a monster who kills the mall it's it certainly something that would give anyone Paul so well absolutely pierce a component. So so again David. In your book right now. How do you kind of setting the stage for for them being able to maintain neutrality like. We've kind of scenes of events that we saw last issue that there was a rather large event in New York we have this which I imagine we'll be common knowledge at some point. How do you kind of find a way for folks to not even did it here -- find a way to kind of talk about the ability kind of keep their composure. Well I do it through the two characters themselves empowerment and I and it's also been outed by the lead again just one and it should but the folks watching it from there with the apartment and that's. Yes sir power man also known as Luke cage. Is. Is is an African Americans superhero. Who. It's just did you know sort of like the baddest man in the room and his partner Danny ran iron fist is. It's a living weapons of martial arts expert come fu expert and they are there are one of the most unlikely do those in the marvel universe in history together goes back. Nearly forty years and and and they just have this sort of this really odd dynamic they're also best friends for a lot like Brothers and and they've just been through a lot together. And and they just in in the book as I'm writing it right now they just sort of reform this partnership. After many years of being a part. And and they are looking at a the terms of family more than anything else they they don't want to fight. With their their fellow family members their fellow super heroes and and there's an exchange between them that this really sort of drives home. And we see how they're impacted by that the big events that we saw on the first issue of civil war so our civil war to issue number one. That actors and pretty heavily and we see them responding to that. And how that drives their decision because they feel like. They they've already lost too much they would experience too much. And so really what there what they're doing is is they're trying. To. You're trying to preserve themselves are trying to put themselves in that position. Who like you sides with and and and which when my friends and I can be fighting. You know potentially a week from now two weeks from Jews by. That play in late. This is not like that disaster in the ruled anything like that that's not something that we're unfamiliar with B how much of this is like have you to channel emotions that you felt about things that went down into this looked kind of like. Yet this is real grief this is real need to react but the ability to rooming composure. It is very Paramount in a lot of ways hat how much of this any kind of poured into the book. I've I've really put a lot of in a back into thinking pit. At the end of the day myself person having reading comic books now for over forty years and and then the things that I remember the most. There's there's a handful of superhero battles that I remember. But what I really remember that those emotional moments in which the humanity of the characters come through. And so I really wanted that to be. To really come through these characters who wanted to get a sense of their grief a sense of their fear. You know these are guys that are superheroes they they face some the biggest threats you can imagine that this is actually something that really terrifies them. Because again as is axles has touched upon a moment ago you know what would happen if somebody shows you a picture. Or video and says. This is what's gonna happen to you in the next 24 hours and it's an ugly picture the terrifying picture. And and that's sort of the the stance I wanted to take with them was that you know. Here he you know here's Luke who's got a wife and kid. And and in saving the world isn't nearly as important him as just making sure that his his his daughter is safe. And sometimes we make those sort of decisions without realizing that in order protect our daughter or wife for. Or or whomever we love and care about. It's also the bigger than the world the bigger picture the community the city the country the plan. Did on how Marie you real quick so this kind of this quirk questioned the piece of is the ability to kind of figure out lake. If we know something when we act and I mean this is pretty prescient these days in politics the State's right. If we definitely should act yet the question of late so again will we were prosecuting a drone war area across a number of different quarters. There's of the bin Laden raid alone think that's a that's as specific example that we had to go back to a lot of ways of when we had information in the question whether act on it. What kind of rolled as this plane peoples of valuation of the decision makers. It should play a bigger role than 1000 expressive art and I hearing are being Davidson outlines though it may have been appointed that your heating air. It it's night and making his big impacts as it could it's I think it's it's a broke away the fact that. Donald Trump is so impulsive. And dozen or from being seem that way and Hillary Clinton is seen the opposite way and emphasizes that. I think that's a fact that we've literature looking at them for the debatable but. We know that if the president has as Barack Obama has issued an office and the cements ability to target. People for assassination. Some American citizens mostly not. Just because there that we said were war in Anderson then there's an air national battlefield they attacked a but it want. The threat does need to be that bad media. That has not been debated in this race who wasn't really debate in the democratic primary and over call a question at any of the debates between Bernie Sanders over what. About the morality of fat and partly as part of that is because I feel currently. There are elements of the left really loud powerful elements that. Oppose that there are others that say anything that we can do prevent other land invasion we should just go ahead let the powerful people do. How when and a couple years ago that that was his position if the choice the choice he sought was between. An Iraq War and room where warfare in that too aren't sure what that let them go ahead and make peace preemptive attacks on. So it's not being fought out in our politics the way it think somethings that literally life and death should be. Out a so so Axl again. We've got civil war two here's the story of one of the most respected women on earth citing an eccentric billionaire I don't know why people would think it's related to what's going on today. But either way I know the next issue's out on July 13 is that Aaron yes the midnight release out yes we're one dropped the excitement to get there early. Nice all right so get there like 11101115. Any look at a local comic but shot just got at a midtown comics that exactly smoke. And I do needs indicated this point as well just full disclosure ABC news and Marvel Entertainment are both owned by the same company the Walt Disney company we gotta get that out. But calm cool so. Coming up July 13 as the next one we will lead actor around them talking about this I want to thank all of my guests who came on gave David. Axel thank you so much for being here. Again.

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